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Thursday, 14 August 2014

ClarityStamp All Day Special on C&C

Hi there, I have blogged my DT cards from the one day special held by Clarity Stamp on 14th, I am currently on holiday and have been getting internet on and off.  Boy even though it drives me crazy sometimes, I do miss it when I am sat with a cuppa and half an hour to spare, or when I want to see what my FB mates have been up to. I did blog the other day but I think that Google+ stole my post and hid it somewhere, or maybe it was Blogger. So back to my lovely lap top where I feel in control of everything and back to Clarity Stamp and Barbara Gray.
This was born from a Happy Accident - I will be honest, I think it is very me!
From what I have been able to catch on my phone app. Most of the Clarity Specials, or maybe all of them, were a sell out.  I am not surprised I think the personalised stamps are great, especially for people wanting to make their own business cards, you can make each one unique and show some crafting methods in the process which is what I was doing with the Tags in this MDF Door Hanger and the Tag Book I made. 
This one definitely was not a Happy Accident, it was all planned and lovingly put together.
I Enjoyed making this Tear Off Personal Stamp/Business Card Book.  I can think of lots of ways to improve it though and will have another go at a later date.  I do love making admin projects, I used to design PR leaflets in one of my jobs, I loved it and couldn't believe I was getting paid to do it. Proper professional ones too, for a very large company.  
Well obviously these aren't for a very large company though but I think they are perfectly acceptable for a small business or just to say that your crafty items are hand made.
This is another set of personalised Labels I made to go on the back of cards.  See even though you already have your personalised stamp it doesn't mean you can't make it look different each time by adding nice backgrounds or like in the top right corner adding more stamps to your label/business card.  After all if you are trying to sell yourself as an Artist you want your work to look arty don't you.  Or even just to show off a little when you make Xmas labets etc. Your stamps are already individual so just on their own they look lovely too.
Well today is the day that Clarity Stamp hold their one day special on Create and Craft TV. It's also the launch of the next stage in personalised stamps which I personally think are great. 

 Because  I am on Holiday, and having a great time by the way, I was struggling with Blogger a little the other day, so I think it only showed up on Google +  For those who have already seen my original Blog on my DT cards I have added a few more in especially for you.  Theresa Pace you can correct away because my computer is so slow at the moment I am making do, no amendments. Not sure I will get any links in either but you all know where to find all these lovely ClarityStamp products I think? Ah its OK, I got the link in.

I have only been able to see bits of the shows but the lovely Margaret Craner is making me a DVD of the shows, thank you Margaret I really appreciate it and might be ordering more in the future too!!!xxx

So this is one of my favourites, I struggle a little with scenes because I have not been practicing, but then I realised I could just use a scene off  my stamp set, Job Done?! Thank you Barbara. xx

So another successful show with Clarity Stamp, are you surprised, I'm not.  My next project when I get back off my Holidays, is to Set up my next Gelli Plate Class, Decide on my Products and design to start my Mixed Media classes - I have a great idea for some wall art, but most importantly to me and my highest priority to set up some new samples ready for the
 Clarity Open Days on 13th and 14th  September 2014.  I absolutely loved working at the open days at Crowborough and everyone who attended were buzzing about it, so its a real treat to be able to do it all again on my home turf at Catterick. You can find details about tickets for this event here!  AND WHAT IS EVEN MORE EXCITING is I have only just realised that the advert for it has a picture of ME on it!! How many times have I looked at that and I just realised this very minute???
So are you coming?  It will be great fun and all my team mates demonstrating have some great techniques to share with everyone even OWER BARBARA!! . xxx 


  1. Now I am jealous. I have not yet managed to get to the Eden Project. Did Heligan on two separate occasions, but that was pre-dogs. I might have to book a day trip on a coach from here one of the days. xx Maggie

  2. great work Sam. some quirky ones but clever. did you see that i made no corrections today? i wonder.... am i losing my touch? xx

  3. Now I am confused as I appear to have a comment already on this post, but I know I have not read it till now. Anyway, I love your creations Sam, and I will get that DVD done asap, providing others stop changing my plans. Is that book of business cards something you buy to "decorate" and create? xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Margaret, no its not for sale at the moment but it could be a "Class" maybe???When I upgrade the prototype it might become a seller? You did comment before Margaret but I had done the post through Blogger and Google+ on my phone and couldn't seem to share it properly on FB or anywhere else, so I re-vamped it and added some pictures from my lap top. Thanks you for your comment again. xxxx

  4. the window one is my fave and the little book of cards is a clever clever idea xx

  5. Some wonderful projects here Sam xx Glad you are having a lovely holiday xx

  6. Brilliant samples Sam, the show and Barbara were fab too....glad that you had a great holiday and really looking forward to working with you again at Catterick...hugs ...Jo. xxx


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