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Sunday, 16 November 2014

My second lot of DT samples from Nov 2014

Eh I don't believe it, I have just put the date in the title of this Blog and it hit me ITS NOVEMBER!!

What do you do with your Punchinela once you have stopped blending through it? Well you stick it onto your card of course!!
 OK I did already know that, but I realised how fast this year has gone, I can hardly even remember what I did in it??  I know that being on the ClarityStamp Team was a big part of my year, Remember our lovely trip to France!!

 Also me and my family had some lovely holidays this year, just basic down to earth camping holidays, I love them, and of course we managed to give our Max one last fabulous Doggy Camping Holiday before he left us (still crying) but he was never more happy than when we were away in the Caravan where he had us all with him all of the time. 
OK this wasn't from the last set of DT cards but I thought it was fitting with the subject, especially this lovely ClarityStamp "The Great Outdoors" Says a lot doesn't it. xx

  Lots of things have happened with my Kids too, they have taken on extra activities (which makes me a Taxi Driver) but at least it gets them away from the Xbox / Ipad/ Computer / Ipod Touch??? for a little while!  What on earth is left for Santa to bring them this year???  They are having fun and I love to see them doing what they want to do.  Of course my Sisters play a big part in this because my Husband is often out of the Country.  I do try/like  to hand over the reigns a bit when he gets back. 

How lovely it is to  NOT have to put up with my sometimes very bland meals for a while, not to have to battle to stop someone from scraping my car on the School Run and to just sometimes not get up in the morning!!!

She is feeling nostalgic you might be thinking, well yes I am.  Its nearly Xmas for one thing!! I am one of those people who find Xmas quite depressing. You plan for it, you decorate your house for it, you prepare food for it and all the while you are trying to be jolly about it, but deep down you can only remember the Xmas's from your childhood, when your Parents were there, your brothers and sisters were there and you didn't have a care in the world. 

You try to do your Xmas like your Mam did her Xmas because you have such happy memories of it, but yours is tainted because your Mam isn't there anymore or your Dad or a Brother or a Sister or someone who you were close to, your friends from days of old are long since lost and often living in other Countries or Cities and you have Pets that you will miss (talking about me now) -

But when it finally comes to the time I know that I for one, am one of those people who insist that we all get together for Tea on Xmas Day, that we get the Careoke Machine out, that we let the Boys play with the kids toys while the Girls act all silly and Dance around the Front Room ( I am talking about my Sisters now) and we will all have a great time. And also when it boils down to it, these are my Childrens' Memories we are building, for their future with their Children.  I wonder how they will remember me when I am gone - Oh no! I have a pretty good idea????

This year in particular I want it to be really special, I remember being the ages my kids are now and I think, especially for my Daughter, this will be the last year that she will really Believe!! My Son is under strict instructions NOT to tell her otherwise!  She doesn't ask for much bless her, a doll, a Lego set, an album?? We didn't get much as kids, 8 of us??? Dad had to work a double shift just so we could get a toy each???

But we were so happy, our home was so Xmassy  and my Mam was so funny with her silly Raindeer Head Bands and her Xmas earrings, and always forgetting to take the Price Tags off things, she always got in the spirit of Xmas, so I want to give my Kids those kinds of memories too especially so this year!!

 So I am only allowing myself this one day of nostalgia then I will be back to normal!!! I am getting a real tree this year, I have wanted one forever and I am putting my foot down.


We will decorate  it  with masses of tinsel and too many Baubles and I am going to blast out Xmas Music while me and the Kids decorate it and eat a Xmas Stocking EARLY! and I am going to put it up on 1st December!!!! When Paul gets home it will already be Xmas! And everything will look lovely for my Daughters Birthday too on 13th Dec!!!!! She does love a Tree up for her Birthday. Oh and I won the draw and get to have my Dad over for Xmas Lunch too and a Sister and a Brother - what's the thing you need the most at Xmas??? LOTS OF LOVELY HAPPY PEOPLE!!

Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction!
Yet another lovely meaningful saying on a ClarityStamp - this one will be used a lot in my Craft Room.
So I am sorry to have "A Moment" in front of you  but I bet I am not the only one who feels like this at this time of year?

 Sooo back to business, I have been promising a few tutorials this week, and I have taken photos but the projects were rushed and if I do a Tutorial I want it to be a Proper one, so please bear with me I will get it done.

 But now I have more lovely Stamps and Stencils from ClarityStamp ready for me to do samples for the next show in December - I have lots of ideas, so keep your fingers crossed for me that what is in my head becomes reflected in my Samples??? xxx
Not sure that toy actually  belonged to you did it  Max???? xxxx
So I have included a gallery of my DT samples from the last ClarityStamp show as I didn't show them all in my last Blog. 
Have a good day, what's left of it and I promise I will blooming well cheer up for my next Blog!!!
Carry on Crafting
Sam xxx


  1. Some wonderful samples here, Sam - you feel free to write whatever you like - it's your blog after all!! Hope your real tree is as fab as it sounds it's going to be! Take care xxx

    1. I couldn't agree more Janet!
      I've loved reading this post, its so how I feel around this time of year.
      I hope to be more in the groove for a Happy Christmas this year, I'm nearly ready for putting the tree up, but it will have to wait until after my birthday on the 5th :)
      Take care, both of you,
      Jackie, x

  2. Ah Sam reckon we all have a moment before Xmas when we think OH crumbs, why do we do it all. I used to get quite stressed when all the kids were young as I did all the catering for parents as well but I actually love Xmas. Especially now, we all get together, play silly games and eat too much. I miss parents though, Fred and I are now the older generation. Scary. Love your samples. xx

  3. sounds like you are missing a lot o loved ones Sam. take care xx

  4. I love all your Clarity Creations Sam, would love to see a demo of how you got there :-)
    I know what you mean Sam, my Dad died suddenly when we were all children, things were never the same again but we've always tried to make Christmas very special for our boys. It's lovely when children are young and still believe, mine are grown up now.... xx

    1. Oh no? that must have been very difficult to deal with. Its good that you keep the Xmas spirit. xx I partly think it IS a time to reflect really and then celebrate. xx Thank you for your lovely comments on my Samples too Julie. xx

  5. Hi Sam,
    What lovely samples you've made this month, I especially like the third and sixth ones, just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing the samples and your thoughts,
    Take care,
    Jackie, x


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