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Monday, 2 March 2015

DT Cards for Clarity Stamp on C&C TV March 2015

Good Morning all - I thought I would Blog a display of  some of my cards made for Clarity Stamp for the Create & Craft Show today with Barbara Gray. I will Blog the rest later in the week. 
Barbara has  just won  the official  British Craft Award  for the "The Most Inspirational Craft Blog" !! Congratulations Barbara you really deserved it.  If you click on Barbara Gray just above the link will take you to her Blog. But hang on!!! read to the end of here first please. xxx
So the Create and Craft TV Show today?

I had a bit of a mess around on here and discovered a few little things. So who can name all the inks I have used on here????
I would give up now because I don't think I could even name them all, but its definitely a mixed media piece.
I can't comment on weather it was a good show because to be honest with you I am really writing this Blog yesterday - Saturday -  trying to keep ahead of myself!!! But I can say with confidence that Barbara will have been great and she will have done some great demonstrations and I bet that the Fairy Stamps were a sell out and pretty quick too!!!!
This was just a bit of messing around with a Stencil image once I had inked into it. I don't normally have the confidence to show my Doodling but hey what the heck go for it.  It just felt like these Clarity Stamp Flower stamps were begging to be added to a doodle. The Words on the side spin round too so you can put them in any order. I think I will do this again on a card but with a sentence.
So when I got my Stamps and Stencils I was really in the mood for a good play, while I am not doing my Gelli Plate Classes I am sat with my nose to the letterbox waiting for my new Clarity Stamps and Stencils to arrive.  I only like to craft for a reason.  So in between time when there is a bit of a Lull I study!! Well I say Study? I watch a lot of You Tube and search for unusual crafty people on line and on Pinterest to see what everyone is up to? I even made my You Tube video and it is waiting for its second edition, which I have made BUT it was so long even I fell to sleep while I watched it??? So I will "Study on You Tube" how to cut chunks out of your videos seamlessly????

Anyone who knows me or what I do might be surprised to learn that this is one of my person favourites.  I love double dipping onto different ink pads and surprisingly enough you can generally get the same ink tones once you get used to doing this.  I have found some gorgeous colours using this technique and I can hear people screaming now "you will contaminate your ink pad" yep that's right, great isn't it!  This Mushroom Stamp is absolutely gorgeous and I wasn't sure if I would like the fairies (not normally my thing) but once I stamped them, well try for yourself, you just can't leave them alone.

I encased this little chappie in glass. but  you could see the join where I fixed it so using Red Double Sided Tape I put the strips over the top of the glass and added the Glitter to it.  Then I decided I needed to do a bigger glitter frame and did the same on the cut out edge of the white card.
So you know when you have too many ideas and you start to get muddled up and then you send off your DT Samples and remember all the other things you were going to do -that was me.  But its OK because we have a great Design Team and I am sure that there will have been plenty of techniques and styles covered between us all. The reason I had so many ideas was purely because I loved the Stamps so much.

This was a new one I did for the Bunnie Set -  So My thoughts on this, its an Easter Egg Hunt and the Bunnies are cuing up to go on the search.  I love to make card and Tags that have little surprises so see below!
I thought the little chap from the Clarity Stamp Wee People Set was perfect for using to give instructions. "Pull"

And there is the Surprise -  when you pull the Tab with the Man on you get a Happy Easter Popping up.
So someone once commented on how much they liked the way I had all my pictures on display in between my chat so I have mostly kept it that way since and think it works myself, after all we crafters are visual people aren't we?? 

I made this card, then I got a better idea but I really enjoyed colouring this with proper water colour techniques "My Water Colour Techniques" !!?? I say that because I have never really learnt any proper ones.
I have had a few new followers on my Blog lately and I would just like to thank you all for following, old and new Followers.  I really appreciate it. 
So on this one I decided in the beginning that it was going to be one of my "Peek-a-boo" Designs.  Like I say I do like surprise cards. Again I did Water Colour techniques with paint but  it was more about the whole affect rather than shading.
There you go here is the "Peek-A-Boo" bit.
 I will be putting plenty of work and techniques on here in the next few months so I hope you will join me in my little You Tube (just for fun) adventure my promise to myself in January to enter all the challenges I wanted to enter last year but couldn't find the time to and on my Page that I will be running alongside it on Face Book in  between my Clarity Work which is my main focus. All sounds good on paper doesn't it?? 
With this one, well it nearly got thrown out but I decided to persist with it.  There is a lot involved in this one but well worth making I thought, I really like it myself and will be doing a few more of these I think?  I will post a picture tutorial on this later in the week.
I love the depth that can be achieved with this.
 My Face Book Page is Altered Arts & Crafts .
You will be able to see and buy the lovely stamps and stencils from today's show on the Clarity Stamp Website
So I hope you like my cards and thank you for any comments you leave and I will see you soon xxx
So much for doing a Blog the day before?? Due to modern technology it has taken me many many hours over two days to get this uploaded with pictures, so thank you for Popping in.
Sam. xxx


  1. All fantastic samples Sam! and so many different techniques! Thanks for sharing them all! X

  2. They are stunning samples. Love the colours xx

  3. Hi Sam your samples are amazing the stamps are all beautiful. I am sure that Barbara's show went well she is always a joy to watch. Hugs Jackie

  4. Brilliant Sam - I'll be checking out your YouTube and look forward to your blog on the card above - it looks brilliant. Thank you for persevering with your blog & making me smile into the bargain :-) Carole xxx

  5. Hello Sam, Wow these are all super stunning samples, love them all. Fantastic colours., love the stencils.
    I am now a new follower.

    Chrissy xx

    1. Thank you Chrissy for your lovely comment and a big thank you for Following my Blog. Xx

  6. Beautiful samples Sam,love you backgrounds.....great

  7. you were a very busy bee. love the bright ones that you did. where was the grunge? they look brill though, so different from your usual style. that dark one looks very promising. looking forward to that tutorial, hugs xx


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