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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Clarity Stamp Challenge Sept 2014

Hello there its nice to visit my own Blog again, I never seem to get here these days, twice a month is about all I have been managing???  Mind I have just been on Holiday in the Caravan, and the kids are still off school - not much longer now though, boy will I miss them, will I? of course I will. After six weeks of them being off school the house will feel empty and quiet and tidy without them, six weeks!!! that's more than a month you know!! Luv you Kids. xxxx

Still enough about my quality, quiet time next week, lets get on with the Challenge.  I have picked this Gelli Plate print up nearly every other day and tried to decide what to do with it.  I loved it as it was, but you can't hang a frame on the wall with a frame in the middle, something had to be done to it.  I had a million and one ideas but non of them seemed right.  Then I decided that it would be good for this project because the print itself reminded me of lovely, colourful, grungy nature.  As the theme for our Clarity Stamp Challenge this month is Nature I thought it just fits the bill.
Soooo what stamps to use?  What style to do? Cut the frame, don't cut the frame..?  Well I think these pictures will show a little demonstration of my thought processes whilst making it.  I seem to have a good size work area hear, I must have just done a little arm sweep??? Normally I end up with just half that green board to work on because I like everything at hand.

Products used :
Leaf Stamp - I love this set, and use this one in particular a lot!!

The Print
The Starts of me Playing with my Stamps.
Trees - Nature, Sunshine - Nature, Miracle, Create - Nature
OK chopped it up a bit to make it look more like a card.  Cut Create from the edge panel, I will put that somewhere, at this stage not sure where yet?
How about making it the centrepiece??  Look at all the stamps - well you can't see them all, but had a few out trying to decide which say nature the most to me.
What about this Clarity Stamp, one of my favourites!
I could Stamp it, cut it out and do this to it?

and I could do all this to it too?
So that it ends up looking like this?

Or I could use the lovely Duck & Drake set, that says nature don't you think?
And then I could stamp my favourite plant stamp up in the right hand corner, just because Its so pretty and I love to colour it in, these Distress Markers work so well with Gelli Prints.
And then I could add this, did you spot it above. The Tag was made from the side panel I cut off. I do like to leave a bit extra Gelli Print at the side of my card for making matching Tags.

TA DA - MISSION COMPLETE.   I feel that although the card doesn't look like a full picture, I isn't a Scene as such, and it isn't a card for a specific  occasion, I think IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS and that's why I love Gelli Printing so much.  These stamps are perfect for the job I think especially the Word Strips they always look so lovely. The NDC Tree stamp is gorgeous too.  The New Design Club stamps and Stencils are always so lovely, we all get so excited about them.  Margaret Craner has a little competition going with them but I haven't had time to join in yet. I will soon Margaret I promise.

 So there you have it, I hope you like it, and I hope mine along with the cards from the rest of our lovely Design Team will inspire you to have a go and join in our Challenge.  The winner will receive a £50 Gift Voucher to spend at Clarity Stamps - this is still the most generous Blog prize I have ever seen.

A few little extra things I would like to tell you about - firstly it is FREE P&P ON THE CLARITY STAMP WEBSITE FOR THE WHOLE OF SEPTEMBER. !!!
Secondly, I would like to just remind you that the Catterick Open day is only a few weeks away now, on 13th and 14th September - so not long now but you still have time to buy your tickets for the Saturday or Sunday OR both??  Its a great opportunity to spend a day with Barbara and the rest of us Clarity Crew.
 I will be demonstrating again and am really excited about it,
 I enjoyed myself so much last time and it all went so quick, there was a real buzz in the air for both days. So I might see you there then eh??
Bye for now and thank you for stopping by, I do appreciate all nice comments left. 
Sam xxx


  1. Hi Sam,
    Enjoyed reading your blog and following your thought processes. Yes, your green Gelli background was delicious. Like your tip to make an extra border to use for tags or paper piecing. The finished design is fandabbydocious. Looking forward to seeing you & your demos at Catterick. Best wishes, Jeanette xx

  2. What a fab read, gorgeous gelli print and I love the end result, see you at Catterick xx

  3. Great card Sam. I do love all the colours you get in your gelli prints. x

  4. Great design Sam and good to see how it all came together...I think this Nature Challenge is going to be really popular and I look forward to seeing all the fantastic entries...
    Soon be Catterick.....not long now .....x

  5. Hi Sam....What a great blog entry!!! And a fabulous card for Nature! I do think the ducks fit the BILL perfectly!
    I am looking forward to seeing you at Catterick although I doubt we'll be able to laugh quite as much as last time we met up!!! We may get thrown out if we do! And my ribs wouldn't stand it!
    Lots of love! xx

  6. Wicked artwork Sammy! Fantastic stuff (as always). Can't wait to see you again up North! Xxx

  7. great tutorial Mrs. no ramblings today but all explanation. it finished too quick! - just kidding :) lovely process xx

  8. Love to see the way you've arrived at your completed project. Fabulous piece of work as always.
    Glad to see you've had such a great summer. Enjoy Catterick xxxx

  9. lovely card Sam and a great tutorial - looking forward to seeing you at Catterick and watch you work your magic xx

  10. Sam love this, the tutorial is great too, like looking inside your artistic proccess.


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