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Saturday, 26 September 2015

My new Modelling Job!?!?

Hi all I keep trying out my Blog to see if. Can get it working again, I have really missed my Blogging, so fingers crossed this will actually post AND I will be able to attach Photos to it? 

So this weekend it was Heather's Birthday or (clarity Heather) as she is listed in my Phone, You know, the lady with the Knee Pads at all the shows?  I nipped over to her house yesterday and so did our friend Jilly. What a great day we had. Len (Heathers' Hubbie) made our lunch, thanks Len. 

I took Skye  (Our Romanian Rescue Dog) with me and she had a great Play Day with Heathers lovely Labs. Xx I did take some video on my IPad but although you can hear me and Heather talking there is no picture? Very Odd? 

Something else that is very odd is this ............

And this ..........

And this ??????? 

Are you seeing what I am getting at!?  This streak of light is in all these photos and more? You can actually see it hitting the ground on one of them?? 

There look? Mmmmm 

Anyway we went to a fabulous Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition at the Bowes Museum in Richmond. We fancied ourselves as Models for the day??? 

No this isn't Heathers' House, it's the Museum!!! 

Can you spot us? 
Oooohhhh Jillly Strike A Pose! 
See how her dress matches myHandbag???

See how her Coat Matches Mine??? And she has pinched my Pose too???? 

I think my Photography is quite good too? Do you???? I love this photo, I will have to find something cool to do with it? Printed on paper and embedded into a Journal page maybe?? This dress is one of my All Time favourite fashion patterns it's so perfect, I love the two behind too! Of course they originate from Pop Art but fashion and home furnishings always follow Art trends and visa-versa. Although???? I think I would have had another square with that blue, on bottom right? Just saying?????

I have so much to catch up on because of my Broken Blog? But for now I will just see if I can get this to go live??? This last photo is a sneak peek of my DT work for ClarityStamp for tomorrow's show on Hochanda TV. Barbara is on at 10am with the Groovi Plate and 2-4 with the stencils and stamps. These were all a pleasure to work with and if I wasn't on the DT I would definitely have got them anyway. I am really looking forward to the shows tomorrow, hope you will join us in watching. Xxx

By for now, and carry on Posing! Errr Crafting!! I mean Crafting!!!! 
Happy Birthday Heather you wonderful person you and thank you for a lovely day out. Xx
And a Happy 50th Birthday to Sazz too. Xxx


  1. Hello my dear Sam. Strike a Pose!! I can just hear you all giggling to each other. You look as though you all had a great time. Please say hello to Heather (birthday girl!) and Len and of course Jilly. Looking forward to seeing your samples in full Hugs xxxx

  2. You were being beamed by the good lord our Sam! I hope you get to blogging more regularly hun as I have missed you and your work. Will catch up on the Claritystamp blog with your gorgeous creations if I don't see them here. Karen x

  3. Great photos and even better posing. Happy birthday to the lovely Heather xx


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