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Friday, 22 August 2014

Fussy & Fancy Friday Challenge

Hi there, today is the launch of the new Fussy & Fancy Friday Challenge and the theme is "Pets". Well I have been thinking about one pet in particular lately, not mine, one I met on Holiday in Cornwall.  It was a Cockatoo.. He had been born in captivity.  He was a beautiful white Bird who was very friendly.  If he wanted a stroke he would come right up to where you were standing and perch there, then turn his back to you, stick his neck out and put his claw up to his face.  As you tickled his neck on one side he would scratch his neck on the other.  I didn't want to leave him, I wanted to bring him home with me.  There was just something about him.  I whispered to him in a very low voice and he swung his head round and stared right into my eyes.  Honestly, he turned his head and with his one Red eye he looked right at me.
Here he is.
 Meet Toby the Cockatoo
He had a lovely big cage and was obviously very well looked after.  When I said goodbye to him, he jumped up on his perch and said "Hello"!  So I said, Goodbye, and he said Hello! Then he turned his head for one more stroke/tickle and wandered off to his central perch. Isn't he Gorgeous. 
Well my sister Pauline used to have one of these birds as a Pet.  She lives in California.  Her bird used to sit on her shoulder and walk about the house with her.  I was a bit nervous of it outside its cage, those beaks are very powerful.  He used to get a bit jealous and protective of our Pauline too.
Yes lovely Grin there Toby, I mean Matthew!??
See how the bird  has his beak through the bars, a form of contact I reckon he did it all the time.  
The thing  with these birds is that they can live up to 50 Years so sometimes they get passed around a little, and that makes me feel sad, when that bird looked right at me, well I can't explain what that was like.  You can see it in these pictures look how he is looking directly at the camera and at Matthew. But he would turn and get a closer look with one eye!  If he could say more than Hello, I wonder what he would say.
 I love this stamp it just looks cute whatever you do with it.
It makes a great Anniversary card, Faythers/Mothers day card, New Baby Card..   etc.
Well as you probably know I am on the ClarityStamp Design Team and at Clarity we love birds and have lots of lovely bird stamps (I am a secret Twitter)  Aha nearly got you Theresa Pace I knew it was twitcher!!!!! xxx So I think my card for this Fussy & Fancy Challenge is quite appropriate.  I have used a Clarity Stamp, some Grunge Paste and a Gelli Plate to make my card for this Challenge. Sorry there is no tutorial, in fact I haven't done one for a while.  I am just a very busy lady lately.  Yes I did say Lady.
So why don't you nip along and take a look at the lovely cards the rest of the Team B have made for this challenge, all very lovely, and then give it a go yourself. 
 What Pet do you have, or miss, or want?
Thank you for nipping by, all nice comments are welcome.
So its Goodbye from me and its Hello from him.
Toby. xx
Sam xx


  1. Hi Sam, I bet that poor bird couldn't get a word in!!!!! lol...sorry ....couldn't resist....gorgeous card and you are right the stamp is so useful and can be used for so many different occasions....
    Have a lovely family bank holiday weekend....hugs...Jo. xxxx ( from one lady to another...!!!!)

  2. thanks for the mention Sam! what people will think about me.......
    lovely grunginess and inkiness ( hope these words exist, lol) hugs xx

    1. If they have met you Theresa they will know how lovely you are, and for those who haven't met you She is lovely" Honest!! Xx

  3. Lovely Sam. I really like this stamp have used it quite a lot. Love your story about the cockatoo. I like birds but not too keen on them flying round me. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  4. Beatyfuul card. "Strong " designed and colored. Nice

    regards Katharina

  5. Great design, beautiful.
    greetings from Veerle


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