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Saturday, 4 January 2014

My DT Samples for Clarity Stamp on Create & Craft 5th Jan 2014

Well here we are into another Year.  Barbara Gray's first TV appearance for 2014 and boy did we get some great Stamps and Stencils  to play with for this Show. Well actually I always love what we get to play with!! Now my Gelli Plate has been a little poorly, and I just couldn't seem to get my best out of it, so I turned to inks and mediums whilst I thought about my little dilemma?

I knew that I had been poorly, all the way through December past Christmas and into New year, and just the other day I went to have a days shopping, as soon as I got there I had a little "dip" fell into a seat in M&S Café and waited for some food to bring me back round, and waited and waited, I had even finished my coffee, I never finish my coffee before I eat it normally takes me ages to cool it down.  They apologised and said I should have been told there was a 15 minute waiting time, I am  sure it was longer than that. I am not bothered I said I just need some food nowish!!!! Bless they offered me a coffee whilst I was waiting, nope I just need my Cheesy Mushroom Toastie please. 

So of course by then I was too wacked out to be bothered to do any shopping, plus my eye was watering from the draft from the ceiling in the seat I had been sat in for about an hour waiting for my toastie, then of course as I had my 4" high heeled boots on because my favourite boots had a broken zip my old war wound started to play up (I have a hairline crack in my middle right toe where an umpire stand was dropped on it during a game of volleyball whilst serving in the Air Force, it took six of us to carry this umpire stand!!) I think that classes as an old war wound don't you?  So anyway any pressure on this crack and it starts to swell and gets really painful.  So I decided to look for a new pair of boots so that I could get from Next to M&S to do my food shopping and then to my car to just get home!!!!  I couldn't find any boots suitable though  (to me boots are for life not just for winter so the leather has to be right, the colour has to be perfect and they have to be sturdy to walk the dog in but feminine too!!) So of course that makes it quite a difficult task! But I did find some very fury looking very comfortable ugh looking boot slippers.  I asked the girl if I could keep them on, she said no she is not sending me out of their shop looking like that!!!  I finished that game of volleyball by the way before I took my shoe off and realised maybe I shouldn't have??

So anyway I was wondering why my Gelli Plate was poorly too?

Then I looked around my craft room and lots of memories of my poor neglected Gelli Plate's came flooding back to me. There was the time I left them both out on the desk top to the harsh elements of the craft room air for a week when I went on holiday, the times I had found them under heaps of crafty card and other sharpish instruments. The times I left them covered in thick paint dregs for days and days at a time, and then even when I did put them in the original case there was the tarnished, paint and muck covered acetate waiting to grab the plate either side!  Even the baby oil didn't work on this occasion, I just couldn't get the paint print to leave the Gelli Plate.
So I sent them off to the Spa.  There they received a really deep cleanse and so did the acetate sheets from the original packaging.  Then they went for the double Olive oil treatment, and then left to soak a little in the oil overnight and kept clean and warm in their packaging.  And now my Gelli plates are back!!!  So please treat your Gelli Plate according to the instructions on the package.

So DT samples, well I can't show you yet can I!!!  Maybe a tinsy winsy sneak peak!
So I will post again later today when Barbara has been on Create and Craft TV. Its an early start at 9-11 so I will see you on FB for the live chat. Barbara will be back on in the afternoon at 2pm
Bye for now
Carry On Crafting


  1. You r poor gelli plate ! I.m glad to hear you got it well again. Looking forward to later this morning - set to record in case I sleep in a bit after still being awake at this time! Bit of a tease your blog is!

  2. Great read Sam...glad that you and your Gelli are feeling better...
    Brill Sneak peek by the way....hugs...Jo. X

  3. Nice sample's Sam xxx Hope YOU are feeling better if you looked after you a bit better!!! never mind the gelli's!!!


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