The Craft Stamper Magazine Take It Make It Challenge - July 2016

Hi  there, long time no see. I do keep typing up Blogs but struggle to get them to post, so wish me luck. 
The Triangles are made using the ClarityStamp Shapes Stamp Set - there are two separate sets.
This is a piece of Bunting I made ready to demonstrate for my Clarity Mixed Media Workshop on 9th September 2016. I purposely didn't show this on FB because I wanted to enter it into the July Craft Stamper Magazine Take it Make Challenge. I often tell myself I will enter this challenge but often don't get the time I would like to make something a bit special. See, I think this Magazine is a bit Special and there are so many lovely pieces of Art entered every month into the challenge, so I wanted an entry piece that I felt proud of.
I had done the Centre Top Triangle on another piece of my Bunting and that inspired me to make this piece, I wanted that to be a main feature on the Bunting.  Its the only part of this that is from a Stencil - oops I tell a lie the very centre piece is a stencil too. Everything else is done with Clarty Stamps and a Gelli Plate Print I have an FB Page just full of Gelli Art. called - Art On A Gelli Plate(R).
So lately I have been making some card and Bunting and Tags that I am really quite proud of. When I started my Clarity Mixed Media Workshops in March, fully supported by Barbara Gray, I had asked if I could have some Shaped Stamps. Barbara already had some shape stamps for her Letterset Stamp set and I had been getting some great results with them just dipping them. I Said to Barbara that if these were bigger there is no end to what I could do with them.

Its great to have so many areas to just play with your stamps.
 Well I was over the moon when Paul Church announced that my Stamps would be ready and waiting for the Launch of my First Workshop (Barbara was on holiday at the time) It felt so good playing with the stamps I had hoped for in my very first official Clarity Mixed Media workshop.  Well the workshop far exceeded my expectations, ha that's sounds odd coming from the person who is running the Workshop doesn't it!!!  All will be revealed in a later Blog.
I just love these Row of Bird Stamps from ClarityStamp - so much play with them because there is so much open area.
 But my point is, I said that there are endless possibilities with these Shaped Stamps and here I am 4 months later still playing with them and still with a large list of possibilities in my head of things I know will look good and are on my list of techniques to try. These are my Go To stamps just like my Gelli Plate. - can you tell I am excited about them??
This is the piece of Bunting that inspired me to make the Bunting for the Craft Stamper Challenge.  See how the Flower section really pops off the page.
So this Bunting that I am entering into the Craft Stamp Take it Make it Challenge is made using the Triangle Outline Stamp from one of the Two shape Sets. But this bunting isn't just about one stamp. It is ALL about stamping. A quick explanation is under each photo. The whole of the background of this Bunting was started off with a Gelli Plate Print - I use my Gelli Plate more than my Handbag!!!! I love to show people how easy it is to use too.
My love of colour is enhanced by the lovely #PaperArtsy Fresco Paints that I used. I have also coloured here with #Range Alcahol Inks - they work so well over paint. And I have used the Range Re-Inker water based inks with a paint brush too.
So don't forget to nip by and check out The Craft Stamper Magazine Make It Take It Challenge and maybe have a go yourself?  The theme is Anything Goes as long as it includes a Stamp, well mine includes
The ClarityStamp Journal Stamp Set
ClarityStamp Row Of Birds
ClarityStamp Alliums Stamp Set
ClarityStamp Word Chain Set
ClarityStamp NDC Sun Burst Stamp
Thank you for popping in, I hope you like my Bunting.
Sam Crowe. xxx


  1. Great blog Sam. I love your bunting with all the different stamps it's brilliant. Xx

  2. Fabulous Sam. Love the colours, love how you make an eclectic mix of stamps look like they belong together. And I love those shape stamps; its my birthday next month and they are on my wish list! Xxx

  3. Thanks for joining in the Craft Stamper's TIMI challenge, LOVE your entry!
    xxx Ellie Knol xxx

  4. Sam this is beautiful! I am so happy to see you blogging more! I have missed your wonderful inspirations. Sadly Stamping in Pink was hacked and I've had to set up a new blog. It is here if you are interested Karen x

  5. Best work done by you Sam, Keep the great work, Thumbs up. :)

  6. Enjoyed your blog Sam but I am not up to the challenge yet. I'll keep trying


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