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Friday, 19 September 2014

Fussy & Fancy Challenge Blog

Hi there, welcome to my Blog.  A lot has gone on since my last post on here, but I think I will go into that in another Blog I have planned, Yes they are a bit like the Buses, No Blog Posts since Aug and then suddenly I have two or three to wright???

So this is what I started with - This is an Ink print that I did off my Gelli Plate - I could tell you more but then I would have to erase your memory as some of the techniques used on this project will be used in my Gelli / Mixed Media Class.
Sooo this one is about The Fussy and Fancy Challenge Blog - This is my last DT Piece for this Challenge Blog, unless of course they will allow me back at a later date.  I have really enjoyed being part of this Design Team, and the Challenge Blog.  I was first asked to join the DT by ower very own Sally Ann Haynes - I remember how excited I was when she asked me, I thought she must have got it wrong and meant to ask someone else. 
I then took the Clarity Stamp Leaf Stencil and blended through it over the Ink and Paint.
 I was on a DT at the time but I was still pinching myself.  I had very quickly gone from a sad crafty woman hanging around The Range in the hope of meeting a fellow crafter who might want a conversation about glue to suddenly being on a Design Team and then also being asked to join the F&F Challenge Blog. Boy that all seems so long ago now. 
and then I played and Blended some more.

and then I blended some more!!!
 You see in my days of Hanging around in the Range I had no idea that there were craft shows around the country, or that there were craft classes going on behind my back or that people were asked to go on Design Teams. At that time I was just following Blogs and writing my own Blogs, I only knew a few Blog posts and they were from American Ladies.

I have been mixing my Paints and Inks and patterns in different ways lately and I feel I am kind of finding a new style for me in my work, so this is really just a play piece rather than a card for a specific reason.
My Big dream then was to improve my craft to a professional standard, and maybe get a card in a Magazine on the readers page?  So as I said, I was very excited to be asked to join this DT.  I loved the freedom that this challenge gave me too, no rules just themes.  I could make a card, a box, a Tag whatever I wanted in whatever style I fancied, and boy did that get me experimenting!!!  I think I will just leave it there really and show you my Last Fussy & Fancy Challenge DT Card and I think I will give you a little gallery of some of my previous cards on this Challenge Blog - a bit of memory lane for me.

Here is my Red for the F&F Challenge. I made the spots through the Clarity Stamp Dot Stencil

I absolutely love these new Range sponges and handles.
An here we have it, the Full Card mounted onto buff card taken on a slightly wonky camera angle??.  I think it would make a great card for a teenager or as a Thank You or a Thinking of you card.  I can definitely see that my Clarity Stamp Stencil Work and my Journaling and my love of pattern, colour and mixed media are sending me off in a new direction again. I do love it when that happens.
 The reason I am leaving?  Just purely because I want to concentrate my creativity (ha hem) on my ClarityStamp DT Projects and ClarityStamp Challenge Projects, I want to give more time to making Frames and Cards for the Café just to keep my hand in really, not for the sales but with a view to pick up interest in what I make in the hope that one day I will find the courage to do some full day Mixed Media/Gelli Plate Workshops. I am also getting more and more interest in my current Mixed Media/Gelli Plate classes at Hobby Craft in 'Stockton and need to plan ahead with larger numbers for my projects.  I am really enjoying my Demonstrator work that I have been doing with Clarity Stamp. But one of the main reasons is that in between what I do now and looking after my Kids and doing the housework I want to sometimes have time to jus play and keep my hand in on with new ideas - yeh right don't we all eh?

So my little gallery of my F&F Challenge Cards over the years - its OK I am just showing a few of them, my computer is working too slow for me to put too many on???
All of the ClarityStamp products I used can be found here.

This was made from Do-Craft Fabric I did a tutorial on this one.

Bit of EARLY DAYS Mixed Media going on here, long time ago.

This is one of my absolute favourites of all my Tags - Mmmm someone won this off me? Was it Theresa or is this the one that got lost in the post on the way to India?

Does anyone recognise this bodice?

Guess what month this one was for?

Ooh look I forgot I did my Slip and Slide Tag for F&F - its a Gelli Print
Well what a mixed bunch this lot is?? This is a wooden Tag

And here is some really early stuff I made, what a trip down memory lane this is?
This was a music box I decided to make at about 1pm, 8 hours later it was complete.  It has a lid too but that picture won't download. I was very pleased with this one.
This was also one of my first Gelli Plate Projects.
 So I hope you will still continue to enjoy and join in with the Fussy & Fancy Challenges I want to thank Sally-Anne Hanes for inviting me onto the blog and Sheryl Cauble  for taking over and doing such a wonderful job after Sally.  Was great to work with such a lovely team of Ladies, both Team a and Team B. Jo Rice and Yvonne Froehlich are still flying the flag!


  1. Amazing artwork Sam, definitely add me and my friend Julie to your october gelli class please xx

    1. Brilliant Lisa, your are both on the list. It will be great to see you both there. xxx

  2. What a great journey Sam!! It was a pleasure to have you as part of the F&F team whilst I held the reigns but like you you have to give things up sometimes to move on. We're still part of a great team with Clarity and long may that continue xx

    1. Yes Definitely Saz, and I completely agree Clarity is a great team and Iook forward to all we will do together in the future. I am thankful that you added me to the F&F though, that is a great team too. xxx

  3. Beautiful cards. I love the items you create, wish I was as creative and also that I was closer so I could get to your classes. I too did not realise all these blogs and challenges were about until the beginning of this year,. I wish you well with everything you do in the future. xx

    1. Thank you Lynne. You will still see plenty of me, I will be hanging around with all the Clarity Crew so no-one gets rid of me that easily! xxx I have also set up my Gelli Arts & Crafts Page now so hopefully there will be lots on there for you - a few challenges just for fun, hints tips etc, a place for anyone interested in the Gelli Plate to share.

  4. Hi Sam, great Work as always and totally you.....I will miss you on the F&F team but totally understand the ' time' thing.....never enough hours in the is great to see and share in your crafty journey...
    Lucky for me I still get to create with you as part of the Clarity D.T. And Demonstration Team...( and roomie!!!)
    Take care mate and catch you soon.....hugs. Jo. X

  5. I am sad to see you leaving F'n'F challenge. love your latest creation. it is sooooo cool. it has so much depth and dimension even though it is flat! i think that was the tag i got. if not it is one very similar to that and i love it too. take care and see you soon xx

    1. Yes I thought it was the Tag I sent to you Theresa. Thanks for your lovely comments. The card you like for this F&F will be re-surfacing on my Gelli Arts and Crafts Page, I love the technique of this one. It all started with an inked Gelli Print. Then Dyan Reaveley taught me a little technique, which I won't give away till she is done with it, but that sent me off in a different direction with my Journal - so I thought I would bring a bit of it to cards. xxx


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