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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Few Selfies from France

Well the Clarity Team have landed back in England and a few of us are still feeling a little tired out! Not sure why except maybe the traveling? It was a long Journey - I think I was the furthest away? But boy was it worth it. When I saw Barbara's pictures from her holiday I thought how lovely it would be to go to such an idyllic place, then she blew my socks off when she offered to take all her DT there. blew my socks off? I think that's one of your sayings isn't it Barbara??? it's such a beautiful place.
 Me & Barbara
Me and OilyCart
Me Anne & Mel
Me & Anne
Me & Paul
Kirsty Oopppps Kelly off the Telly! Xxx
Sally-Ann Me and Mandy

Maria Me and Dave
I took this To get Maria Simms back for the Butt Shot she took of me? But it didn't work because I think her bottom looks lovely in this????
Me Jo - Jayne & Lynne
This was taken with me outside and the girls inside - not bad eh?
Me - Kirsty - Jules - Janet - Lynne 
Me & Sylvia - The Bullet!

How did you two escape a Selfie Linda and Dee???
Look where we were ! Isn't it gorgeous. Xx
Hey all you budding photographers -
 Eat your heart out at this one!!!!!
We all left a little piece of Clarity art for the Owners.
I hope no-one minds me showing this one. Xx
This was mine and this is my first time doing my Blog on my new Blogsy app which is why I don't know how to turn the picture round???So back home now and been cleaning Baby Spiders off my front door half the day-outside and In !!! Yuk! But I was good I didn't kill them!
So Barbara And Dave a massive thank you for a wonderful week in France and to all the Clarity Team for being so lovely and such a good laugh. Thank you too Lynne Hammond for doing all the driving I really appreciate it. Xxx
Now I have two kids to cuddle, an old Dog who needs lots of attention, tiles to pick for my new En-Suite and lots of little crafty projects to do! So see you later!! Xx
Sam x


  1. Great photos, Sam. Glad you all had such a wonderful time. xx Maggie

  2. stunning location and selfies are cool Sam xx

  3. Brilliant selfies, Sam a fab reminder of a wonderful week x

  4. What a lovely album of memories! So pleased you all had such a good time but it's lovely to have you all back xxxx

  5. Fantastic photos Sam - thank you for sharing - what lovely memories for you all and such a beautiful place xxx

  6. Looks like you all had a lovely time and great photographs too.
    Linda xxx

  7. Great photos Sam and a brilliant post about our trip. So glad that you got Blogsy and that you like it. Have a good weekend . Hugs....Jo. X

  8. Fab pictures Sam, what a beautiful setting xx

  9. Fab pics Sam, they are fab and so glad you had a brill time x

  10. I really enjoyed looking at your fab piccies and your card is gorgeous! xx

  11. Brilliant pics and what a gorgeous place. What a lovely gift you left too. Xxx


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