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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Clarity Stamp 2 Day - Open Day Crowborough

What a Blast, what a fantastic atmosphere and what a great idea it was in the first place. xxx

Hi there, I promised you a Blog about the Clarity Stamp open day and here it is.  I did write it a week ago, but in keeping with Sam Crowe tradition, I had problems with an App, a Computer and an Ipad, or in other words, I couldn't get Blogsy to upload the Blog post that I had spent a fair bit of time on???/ Soooo I have my Ipad in front of me with my Blog post on Blogsy and I have my Lap Top on my knee and I will do it the old fashioned way, I will Copy Type my blog and re-load my pictures!!!  See you in about two hours, or quicker if my Internet decides to behave itself.  I used to love technology you know, now it seems to be the bain of my existence!!!

Anyway back to happy thoughts the CLARITY STAMP 2 DAY, OPEN DAY - IN PICTURES!!!

So I packed my bags and I was ready to go....

My Private Jet was ready.....

Well wouldn't you know!

And it rained but in my Heart I had the Sun!!
(can you see where I am going with this?)
Yep I think I will ditch the Song Thing !!!!  Mmmmmmm maybe not????

Barbara waited patiently for Me...
and the Three Wise Monkeys sat under the Tree..

Just what was in store for me, I did not know!!!! But I was leaving on a Jet Plane don't know if I'll be shot again??? Back, I mean back again!!
Yep I think I will definitely ditch the song now??

Anyway, things got a lot more friendly once we got the Kettle Luv you Maria xx

and the Cavalry arrived!!

and the people had gathered.
 Even the Three Wise Monkeys were happy!!
 The Cat was happy
and there was even a cue of people to be groomed.
So we chilled, Hi Jan
 and chatted
 and chatted some more
and looked forward to what was to come!!

And Grace said in her acting voice
 "Hey you lot, this is the after party, re-wind and get some work done"!!!!!

So we worked, Hahem - can you class this as work??
and people praised the work and took it away!
 with permission of course, Hi there.
and Len helped in his usual way??
 Stop messing on Len and get some work done!!
and I helped too Ta Da!!!
 and we made some of it up as we went along..
didn't we girls?
and we had loads of fun, didn't we. xx
 You got to try it, at least once? 
and I played some more with my GP and Clarity Stamp Stencils and Stamps
Oh, and I asked if I could take this for a bit of a "Totty" photo for you Older Ladies out there!!!
and I took a "non-totty" photo too
I Luv you Jayne xxx
and I took Chloe's hair so I could mix the colour on my Gelli Plate! thanks Chloe xx
I wonder who this is??
I will file her under the "non-totty" pile!!
Dave was there Manning the Tills.!
Hi Dave x
Look Look I have my own SIGN!!!!
Think I was more excited about that than anything else?!!
Even Heather was excited for me!
A few impersonators turned up!!
We know you are not Barbara!!!!
and some people just didn't have a clue who they really are??? Eh Paul??
and some people will pretend they are anybody if it gets them in the Party!!
Can you believe I have my own sign?? 
Get off it Mandy Moo!!!
and some people just think they have to act stupid every time you take a photo???
they have been working at Clarity Towers far too long!!
and some people need to learn to keep their Married Life out of it!!!!
Yes of course Paul, that Clarity Pinny/Apron REALLY DOES make you look like a Model??!!
Look Look I have got my own Till !!
"Do I look like a Demonstrator like this Sam"??
 "Yes Maria maybe I should follow in your foot steps"??
"Do I look like a Demonstrator now Maria"??
"Do I"?

"Do I now Maria"?
"Are you still listening Maria"?
"Sam do I look like a Demonstrator if I lean forward like this!??
Oh look this is where it all started for me!
 sorting out my demoes
 I love this stencil and stamp

And there she is again!!!  The lovely Lady with the Brains, Ambition, and Sense of fun who brought the whole of the Two Day Open Day into fruition and to life.  We Love You Barbara! xxx
This Tag sums up the whole weekend for me Xxx
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.
No demonstrators were hurt in the making of this Blog xx
You can shop at and find out about future events here:- Clarity Stamp here.
Sam xxx


  1. Fantastic, wasn't it... Such a blast! Xxx love ya millions Sam Sam.. Love Mandy Moo! Xxx

  2. Bliddy fantastic Sam and a great insight of the team activities that some of us mere mortals were unable to see live xx

  3. Wow, wow, wow what a fab insight into a great few days. Count me in for the next Open Days xxxx

  4. Sooo entertaining Sam. Looks like you all had a blast! Thanks for sharing all these fab photos, what a brilliant bunch of people to work with x

  5. Hi Sam that was fab tactic really lovely fun story befor bed but feel so jealous missed out on so much fun wil deffo be there next time really really enjoyed that well done clapping loudly time clarity xx

  6. What a fab blog Sam, and a great to meet you as well. Ta da well done

  7. Great blog Sam, amusing and loving the photos all your demos are ace xxx So pleased you all had a great time and it was a huge success xxx

  8. Great blog post Sam with brilliant photos......all bringing back such fantastic memories....roll on the next one......hugs...x

  9. Fabulous read and great photographs. Love the art work and sure looks like fun was had by all.
    Linda xxx

  10. Thanks for taking so much time to share all the fab pics from the Open Days. Your commentary was so funny. I must try and make it next time. Xxx

  11. this is hilarious Sam. it made my day reading it. hugs xx

  12. You do make me laugh Sam
    Great day

  13. Absolutely brilliant! This is so funny and so many great photos too. Thanks for sharing. x

  14. Brilliant Sam. Thank you so much! We had a blast. So much so, we are doing it all again in September op norf!!

  15. Thanks Sam, you are a leg end ! It really was a great couple of days , and your input was invaluable.. Your artwork is pretty fantastic too. Brilliant Blog . In fact it's 'awesome' x

  16. You do make me laugh Sam. Great photos, great running commentry and great artwork. Love it........ Vxxx


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