Clarity Stamp DT Samples for Hochanda TV Feb 2016

Hi there, thanks for dropping in.  Today I am just going to give you a FREE walk through my DT Samples  Gallery, nothing else just a Gallery of my DT cards for Clarity Stamp on  HOCHANDA TV. with Barbara Gray .

I had prepared a Blog, two in fact?  One was early and one was on the day of the show.  Boy you could tell I hadn't chatted on here for a while, the first blog was just bla bla blaaaaa and my second blog? Well, I had chopped masses of text out of it and I still fell to sleep every time I tried to check it through!!!

 So enough!!! No talking today just pictures, a sneak peak and then the full card and a very brief look at my thought process for each.  

So I hope you enjoy my FREE Gallery!! In your head you have to play that tune,  -
daaa  da da da daaaa  da da da daa da da - have you guessed the tune yet? its off a kids Art Programme!!

Boy did tjis one take me a long time - in fact they all do really, they are a labour of love, or sometimes a "Mixed Media" Fix It Job???!!!! They are the ones that I find most of my ideas in. 

Happy Engagement Day Paul - its OK he won't have any idea if I have the right day or not, neither do I? but this card was made with our Engagement in mind - 1988 
I had a Gelli Print, and I had some lovely stamps to play with !
Whilst using the Paris Mask I had thoughts of those poor people who lost their life on what should have been an average Saturday Night out - so this is for them. xxx
 Can you spot the difference between these two?  I had to make a slight adjustement.

Paul asked me to marry him on the Statue of Liberty, if you were paying attention above you would already know that!!!!  

The grass is always greener on "the other side" - no "on the other side"........
I should have done this one on a Canvas?
This one is my personal favourite - a lot of work went into this one, but I really enjoyed it.
I love where the red paint meets the blue too, and the depth of it - this is the glory of paint to me.
I also love how I got to do all this play on the trees because the Masks are completely flat.
 Lisa P MacGregor thinks I have re-created her family Tarten - it does look like a Tarten Skirt I had as a kid actually.  So this one is for you Lisa. xx
Life is never long enough - but this represents the young trees waiting to come up and live out their life.

So I hope you enjoyed my Gallery??

All of the links for these Stamps and Stencils are on the Clarity Stamp Website
you can follow this link to get to them. Including the new Groovi Plates on offer on the One Day Special show that was on the Monday too.

See you soon - well I say soon!! Getting my Blog to work took longer than making all these cards. In Fact Blogger itself took all of 5 hours to save three changes to my photos!!!

One day I will own a Mac PC I feel it in my bones!!!!!


  1. Such loverly cards Sam, can't pick a fav although the Paris one is fabulous, and one of my favorite places in the world. Hope you are well and thanks for sharing xxxxxx

  2. Lovely gallery, very excited to get a mention on your blog. The tartan trees lol and the poppies are my absolute faves but I love the New York skyline too xx

  3. lovely set Sam. some great artwork here. loved reading the thoughts behind the projects. made them come to life xx

  4. Hi love to meet you, great cards wonderful.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  5. Sam, your work is absolutely superb. The photos don’t do it justice. When you hold them and study them, each one is magic.

  6. Fabulous Sam you do make some great stuff. So much going on in each one xx

  7. Fabulous Sam you do make some great stuff. So much going on in each one xx


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