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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Inky Techniques

Hi there - look, two Blogs in one month!!! I am almost back on track with my Regular Blog Spot!! Ha get it?!!!!
So I have had a good old "I don't believe it" session on here today, so if you are in a moaning mood why not grab a cuppa and join in, but while you do that you can take a look at what I originally wanted to show you, which is a few cards from my past using some lovely ClarityStamps and my Ink Blending Techniques.  I do enjoy blending ink just as much as playing with my Gelli Plate.
I do like to Characterise Stamps & Drawings -
 If I remember correctly these German Words mean "We Belong Together"
This Stamp Set has always been one of my favourites, and you get so much in the set.
Well if truth be known I have been sat for more than half an hour trying to upload 3 measly little photos to FB?  A few times I got distracted while I waited for them to upload, I have seen a well trained Rat fetching tissues when its owner sneezes, it also did a spin wen she held up a card saying sping?? WOW then I Saw Adele doing Karaoke in the car with James Gordon, that was good. I avoided the Doggy Rescue videos today as it can be very depressing, sometimes when I watch them (cos I have to) I skip straight to the happy bit near the end. 
I was very proud of this one, and actually looking at it. I think I will use this process in my next batch. The reason I was proud of it is because its very pretty to look at AND it has so much white space!! That is so rare for me.
So I turned off my Lap Top, turned it back on and still it just wouldn't upload more than two photos??? Well on principle alone now I wasn't going to give up, I wanted to show more than two photos so I am damn well going to find a way to do that if it takes me ALL DAY!!! FB said I can, it had a slot for me to do it - "Upload Photos/Videos?  Share with your friends?? Check in!!! Yeh OK so let me do that then??? Or is it just this annoying little Lap Top that is the problem????

This is another one I enjoyed making and actually liked the end result.  I think the ClarityStamp letters and numbers Stamps sets look lovely in all the different colour mixes. I just nip from one ink pad to the other when I do this, I don't care if they get contaminated, in fact the more they do the better for me because  you get some beautiful colours in the mix.  I use the Adirondack and Archival Ink Pads - I only mix within their own type though, Water based with waterbased, Archival with Archival.
 I could have gone to my IPad but the photos for that are stored on ICloud!! Well when they named this so called ICloud storage space that you can get to from anywhere???? (I beg to differ)!!!! I think they mis-spelled it. It should be spelt BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! Because once you put a photo in there it just disappears never to be seen again.
Did you know, as ICloud fills up on one end it chucks items out the other?  Its a bit like those Two Penny slot machines where you stick a coin in and they all fall off at the end!! You can get them back BUT have you ever tried doing a Blog or FB post with photos that were stored in your ICloud say ? a year ago.  You can't just nip back to the place you last went to!!! Noooo that would be too quick! You have to remember how many swipes of the screen you did to get anywhere near the space where you picked the last photo from - I once did one where the photos were from the beginning of time, never again, it would have been quicker to upload 3 photos to my timeline on FACE BOOK???>??
And here are the  same stamp sets used again, same design but with a different look.
See sometimes when you want to make a batch of cards you don't have to design each one as you go, it can be really time consuming.  Here I just went for the same shapes, the same outline, the same colours and the same methods of blending and got 4 completely different looks.  With just a few stamp sets.  A variation on a theme.
So, what was I trying to do an hour ago??? Ah I know, I was trying to slip in a quick post on my FB Time line to say good morning????? See why I sometimes just don't appear on FB?  I am a much calmer person without it.  I almost bit the bullet and went out to buy myself a new Lap Top after trying to upload these three photos. My Lap Top runs so slow I swear its going backwards!!! Then I remembered what hassle it is when you first get a new Lap Top, having to put lots of passwords in that you will never remember again, and having to re-sign into all your bits and bobs with other passwords that are long gone from your memory.  The fact that I can't really afford one was the least of my concerns.
This was a very weird one, but see the Lady on the Left and the Giant pointing down at the Cat, well they just appeared when I sprayed my card in Ink.  So I gave her some hair, quite nice hair I think. Then I covered up as much of her boobs and bits  as I could with the Tree Houses and with the Giant I hadn't realised it looked so much like a person pointing down over until I put the curly hair there, it was meant to be foliage initially.
I wasn't going to send this one in as a DT piece but I did in the end, I actually love it myself - I think it would have been better used as a Journal Page though.  I bet ower Boss Lady, Barbara Gray was a little horrified when she received this???
I might get out my old Typewriter that I bought before Xmas, type you a Chain Letter, take a few photos of my work, get them developed in boots and attach one to each chain letter and then post them to you all !!! I think it would be quicker. What would the chain letter say???

Dear all, if I write a post on FB to say good morning, please respond because it probably took me a few hours to do!!!  Please do not break the chain ... ....!!!!

Carry on Whinging - I mean Crafting


  1. ROFL....not at your work. This was a brilliant post Sam. So glad you are BACK. Beautiful art work too. Much love and Hugs xxxxx

  2. Thanks for blogging... I SAID.

  3. Brilliant blog Sam, I totally know where you are coming from. It takes me hours to do a blog because I can never find the damn photos! I wish I could blog from the iPad it would be so much easier. I've been on with the lovely Emma today as she is trying to help me with technology. She is a genius.
    Fabulous artwork by the way. I love the lady and the giant, just brilliant.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Amanda xx

  4. OMG you had me laughing again Sam! You are just so funny....takes me back to me driving back to the hotel after the retreat and almost having to stop as I just couldn't see for tears of laughter in my eyes! Talk about a tena moment!

    Your art work is fabulous as usual! Hope you blog again soon! xxx

  5. Oh I've missed your blogs Sam. You are so funny, and your artwork ain't bad either!!! (Fabulous really) Xxx

  6. oh Sam is definitely back. what do you do to your laptops, tablets etc? hugs xx

  7. Technology eh Sam !!!!! The artworks lovely ! xx

  8. You and Technology??? Now there’s a REAL challenge Sam!!! Fantastic artwork though!! xx


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