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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cleaning My Gelli (R) Plate

Gelli is a registered name to Gelli(R) LLC
who have very kindly given me permission to use it on my
Art On A Gelli (R) Plate Page on Face Book. Xx
So just a quickie. I nipped into my craft room to do a little Invitations Project - Commissioned by my Bro so it has to be good! Anyway I realised I had left my Gelli Plates all covered in paint after a post the other day. I was so excited at receiving my
Baby Gelli Plate that I had to tell everyone on my FB Page. I don't know if anyone is listening but Hey, if a Tree Falls Down in the Woods Alone, I bet someone or something, somewhere hears it!!!
I have a reason for wanting my small Gelli Plates, I have ordered the small round one too - they are so cute and dinky. Xx
Apart from the fact they are small and dinky and will fit in my handbag/ Caravan/ Suitcase!! I have a major project in mind.
I have always wanted to be a "Real" Designer. Even from way before I knew I was "Arty"?! All those years before I did my Painting and Decorating Course, or my Interior Design Course it was pointed out to me by a very good friend that I thought different to most people. We were looking at a photo one day and I said to her "WOW Look at that Wallpaper"! "Sam" she whispered in my ear "you are supposed to be admiring the Baby"! "Oh really"? I said. X
When I saw Fabric I wished I could design my own, when I saw furniture I Wanted to make changes. But even with Electrical goods or pottery, I get so Excited when I see good and clever design. The American 50's Diners and dresses are my Heroes in design style and so is Goudy and MacIntosh. In Pottery it has to be Mary Rose Young - who actually did get some pieces shown on the Changing Rooms shows back in the day. One of my Favourite rooms of all time was the Alice in Wonderland style room done by Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen. And yet in my own home right now you would struggle to find any kind of pattern - apart from Sanderson Dandelion Clock and Fifi Designs - quite Funny when you think about what I produce for DT work? So I definitely have Eclectic taste! That's what the inside of my head is like!!!

In the days of Changing Rooms (Linda Barker, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen etc) I realised how munch I loved Interior Design. People used to ask my advice all the time and ask me to do quick make-overs etc - But actually in my family I am not the best at this, all my 4 sisters are arty and have different design ideas. But I am the one who has the passion for it. I have said often that it all comes from my Mam teaching us all sorts of skills as young kids. So - Anyway I have an Idea ! No big drum roll or anything just an idea that I want to make into a useable idea. Watch this space.
For now I just needed to clean up these Gelli Plates.
I didn't want to waste the Paint So I transferred it to my Journal as you can see in my pictures. I will come back and doodle over it later and post pics. Enough waffle for now Eh.
Thank you for checking in. Xx


  1. Love your waffle but especially your enthusiasm xx

  2. Well now I have that mental image of Gelli plates in your handbag, makes a change from make up I suppose. I love all your stories and you are just so arty. Hoping to see you at Clarity Open day again for some more inspiration. xx


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