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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bon Voyage xx

So here we are packing to go to France with Barbara and the Design Team and Dave!  I have no words to describe how excited I am. I have no real pre-conceptions of the trip because with this little lot who knows what will happen?  I will be keeping a little secret book of events with my "stix" characters.  Did I tell you about these little characters??  NO??? well you would never guess it but I actually can not draw!! So if I want to show an idea all I can do is Match Stick People.  A few years ago I used to dress these people or "theme" them so a better understanding would be had of the drawing - Hahem???

Anyway I was trying to design some Tags etc and was drawing my Match Stick people (I can't even draw them in proportion!) then I remembered I used to dress them.  So coming home from the Lake District a few weeks ago, where I had bought a new black pad and white pens from the Derwent Pencil Factory I played around with a few characters, and it came about that I decided to call them my "Stix" people.  Double meaning, Stick people, and Stix - being the start of a sentence. i.e. stix ike glue, stix together, stix by her etc etc.
And there a whole storybook was born, I will draw them all in this book and I will record events - especially funny events that happen, and I will record our trip to France!! So just a bit of silly fun, I hope you will bear with me.  (I secretly think that Barbara will be snapping my hand off to make these into stamps)!!!!! do you??  I can't wait till I get Jo Rice to pose so I can get a picture of those Tassles once and for all, and Lynne Hammond, Mmmmmm ??? will have to do a bit of masking off for her won't I?? Where should I put that hand?

Right I can't sit around here all day playing silly buggers I must get myself all sorted for tomorrow,  See you bright and early Lynne!! xx Have a good week everyone.  I will leave you with a Blog of Today's TV's samples for Clarity Stamp before I go.  Don't forget to check out the New Claity Stencil Club and the Gold Club too. xxx
Have a good week everyone.
Bon Voyage!!!


  1. You crack me up Sam. Can't wait to see myself in stick form. See you tomorrow. x

  2. Love your Stix people Sam, like I said before, they would make great toppers for kids cards. I hope you, the lovely Barbara and all the Design Team have the most FANTASTIX TIME, can't wait to see what appears in your little secret book, crafty hugs, Karen xxx

  3. I hope you are going to post all these as you go to keep the rest of us happy. They are great and so like what I have learned about you so far. I know you will all have a wonderful time, but I do wonder if France is ready for all of you together .......... Have fun! xx Maggie

  4. Loving your stix people & I'm looking forward to seeing what you all get up to in France. Think you're all going to have an amazing & hilarious time. Bon voyage! X

  5. Hope you all have an amazing time xx

  6. Your 'Stix' people look fab, Sam can't wait to see them! Not sure I like the sound of the secret diary though!!
    I am looking forward to seeing you again xx

  7. have a fab time Sam and behave. just joking. looking forward to your next blog xx

  8. Have a lovely time. These Stix people are brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the secret diary!

  9. Have a lovely time in France Sam. I CAN see them as stamps. Keep us updated xxx


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