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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Viva La Clarite'

So after many hours of playing around with my new stencils and stamps for Clarity Stamp DT work I found myself with a paint brush in my hand. I do like a good painting session, not water paints or picture painting but abstract, or through stencils or even a wall would do when the mood takes me? It's just like " Colouring In" but on a bigger scale. So next thing I know I have a Canvas I started in France in front of me and my glass paints are out, talk about getting distracted!!!!
So I thought I would share the progress of my canvas with you, and believe me it definitely IS IN WORKING PROGRESS!!! I don't believe it ? After all these years I have just discovered HOW TO PUT THE CAPS LOCK ON ON AN APPLE KEYPAD!!!!!!
Anyway - this is how far I got with my Canvas in France.
And the next two pictures show what I have done so far tonight.

So I ended up hand painting a few bits and bobs and just couldn't put my paint brush down, I have gone from inks to GP to artist specialist paint and finally found myself with some white spirit in a mug - glass paints on a plastic plate and my canvas that I started in France to remind me of our time there.

So this is very much in working progress but I thought I would share the different stages with you . Unfortunately I haven't got many pictures if it when I first stArted but I will share what I have now and in future because I know that I will be putting a lot more work into this before I am done.

And is meant to be in the style of these two practice pieces below.
Actually I have 2 Canvas on the go so I will share the working progress of both. Of course you might not be interested but I will still catalogue it for myself anyway. I am a little stuck on the top one now so I will step away EXCEPT I am just going to add some Clarity Stamping to it on tissue paper THEN I will step away.
This one I will do when all my little jobs are done.
On this Canvas I have been doing a lot of dry white brushing but I have a desperate urge to put more colour back into it so I will dry brush with some eerrrrrmmmm green??? Red? Glass paint??? It will come to me.

I can't actually do a tutorial because I just want to get engrossed in them and see what happens.

So there you have if, the canvas' so far. I know I will be doing a lot more to them yet but I will take my time. The Viva La Clarite Canvas is my real baby. Barbara was showing me this technique and she produced a gorgeous canvas with if, 2 in fact. It's the first time I have used glass paint in a long time, I never used to like them but these Pebeo paints are great to work with. On the Canvas with the Bird House I jumped out of bed one night to sketch it out because I couldn't get the layout out of my head. Unfortunately my head only went as far as this stage so I am hoping it comes to me in my dream again where I am supposed to go next with it. I won't rest until it looks like something I would proudly hang on the wall (or give to a friend) ?? Watch out my friends!!!!

So off to bed now I think I am suddenly really tired. I will come back to that tissue stamping later. Xx

Thank you for checking out my Blog

Sam xxx



  1. i love your ramblings Sam. you make me chuckle quite a bit and that is a skill. interesting journey with those canvasses xx

  2. I am going to re-read this tomorrow when I am more awake, but I am loving the various stages of your creations. xxx Maggie


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