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Sunday, 1 June 2014

MY DT Cards for Clarity Stamp on C&C TV

I did a few samples for this set of Stencils and Stamps for Clarity Stamp on Create & Craft TV.  I was enjoying playing with everything  and mixing and matching the stencils and stamps.  I also did a lot of play with some new techniques - not major breakthrough techniques but just mixing it up a little with inks and paints etc.  Its best if I just briefly explain as I go along. I won't show all of the cards I did here today, I will maybe do another post later in the week.

This is a Paint Gelli Print with some grungy bits left on the Gelli Plate. I then stamped into the leaf with the Clarity Philigraphy Stamps that go with the Stencil after finger painting a white background to stamp onto. .

This is the top end of the Tag, I made this by using Grunge Paste through the Clarity Abstract Stencil

This is a close up of the Tag
Now this one I am quite proud of, the reason I am proud of it is because apart from the stamping it was all just done in one pull off the Gelli Plate in INK. Not bad is it?? Of course its the stencil print that makes it possible.

This is a variation of the card above but has been made using the Clarity Brushes through the Stencil, these brushes are great for shading. Hey check out my SKY, I am proud of that. Its funny because when Martyn showed this card I thought to myself that I had done one similar to it??? It wasn't till later I realised it was mine, too neat I think so I didn't recognise it. Ha ha.

This one I made by roughly putting Grunge Paste through the Abstract Stencil
I have to say, I do love these Stencils, I thought it was my Birthday when I opened
the envelope and found these inside.  I will come back to this one for a full tutorial
at a later date too.

I decided it was time to get my Brayer out for something Other than for paint on my Gelli Plate So I thought I would go for a bit of Modern Art?? And that didn't work out So I thought I would play and see what I cam  up with, well I do love to blend colours in a way that you can't see the join, its kind of my mission in life to find the perfect blend!! and because of this I always get a little carried away as I am brayering.  You know I start with a sky? and end with this?? The backing paper is just the scrap paper that was under my Coated Card as I was brayering, it just had to be used didn't it??!!!

Again this is another one that was an Ink Print off the Gelli Plate I was asked by a good friend if I used ink much on the Gelli Plate, I said that I didn't because anything I would want to do on there I could already do off the Clarity Mat.But then I thought about it a bit more and realised that I wasn't being very open minded.I love to play with paint on the Gelli Plate see but I decided to take a different approach to using ink on the Gelli Plate.  I have used it before and discovered my little "slip and slide" pattern thing with the stamps but then I hadn't taken it much further. So when I started to use inks on the Gelli Plate in the same way I would use paint I started to produce some quite exciting results.  So I will be playing a lot more .  This print above is a Shadow print of what I had left on my Gelli Plate.

 This card was made with an Ink Print off the Gelli Plate and then I stamped on top with the lovely Philigraphy Stamps

Inks work in a completely different way on the Gelli Plate and that means you can get completely different results using the same methods as you would with paint.  Again I will come back on this one later to show you what I mean.

So I do have more to show but I will leave it here for now.

I must say it was a great show again with lots of great techniques, Barbara Gray is such and inspiration and I am so happy to be part of the Design Team because I look at all the gorgeous work my team mates produce and I am amazed. xxx
 All of the stencils and Stamps from todays show can be found here !

Thank you for popping by, please do come again.
Sam xx 



  1. Outrageously gorgeous! I love them all Sam! xxx

  2. such an eclectic mix. all super and yes would never have said that the neat one was yours! oops only kidding. and it was Martyn yesterday not Nigel......... xx

  3. Hi Sam. Loved your samples especially the one with the new horse. Keep em coming! Hugs xx

  4. Lovely samples Sam. Love the texture on the tag & your one pull print with the ploughed fields is brilliant. Look forward to seeing more
    Jeanette xx


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