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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gelli Arts & Crafts Challenge

So just a quickie to keep you going !!? this is my next Gelli Arts @ Crafts Challenge to you from my Gelli Arts & Crafts Face Book Page

 to be decoupaged onto a wooden item,
glass jar
or to decorate some storage in your craft room.
we can do this together later if you like? 


2 Complimenrary Stencils
Pink - Purple & Midnight Blue
Claret Red - Mustard Yellow & Midnight Blue

To make Midnight Blue
just add a tiny bit of black paint to a deep purple. 
To make Deep Purple add Blue to Red
(I know you know, but there might be someone who doesn't) At the Doncaster Dome on Sunday I was talking to a lady who had never seen a stamp before, I explained how to transfer the image from
ink and she was really excited, I bet you next year I won't even have to say to her "Do You Want A Basket" she will have filled one before I get the chance - lovely to see such excitement. She is probably checking out Barbara Gray's Blog as I speak?  Talking of Barbara Gray's Blog - have you voted yet in the  I am really excited for Barbara because she has five nominations in there, please nip along and vote for her I think she really deserves to win, do you?
So back to it
Pattern/ Paint transfer. - see pictures. 

Put base paint thinly onto Gelli Plate

Using another Gelli Plate or paper plate/ craft mat?
put some midnight Blue on and flatten with Brayer but leave quite wet. 

Crease up a patterned Stencil and dab in the paint - if the paint is too thick on the Stencil Dab off a few times before taking to the  main Gelli Plate then Dab onto it, do this once or 10 times? That bit is up to you. 

Pattern Transfer ONTO Gelli Plate

Then do a bit more with a small pattern or bubble wrap, whatever you fancy.
 HINT Bubbles done in this way always look good, also with maybe a bit of the Mustard
or white look lovely?
OK, you can add white into the mix. 

Put your main Stencil down and place your card over the stencil
- just that bit, don't dab off the outer edges, Lift  your card off the edges with your spare fingers and rub out the centre.

Ta Da - Abstract Art! 

This is the deeper colours. 

Use 2 Stencils together?? 

We can do something with this later, together ?? 

So Gowan have a go at some patterned Abstract and then like I say
later on we will make something with it or you can do the whole thing
and then please post on my Gelli Arts & Crafts Page on FB  
Here are some more examples. 

 This Stencil is by Clarity Stamp and is called "Sam's Eggs" Thank you Clarity Stamp! x

This Stencil is by Clarity Stamp too and is called "Jo's Bubbles" Lucky escape there for both of us
 it could so easily have been Sam's boiled and Jo's Fried.... hey work it out for yourself.

Thank you for stopping by.
 I do appreciate any comments you leave
as long as they are full of love and praise??
OK just a HI would be enough.
 Now go and get Yer Gelli On!!!! xx
and I will get back to what I was really doing??
Sam xx


  1. Hi Sam,
    I'm loving your new stencil, a brilliant design and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it!
    Must have a go at this challenge.
    Jackie, x

    1. Brilliant I look forward to seeing what you make. xxx No pressure J am am chilling about deadlines and that! xx

  2. Great Gelli work Sam, love the colours and your course I love both the new Stencils...hugs...Jo. xxx

  3. great tips, thanks. love the one with the red, yellow and black. i'm not a pink girl at all. i think i worked that one out for myself.
    great stencils. i'm awaiting happy post hugs xx

  4. I really have to break open my Gelli Plate !!! I bought it a few months back when a shop was having a 40% sale and I'm sad to say, I haven't played with it yet ...... hmmmm!!! Love your designs and inspiration, thank you :-)

  5. great work ,I really enjoyed looking.x


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