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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Clarity In France Artwork

Hi there I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather. I certainly am. My painkillers have kicked in and my sore neck doesn't seem so bad at the moment!
This was done with Inks through the ClarityStamp Stencils and I used Clarity stamps for the flowers and did Abstract style painting over the top of them.
Can I just say a big welcome to my new followers and thank you for following. I thought I would just show a little of the art I did in France whilst chilling with the rest of the Clarity Team
 - and what a lovely bunch of people they all are, I am so lucky to be a part of it all.
Her dress is stamped with the last ClaritySyamp NDC Stamp and again I did abstract style drawing
 over the top of it.'
So I will keep it short and sweet as I am playing with my Gelli and some brand new Stencils and stamps for Barbara's next TV show - I learnt a lot from the rest of the Team in France and I will be using some of what I learnt in my crafting today - one thing in particular I learnt is that it's OK to work in small pieces of Art and it's OK to Hone it in a little. That's the theory of it, ow let's see if I can put it into practice. Maybe no on these little pieces of messy artwork though eh???
I was quite impressed with my Parting!! What do you think? I practice with my charcoal pens all the time and my white pens, and any I can get my hands on really?
You know I had almost forgotten that in my 20's I used to do a lot of pencil only shaded pictures I was quite good at it them so not sure how I forgot the art of it? I could only copy puctures though.  I once did a tiger's face - it took me about a month to complete and that was doing it every night after work, my friends couldn't believe I had done it, neither could I ???
 - That was before I discovered the Naffi Bar I think?
Anyway that seems a whole lifetime away - it was actually???
This is Glass Pant - Barbara was showing me a method of play that she had been shown. I need to perfect this because the results that Barbara was getting was absolutely Gorgeous!! You can see them on her Blog - definitely worth a look. Sorry I can't actually link I am on a new app and still learning? Aha!! It's just linked itself
 - oh I do like this Blogsy thanks for the shout out Jo Rice. X

I just love the depth you can get with this.
This is a joint effort with Sylvia Marshall.  I asked her for a topper so she gave me a Parchment Butterfly she had made? Sorry Sylvia I don't think I did it justice. Sylvia's Parchment pieces are stunning - I kept looking at  the feathers she had on her desk thinking how beautiful they were - I thought they were real until  the next day when she put them on a piece of her artwork. She had made them in Pachment!! Xx
This is one of 2 canvasses I started - still to be finished.

I must say thank you to Dee Paramour for the Dry Brushing advice, I wonder if she knew it would keep me quiet for a few hours? Mmmmmmm ???

Still got a long way to go on this one.
I won't show this one until it is finished. But I have some DT work to do first!
 So I didn't just sit and drink tea all day ? Just a big part of it?? Xx
Off to a Bar B Que Be Soon at my Sisters house. Have a lovely day everyone. Thank you to every one who drops by here and for any comments you leave. X
I will leave you with my favourite. xx


  1. fantastic artwork, I especially love the big hair x

  2. Fabulous artwork Sam. So pleased you had such a great time in France. Thanks for sharing. You've prompted me to reflect back in all the different crafts that I've dabnled in iver the years. It's funny how we can spend so long on something, perfecting our skills and then drop it when we enter another stage in our lives. Enjoy the sun while it lasts. Jeanette xx

  3. Apologies for the zany spelling!!

  4. some gorgeous art work going on here. looking forward to your next makes xx

  5. Great collection of Art work Sam and it was a pleasure to see some of them come to life Infront of crafters we learn so much from each other and it was such a treat to learn from such talented crafters in France. Hope you had a great BBQ....hugs...Jo. Xxx

  6. I am still looking at these pieces of art, finding new things each time. they are stunning, Sam, and well worth framing for your gallery. I think the butterfly looks perfect on that background.. Are we going to see some of your pencil work in the near future? xx Maggie

  7. Oh Sam! So very beautiful... scary at times, but very beautiful xxx


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