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Sunday, 2 November 2014

DT Samples for Clarity Stamp on C&C Oct 2014

Morning all. Just sat and watched yet another great show with Barbara Gray and Clarity Stamp.  I must admit I really enjoyed playing with this new set of Stamps and Stencils and could have done a lot more and will in the future.
So I will do a bit less chat today and just show you a Gallery of what I made for this show and a bit of how I made them.
I made this using my Journal Style / Techniques

I can't really do shading with Pro-markers etc anywhere near as well as most people. But I have always loved colouring in and I think there are many different forms of colouring in.  This is one of my forms of it.  See the Hair for instance, that was just yellow, this is where the Stencils are great because they give you full licence to NOT WORRY about drawing and to just play with a pre-drawn image, so my kind of colouring in is shading, and using pattern to be something in particular.  See butterfly below.
With this part here I used the Stencil to transfer the girl but used the colour to make her stand out by placing the stencil in the right place. Like with the Blue for the hair and face, it emphasises her and gives her a bit of personality (I think so anyway) and then my form of colouring in/ pattern work, again is to make the shape of the cape etc with the writing, and using a stamp over the hair to give it some shape.


This is my personal favourite, I am very proud of this one but un-fortunately it didn't get its 5 seconds of fame. Still I enjoyed making it and it will still be put to work. The background of this one is paint onto a wooden Tag by ower lovely MDF Man, thanks for bringing them to the Doncaster Dome - I wish I had bought more now!

When I did my Demoes at the Clarity Open Day at Catterick, Barbara sat in front of me while I did a demo - no pressure there then - I was shading over some grunge paste onto a flower, Barbara said it looked great but then showed me how to take it to the next level by scratching it back out again, and this is what I did here. So when I say about my own form of colouring in, this is one of them.  I applied what Barbara showed me with a Cutting Knife and what I used to do with my Pencil Shading pictures many moons ago and I think the two methods together really work over the Grunge  Paste. You have definitely set me off on one with this Barbara. xxx
This was very quick and easy.  I sprayed the background with inks and then put a very thin layer of Grunge Paste over through the Clarity Stamp Mask so that you could see where the Paste picks up the ink from underneath. I then just added a bit of shading with a Charcoal Pencil, and a bit of Archival Gold Ink for the edges.
Oh look has that dress got the pattern of the new "Sam's Eggs" Stencil on it???  It is made with a Gelli Print. I stamped onto the Tag with the new Dress Stamp and then I dressed it with a cut out image from the Gelli Print using the Dress Stencil as a guideline to draw around.
This is the full Tag - this was made with Alcohol Ink, Paint and a secret ingredient!!!!  Got to keep some things under your belt !!!! But I did use the new round sponges that you can now get at Clarity Stamp for the shading, they are brilliant.
This is one I DIDN'T SEND off but I do quite like it.  I just didn't think it was suitable as a DT card.  Hence the unfinished shoe at the bottom, it does actually line up, just not in this photo??  I might come back in and do something with this one at some point.  I discovered a new thing with my Gelli Plate with this one and played a little with the grunge paste, adding things into it so I will let you know how I get on with these methods at a later date, needs a little perfecting.

Boy Oh Boy did I put a lot of time and effort into this one but I really enjoyed making it.
ALL OF IT IS GRUNGE PASTE.  It is double layered, when you feel this it feels  very silky and a little like a tile - that secret ingredient again!!!  I said above to look at the girl below when I was talking about colouring in with pattern, well in this case that pattern is already done for me with the Butterfly Stamp from today's show.  See how it makes her look like she is standing with her Butt sticking out, I think kids look so cute when they stand like that.  I thought it gave shape to her coat too.  Again I scratched out her hair and shaded with Charcoal pencils and used the Clarity Stamp Dress stamp  on the older girl and umbrellas.  

The girls hair is done with scratching and charcoal - I am addicted to doing this now so will be doing a lot more.  Do you remember when Barbara did it with the Washing Line Stencil, it looked great didn't it.

 I am proud of this I will admit, I love how you can use a Stencil a bit of GP and give it some life by a few simple techniques. So back to COLOURING IN, there are lots of different forms of it.  Like I say I used to do a lot of pencil shading but its much easier with the Charcoal pencils which I had never heard of back then.

So I think it is safe to say that I really enjoyed playing with all the Girly Stamps and Stencils, I didn't even get started with the shoes yet??/ I just ran out of  time, but I love them just as much and will be playing with them today.
I will do a blog later in the week to show you the rest of my samples for this Show.

I hope you like my Gallery and I hope I have inspired you to try something different, I know I am inspired by the rest of  our Clarity Design Team and I would recommend that you nip along to their Blogs to check out their samples too.  You can also see the DT Samples on the Clarity Stamp Website too.
Have a nice day everyone and thank you for dropping by. I need to switch off for the rest of the day as I have a lot of crafting to catch up on.
All comments welcome
Luv Sam  xxx


  1. Fabarooney Mrs Crowe. Can't wait to ee you next week xx

  2. Wow I absolutely love your artwork Sam, so inspiring xx

  3. Great samples Sam, and thanks for letting us into your thinking process! (A bit of a dangerous place to be!!)

  4. Hello Sam, I love all your samples, love the images and the different effects for each of them.


  5. Great samples love the artwork. Jennifer xx

  6. I was using charcoal pencils from Derwent when I was about 10, Sam. I used them because I could not stand having all that messy charcoal all over my hands. Your samples are brilliant, but my favourite is that shocking pink one, which took me back to when I was a teenager (many moons ago) when I had a dress in that colour. xxx Maggie

  7. Hi Sam all your samples are gorgeous. I just love what you have created here. Hugs Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you I am glad you like them. I did really enjoy making this lot. I love these figure Stencils because I can't draw but love dressform - Oh did I already say that? I do get excited. xx

  8. Absolutely amazing samples. Great work x

  9. These are all fabulous Sam!! I don't think I can pick a favourite!!! They are all up there!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  10. brilliant Sam. looking forward to seeing you next week. i wonder what this secret ingredient is then? xx

  11. You have been busy. Great art work xx Jan


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