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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Gelli Arts & Crafts Challenge

Hi there, this week I started up a Gelli Arts & Crafts Page on FB. I actually started this page last year but was saving it for something in particular, but this wasn't needed in the end so I decided I would just use it as a Gelli Plate Play Ground.  It started getting likes immediately 100 in the first day, then my friend Barbara Gray mentioned me and it (the Page) on her Blog and the hits just came in thick and fast.  Then the official Gelli Arts - Gel Printing Plate page came in and Liked my page and I got even more hits/likes.  So I think people are really wanting to talk Gelli Mono printing.  I have already been asked a few very good questions and I would like to encourage people to ask them on the page itself.  I know it is my page but there are a lot of very talented Gelli Printing people out there, so I am happy to give my opinion but it will be lovely to see the opinion of others too.  So it isn't a general chit chat page its for Art and what we can do with it, hence Gelli Arts & Crafts.
So thank you to everyone who has liked my page, I hope you will join in on my first Gelli Arts & Crafts Challenge - its quite simple but can be quite effective. I have done a little photo tutorial on my take on the challenge.
The Challenge is to make a Two Print, Split Picture ATC.  The Challenge starts from today and a new challenge will be posted next Friday - and every Friday after that if enough people want to carry on with it. xx
The Inspiration for the idea came from an ATC I did a few years ago, I can't find a picture of it right now, but this is a few other versions of the same idea I have done on Cards.  This first one isn't my favourite and it isn't a Gelli Print but it IS a version of this idea so I thought I would include it.
 So here is the idea with a gap for a poem rather than a different colour of the same image.  This was a Gelli Print through the ClarityStamp houses Stencil, then I chopped it up.  I wrote a poem typed it up on the computer and then filled a full A4 sheet with the poem which left plenty of scope to get my houses lined up and still be able to read the poem properly through them.

I also did this idea in my Gelli Arts & Crafts Workshop and Jayne Davies who is a regular and my friend played around with the idea even more and came up with this, I love it, do you? 
You could also just do an "out of cync" version of it - I am not sure this one works but if you had the right picture or large pattern it could. 
So this is a close up - it took me a while to get this lined up but I was pleased with it.
"Fill you house with pretty things
with Love and Happiness
It's not the House that makes it Home
But the Love that you invest.
So "The Challenge"
Make an ATC (ATC's have a standard measurement of 2½" by 3½") from two different coloured Gelli Plate background prints.
 for this one above I did a full cover yellow paint print off the Gelli Plate, mine is plane but you could put some pattern in it.  I then dragged some "Stream" Archival Ink across my Gelli Plate and dragged the Paint print across the Gelli plate randomly to get a mottled effect.

 Then I added a little white paint onto the Inked up Gelli Plate to lift what was left on the Gelli,
And here is the result - NOT VERY PRETTY EH??

But on this occasion it doesn't matter, I just wanted two backgrounds that would stand out against each other. 

Then I cut them down into several ATC size pieces of card.
so what I did for this Challenge was to stamp on a piece from each print in the same place - it can be a little tricky to get it just right, especially if you use words.

See mine went wrong, but would have looked good if I had it lined up properly.  Its the Wonky word that was A LITTLE TOO ADVENTUROUS!!!  you can just see it poking out at the back. 
 So back to the ClarityStamp Tree - I love this stamp, it comes as a Stencil too.
So you can see here that what I did next was to place the two stamped images together on my Trimmer and cut 1cm strips of them both at the same time - so that the break was in the same place.
 Then I glued them together on a piece of card - so you get two ATC's for the price of one - or about six actually if you fill a full A4 sheet
 Here they are individually.
 So what do you think, quite an easy Gelli Plate Challenge but this can be used on a card, a tag, a book cover - I could go on for ever!  The main thing is - lets use up our Gelli Prints instead of piling them up.

So thank you for dropping by.  If you would like to enter the challenge could you please add a comment below to say you have entered and then  post you picture of  it onto my Gelli Arts & Crafts Page and I will try to put them all in one album (I am a bit new to this Pages thing)  This is just for fun but I might surprise you and chuck in the odd prize, it would have to be randomly picked of course because we are not here to judge just to get them Gelli Plates mucky!! 


  1. I've created what I think fits the brief & am going to the Gelli page now to post my take on your challenge. Thanks Sam :-) Carole xxx

  2. Thought I'd posted a comment Sam so sorry if this reaches you twice - I've posted my effort on the Gelli FB page :-) Thank you for the challenge. Carole x

    1. Hey Carole two comments are better than none? xxx Thank you for joining in. xx

  3. Great idea Sam. Will have a go xx

  4. fab idea Sam. will try and join in but don't know if i'll make it all the time xx

    1. Thanks Theresa, I know weekly is a bit adventurous isn't it, but I thought that way people can just nip in and out when they have time. xx

  5. Done! Simple subtle bit love it! Thanks sam will message a piccie can't work out how to post it

    1. Thank you for joining in Jillybean, if you go to the Gelli Arts & Crafts page you can just post it onto the timeline there. Otherwise put it onto my Sam Crowe timeline and I will post it for you. xx


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