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Monday, 1 December 2014

ClarityStamp Challenge Dec 2014

Hi there everyone.  There is a new Clarity Challenge which starts today.  The theme is "Trees" and I would say as any Clarity Stamp Lover will know there are lots of lovely Tree Stamps to choose from.  If you enter our Challenge you will be in with the chance of winning the Main Prize, randomly picked, so everyone is in with a chance. Ah what is the main prize I hear you ask??

Also we, the DT will pick out our  Top 5 Winners
I nearly forgot to put the link to the Clarity Stamp Challenge ? Here it is.

I pulled out one of my Many Many Gelli Plate Prints for this one. I read through them like a little book (actually a very large book) to see what I can see in them.  Sometimes the plainest ones are the ones I play with the most.  When they are heavily patterned and looking good I think they should be displayed on their own, when they are plain but a bit grungy I know that the Clarity Stamps will bring them out to their best. I have been playing "Perspective" - something I am not very good at, but I do know that with tine and patience you can improve on this. I remember at college when we used to do Room Plans, my Bed or Settee would often be a bit odd looking i.e. jumping off the front of the Mood Board or a leg missing because I couldn't quite get the angle right? Still I passed???? Maybe my Teacher should have gone to Spec Savers?
The Trees I used are from the Re-mountable Wrought Iron Set
I often refer back to stamps from this set because they work really well with all sorts of  Tags, cards etc its one of my Favourites and I have just seen that it is on Offer Too - Bonus!
So this Tag was just Blue, I wanted the Car to look like it had driven from Tree to Tree!

and I wanted it to look like it was in heavy snow.

So like I said these beautiful Trees are from the Wrought Iron Re-Mountable Set and I love them, you get two sizes in the set.  I have stamped a part of the car at the bottom corner to show the start of the journey.
I used to do a lot of Doodling like this, just changing the look of things in a subtle way with my Gel Pens, - its my form of colouring in really,  So I have renewed my pens and can't resist getting them out - well OK the Truth - I bought my Daughter some descent Gel Pens after she pleaded with me, so as I had to Sacrifice my set so I could get her some (she wanted different ones) I sneaked into her room and borrowed them.!  I do miss my Mat Yellow one though it always finishes a project nicely.
So my Snow Ha Hem!!  Well it isn't actually meant to look like thick snow, it was more of a directional thing.  See if you draw lots of lines in one direction and then in another and another - your eye follows those lines and it gives the illusion of movement - OK you probably already know that, just checking! So it should look like my Car has driven from Tree to Tree! White Gel Pens are another favourite of mine too, you can get various pens from the Clarity Stamp Website  
This Car and Xmas Tree Stamp  is a very popular Stamp - you can tell because it is plastered all over FB. I have seen some lovely cards made with it.  My Daughter's eyes lit up when she saw it too.  It has come from the NDC Club - I have never been disappointed in a Stamp from the Club, or Stencil for that matter. I love this one too.  If you just stamped it on a page on its own it would look great but I have seen some great snow scene cards made with it and some of the Clarity House Stamps.

For instance one of my fellow DT Members Naomi Mahon  has also used it on  her Card for this Challenge you can see it on her Blog
So I started with the Glittery Gel Pens so I had to have a Glittery Car didn't I. 
 Well in my head this is the shimmer of the Frost on the Car. !?
So there you go, the last leg of its Journey in the snow, for this Tag anyway.  I  put a lot more of the white pen coming from the back of the car to make it look like a build up of snow, from a distance I think this seems to work? Do YOU?

 I hope you like my Tag - I dressed it up on a piece of white card and added a few more trees.
I hope you will join our Clarity Challenge too.
All nice comments are welcome and always appreciated.
What no waffle I hear you say?  Sorry, maybe next time. xxx
By for now and Carry On Crafting
Sam xxx


  1. great tag Sam and thanks for the explanation of how you did it. I would never have thought of just drawing on top with a white pen! xx

  2. Great tip about the white gel pen Sam. Good work I love this NDC stamp. Xx

  3. lol, love this Sam, great tips x

  4. Great card Sam and great use of the NDC stamp...x

  5. This looks amazing Sam! I love how you've made the snow....who would have thought that a few lines done with a gel pen would make such a difference?!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. This is great Sam. Really like how you've used the white gel pen. Would love a glittery car too! xx

  7. Lovely tag Sam. I thought the lines were scratched into the print - it was a clever idea to draw them in. Very effective. x


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