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Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Little Book of Ideas

Well when we got the last set of Stamps from Clarity Stamp for the Create & Craft Show on Sunday 7th Dec 2014 I had so many ideas. I played and got a few  cards done straight away. But as I went along I kept ending up with lots of bits and pieces that I really liked but that wouldn't be good enough on their own as a card. 

I had also made a batch of these! The Leaf Stencil was lovely and I wanted to try it in lots of different colours.  This is embossed onto the Clarity Stamp Black Shiny Card and then sanded down - nothing else done to it.  See how I kept the frame in, that finishes off the front Book Cover nicely I think.  The Wonderful was stamped with Yellow Ink and then dabbed onto a blue ink pad top and bottom.
I did these in several colours and couldn't decide which I liked the best.  Which one should I use I asked Hannah - for a card?  Well she said why don't you overlap them and use them all. What a great idea I said.  So that inspired me to make the book.  I did try to make a card - you know those ones where you have the overlapping flap down the middle and you can lift them all up in one go - Well that didn't work!! So Hence the MDF Book, from our lovely MDFMan.  I think my friend Linda Page would have been able to sort me out with the Flap Card thing she is good at things like that.
I do think it looks lovely in Mustard Yellow, don't you. Each one I embossed, apart from the Black and White one, was then rubbed over with a Wet Wipe and Re-Inkers but you could do this with a round sponge, or the Clarity Brushes.
The Orange one looks lovely too? This stencil just looks great in all its glory I think.
And the Green and Black - well you can't go wrong with Green & Black together.


The Hearts were cut out from an embossed black image coloured in the same way and then cut with a Heart Punch.
I just couldn't leave this Owl Stamp alone!! 

Ta Da !!!

Too many pages, I will show the rest later and maybe explain how some of them were done.
So there you have it, my Ideas and Techniques Book.
Like I say I also had a lot of ideas and strips of lovely papers I had coloured and stamped that wouldn't quite make the grade for a Card for TV but look OK in this book. It was fun to be able to play a bit and not have to worry about finishing everything off.  But it was really all about the - the above picture - the Stencil embossed and coloured on the Black Clarity Card.
I will come back and show you some of the inserts in my next Blog otherwise this one will just go on forever - I have a fair few pictures. 
All Products - Stencils & Stamps can be found here - Clarity Stamp
This is a page my Daughter did, she has been wanting to join in with my crafting lately.
  Isn't it lovely!! xx
So I hope you like my little MDF Book made for Clarity Stamp and I hope you give it a go yourself, but be warned, its more fiddly than it looks.
Thank you for dropping by and thank you for any comments left.
Carry on Crafting
Sam Crowe. xx


  1. Gorgeous artwork, love this new stencil, I feel a treat coming on :-) xx

  2. Gorgeous Sam just love it. My leafy stencil was delivered today though not had time to play. Yep probs right about the flap card dont know which one you mean but I do like to figure these things out xx

  3. Lovely work as usual Sam. Hugs xx

  4. Such a vibrancy about your stuff. It always excites me to see what you come up with. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How lovely that your daughter wants to join in with you, it is wonderful to encourage the young to craft. Beautiful colour combinations in your little book. Look forward to seeing more of it. xx


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