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Friday, 13 June 2014

I entered a Challenge, Sweet Lilac Flowers

Hi there, I was looking at a Post that Jo Rice did today, it was about the Challenge for the Sweet Lilac Flowers, I then saw a post where she had posted a lovely card with the Clarity Stamp Wooden Horse on it, and it suddenly struck me that non of us had felt the need to add a tail? You know the end bit with all the woolly hair?  Well obviously this horse didn't have one because all the Clarity Brushes had been made with it????
So I remembered that Jo had introduced me to these lovely leaves that Sweet Lilac Flowers sells and well, it was obvious, wasn't it? Of course the leaves would make a great tail.  I had a Gelli Print that I had been keeping aside for stamping on because it had a large white are, but there was just something about it that made me keep looking at it?  I bought a mini canvas yesterday and have been itching to get it mucky. So there the whole design was born? Design? idea? whatever???
So I will just show you in pictures what I did.

This is what I got out to start with, but I knew I would probably change my mind with some of this.  there is the full Gelli Print in the background. the Clarity Stamp (Wooden Horse) and the Sweet Lilac Flowers I did have the leaves out but at this point I was going to make the tail with flowers and a few laves underneath.
I tore up the Gelli Print and did Paper Piecing with it so that I could have the colour and pattern exactly where I wanted it.
So the next stage was to print the Horse onto the Gelli Print so that it would become a part of the Paper Piecing.
I worked it out so that there would be plenty of the lovely paint mix around the feet and white around the tail area, you wouldn't want lots of pattern around the tail and then go and put a load of folowers, laves there, because it would all just merge, nothing would be a feature - says she who hardly ever leaves white areas???

Personally I think this Stamp has been done so beautifully that you don't have to do anything to it if you don't want to, so that is why I haven't coloured it.  I was temped and sometimes I would, but not this time.

So can you see how the paper I have put on the Canvas has the best part of the print.  That is because it isn't going to be covered and needs to look lovely all on its own, which most Gelli Plate Prints do anyway?
I stamped it and then cut around it. The bottom bit was to go to the edge of the canvass, I wanted to cut around the shape of the horse a little so that it didn't just look like a full sheet stamped page.
There you go.  You have to put the Mod Podge or Glue & Seal or whatever you use, onto the Canvas, the back of the paper and then over the top and across all the edges.  Then everything looks smooth and embedded. Not here obviously??? But in a minute.
There you see, the join is hardly noticeable and won't be noticeable at all soon.
There you go! Now obviously you can get some brilliant effects if you use two or three different Gelli Prints at once to do this, but this canvass was all about the Horse and its Tail.
See the tail look lovely just as it is, but when you get the urge you have to go with it !!
So this just seemed obvious to me, I could have left it like this and just put a connecting flower, ribbon, swirly leaf stem across the join if I wanted, but I decided to build the tail up with the leaves. They are all look and can be lifted up and re-shaped.
Ignore the one to the left, I took that back off because it spoilt the balance of the canvas.
So can you see, I put all the glue on the stem end so that all the leaves can be moved around.
 I wanted the leaves to come off the canvas so I used another canvas to hold them in position while the glue at the stems dried.  Once it dried, I started again to add more leaves, cutting the stems shorter and shorter for each layer.
This kind of Horse would hold its tail high when standing like this wouldn't it
Then I added the Sweet Lilac Flower, its two together actually, to finish off and to hide the join.
We are nearly done!!!!
I felt like it needed something in the other corner to balance out the "overhang" of the Canvas. So I did this. Sometimes when you have old scraps hanging around your desk they give you the ideas, instead of searching around for something to put on you item.
And there you have it, the finished result.  Hope you like it.
I have entered this into the Sweet Lilac Flowers Blog Challenge
Hope you like my Picture Tutorial - I always say its a picture one then waffle on underneath too???
Please do drop by again, all nice comments are welcome, and I am looking for a target of 100 followers if you fancy it??
Luv Sam xxx


  1. Fabulous canvas, the horse contrasts really well with the colours of the background. I like the white space on the background too - sometimes less is better and I tend to like white space!

  2. I'm sure the horse would be very proud of her tail. Think she's going to a carnival in Rio or a Spanish fiesta. Thanks for the tutorial and tips on paper piecing, very helpful. Enjoy your day
    Jeanette xx

  3. Love your waffle, fab artwork x

  4. Nice one Sam.x Love that background.x

  5. This is fabulous Sam, thank you for joining us in our challenge over at Sweet Lilac.
    Linda xxx

  6. Stunning canvas Sam and a great use of the new leaves...this is perfect for our challenge....Thanks for joining us in our Anything goes Sweet Lilac Challenge and good luck.....hugs....x x

  7. fab artwork and tutorial Sam. actually i enjoy your waffle. thanks for joining us over at Sweet lilac challenge and good luck xx

  8. Hi Sam have just been reading through your blog, will read some more later. You're so funny! I'm desperate to do some canvases but not a clue where to start, your classes are too far away so I'm going to learn from your blog - keep up the good work :-) x

    1. Thank you Julie. It would be great if my Blog can help you. Would have been lovely to see you at my class, but as we are too far apart I would suggest that maybe you give this Canvas a go. It is just simply one possibly two Gelli Prints that match but have plenty of white background. You only need 1 print for a small canvas this one is about a 5" by " because I wanted the horse to be the main focus so any bigger wouldn't have looked the same. If you have any questions after following the above I will help you. You could use other Clarity Stamps too of course but they would need to be a decent size. xx


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