A Quick Catch Up

Good morning everyone. I can't believe it's over a week since I posted on FB - I have so many projects I want to do in crafting and in the Home, there are so many lovely family occasions occurring this year too. Life is very busy, in a good way!  I have four pending Blogs to offer you, I keep starting them and then running out of time, (takes so long to get the photos and the Blog to meet up)? and then they become outdated?  But I think I will just get them all posted anyway?

Hubby is home at last, so he takes up the job of Cab Driver for the kids now Yeh!!!! It's only 8.50 and I am already sat at my Craft Desk (which at the moment is my Dining room table) I am Packing up my craft room ready for a makeover - IKEA Wardrobe ordered, bespoke desk has been designed by my Bro-In Law and my Sister - who had a great idea for doubling the size of my desk!! and I just have a couple of ton of STUFF to get rid of??? It will be all white (with a bit of Red and Green) but apart from that it will be all white with a black checkered floor!!!

These two pictures are similar to how I would like my Craft Room
the one below is about the size of the room I have, and on the one above I have a counter like that now but you just can't see it?  It used to be a Box Room, then
 a Computer Room, Do you remember when people used to need a whole room for computers???
Can I show you a before and after? No chance! The before is never something I would have wanted to take a photo of?? Maybe I should do an In-between and an after photo though?
Say Hi to my Clarity Mixed Media Crew - there are more of them now too and I have some I have yet to meet in July
What a lovely Crew they are.  I am so pleased with the Wolviston Village WI Hut too and the Ladies from the WI are lovely.
Its partly because of this Crew and holding my Workshops that I decided I must get my Craft Room sorted, they want me to get grungy and for that  you need space, and you need to be able to get to all those messy products.  Any excuse eh?
All my Clarity Mixed Media Workshop items are separate in the conservatory which is for now acting as the Garage! See when I clear out my clutter and when I fill up my Charity Bags they always go in the garage first, then my Hubbie comes home and gets rid of the whole lot, it's a guilt free system, for me, it works! For Paul, its annoying!  (Guilt free being the stuff I am getting rid of that has never been touched) yep I am at that stage I just want a clear, clutter free craft room, I walk In there and my brain is as cluttered as the room so one of them needs to be cleared out so that I can start to spill out the arty stuff. It's no good having a mass of arty ideas if you can't be bothered to fight the clutter to get to your GP or your Heat gun or have to do an arm sweep to find a space for your Gelli Plate??? You loose interest or run out of time and the idea is gone, forever! Lazy Crafting ensues and you just know you can be as arty as some of the people who's work you admire, if only you could sort out that craft room and have everything you need at your fingertips! OK does that sound big headed? well it isn't meant to be. What I mean is I have dreams of doing canvas, of finding new styles, of sewing, making books, designing new things and for that I need my Sewing Machine at hand, my Gelli Plate on Tap and my Treasure Gold at the Ready.
A sneak peek at something I am working on for my next Workshop on 4th June. Its going to be a three step project. 1- Get Grungy - 2-Get Arty -3-Get Crafty! I have also made a video of me actually designing the project as it came out of my head, that I will put on You Tube a little later on, it was only meant as a prompt for me initially.  At the moment I have some very slap dash videos on You Tube and yet people still ask me to do more, which is another reason I need a nice wide clean desk in my Craft Room! 
This is one of the projects I have been asked to do a Video Tutorial for, at the moment the video just shows it off as a Journal Page, but not how to do it,  so I have scheduled it in for just after the Clarity Crowborough Open Days - I did used to find it hard to repeat work, but now I am holding the Workshops I think that way all the time, If I make this what steps would I demo it in for a Workshop?? Maybe this should be a workshop first? I need to add Journals to my Workshop!
The Sketched Lady Stamp by ClarityStamp - this is my favourite stamp of all of them.  So its not surprising that I am using it on my Third Worksop, I can't believe I waited this long??

I want to add wood too - We have to work on wood if we want the true benefit of those lovely Fresco Paints.

Anyway as I was saying the Conservatory is acting as the Garage at the moment because we are having the Garage made into a Games Room soon? So The Conservatory it is, but no rubbish now just the "Keep" pile items and the charity bags go straight to the shop instead of sitting around for months! But it takes longer this way! Every Bag and Box is laboriously searched through for Keep, Chuck or Charity items - no dumping them till later anymore! Have you ever got to the stage where you don't even look in the box of papers? You just chuck it in the recycle (guilt free) bin? Cor blimey I used to buy some rubbish "Bargains"! I think we all start there though until we know where our arty tastes really are? And I am really sorry Martha but your punches are in the scrap yard - or did I sneak them in the charity box in the end?

I have chucked out more paperwork and rubbish than you could ever imagine over the last month, I have filled more charity bags than they can fit in their shop! Literally!! I am a woman on a mission!!! I want my house back!! The kids are getting bigger and the toys are getting smaller. The craft room is going to become a work room instead of a collectors room and my organisational PA Skills from days of old are starting to come into their own.

This is a little bit of Art done off the Gelli Plate I did during my practice for the workshop - can you believe I am still discovering new ways to play with it? You can't beat a bit of abstract and it certainly beats that stupid Cardboard Box thing that girl had on TV yesterday - now that IS what you call lazy crafting!

So, Busy? Definately! Self induced business, yes definately but I can't wait to see all the results. X

So I am off now, to pack up my Workshop ready for my return from holiday, then I will pack my Caravan, go shopping, and empty a little more of my Craft Room?? See you later!!
More Blogs to Follow soon
Carry on Crafting
Sam xxx


  1. Good luck with it all Sam. Having seen some of they mayhem. You need it lol

  2. Wow Sam, you are a woman on a mission!! I may have to follow suit - I have so much stuff I never use and have never even opened. Having a clutter-free craft room sounds fantastic! Good luck! Show us the 'after' pictures and I'm sure you will start a de-clutter revolution!

  3. Hi Sam. Best of luck to you with your de-cluttering and with your new craft room. (I have started on mine last week....got a cupboard sorted...well it is a very big cupboard) I really must kick myself up the bum and get planning a trip down south and a few drop- ins. Art work looking good as ever and so looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful ideas.
    Hugs and have a great holiday. Love Emma xx

  4. Oh how I wish I had a craft room to sort, I just have a desk in corner of lounge and a set of storage boxes in conservatory. I reckon your room will be amazing and that you will be producing some fabulous works of art. xx


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