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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

DT Cards for Hochanda TV - 2nd Batch

Good morning all. Now I have my Blog up and running, very slowly if I do it on my Computer and without the ability to edit if I do it on my IPad, but it IS up and running. I have to keep nipping between the two. On the Computer GBlog I can't add pictures but can edit and on my Blogsy I can add pictures but I can Centre them - what a MARE??? This is the trouble with online programmes like this NO CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

Unlike this helpful little Lady here. X

So what am I here for? Ahh I haven't shown you the rest of my cards for the Last Hochanda TV show with ClarityStamp. 

Now that my little Rant above is over I must say I do like to Blog because if I don't waffle on in my Blogs I end up talking to myself in my Craft Room??? I am now doing a Doggie Blog for Skye and a  "Crafting Like No One Is Watching"Blog! Sometimes no limitations whatsoever, no rules no trying to please anyone is necessary. OK some of you might think my work looks like I do that anyway (ha ha) but believe me if you could see what is in my head? I haven't even gotten started yet. So I just need a release of my Inner Self?
So back to this Blog, my REAL Blog, where I show my DT Work for Clarity Stamp mostly. I love being on a design team, it keeps me on my toes and makes me proud of myself. Not just any DT though because it helps when you love the products you get to play with too, well I say it Helps? I personally wouldn't go on a DT where I don't feel completely inspired by the products or the Team, I doubt if many people would actually?

You always have to include at least one traditional looking card, don't you think? This started life as a Gelli Plate Clean up Sheet, they make great backing papers.
 So talking of being completely inspired, I loved these new Stamps the minute I saw them and the Stencils well I couldn't get them on my Gelli Plate quick enough. In fact I had so many ideas I literally did a little circle in my Craft Room trying to decide what to pick up first? My Grand Calibur? my Distress Inks? my Gelli Plate? my Grunge Paste, a Canvas a Journal Page? See what I mean??? Some Stencils and Stamps just get your mind in a whirl, which is what is so exciting about receiving those little parcels.
With the Heart Stencil from the Set I made this backing PaperCard on the Gelli Plate and just liked it as it is? I suppose it would make a nice Journal cover or something? 
I think this one is my favourite of the whole lot, its just such a lovely backing paper kind of Gelli Print and I even did a bit of self Mixed Media Style doodling on it, which I don't normally have the confidence for (its a fine line between nice and naff?? But anyway I blotted out the right hand side a bit more, I had kept it clearer on purpose because I knew Beauty was going to be the Stamp on this one. I do like the Grunginess of it when you see it close up.  
So as I had these lovely patterned stencils I went for the Gelli Plate mostly, because layering them up I knew would get some lovely results. On this Batch of work I used the PaperArtsy Fresco Snowflake a lot, it goes really see through if you use it right, it looks like chalk on top of black card and it obliterates all those finger marks that weren't supposed to be on show. I am so glad that Barbara sells these paints
Grace - Mmmmm I wonder where Barbara got her inspiration on this one? Again this is a Gelli Plate Print base then I did a clean up through the Stencil over the Background to get the Circles and blended through the Heart Stencil over the top of that.
For this I did the Background Red Ink on Red Card - I wanted that kind of Wallpaper effect.
I really enjoyed Dressing up Grace in her Dance Gear too.
I did the Bokah effect on here and painted in extra pink in the middle to make her the full Centrepiece, I didn't want her to get lost in all those bubbles.
This is the first one I did, I have been waiting for a Heart Stencil like this for a while, next we need one with Long Thin Hearts (are you listening Dave???) Cheeky Bugger Aren't I. x So I kept making Heart Stencil prints until I got a nice cleanup piece, then I did some good old fashioned stencilling through the stencil onto the Gelli Print.
I am very proud of this one! Look how clean and neat it is??? See I do like clean lines too!!
I just painted a strip of Fresco Paint down the middle of the card, masked off of course. Then Stamped the white edges, I put two stamps on the Block so the pattern repeated the same. For the Centre I just stamped randomly and for the middle I cut out a painted stamped circle, placed it in the Metal Necklace Base and filled it with Glossy Accents. Then I coloured the Snowflakes in all in the same Complimentary Blue Distress Marker

So This was next!! As you can imagine with me, all that lovely perfectness, well I had to go a bit mad after that didn't I?  I decided to turn back to where I started a little bit and just used my Distress Inks and Markers.  These Snowflake Stamps and and Merry Christmas stamp are so lovely sometimes you just need to finish them off literally.  I prettied the edges up with my Blender tool from my Clarity Mat and on the Centre I blended lots of pretty colours then just splashed lots of water on it, let it dry then stamped and coloured it.
I enjoyed making this one.  Its Grunge Paste on a Canvas - I left it rough so I could get lots of shading in the Hearts and when I had stamped and coloured Charm I felt that her backing needed to stay white, its just GP spread roughly on it own, I did sand that bit down though before stamping.
And this one? Well I had to have one really messy grungy one! Just a good play with inks and Stencils and Stamping.

So I hope you like my efforts.  If you missed the other cards I made they are shown on the post below this one.  I seemed to make a lot in this batch didn't I???
I hope you enjoyed my little Gallery, thank you for popping in.
Sam xxx


  1. I absolutely love your artwork with all of these stamps, amazing xx

  2. These are brilliant Sam, love Grace and all the Stencils. Thanks for sharing. Love Jilly xxx


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