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Monday, 25 November 2013

Slippery Suckers Gelli Tutorial!!!

Hi there, firstly can I say A BIG WELCOME TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS xxx thank you very much. I think if I ever get to 100 followers I will make a little something to give away. And again at 200 and 300 - hey you have to have a dream don't you?  For now though I am very happy that I am being followed at all otherwise I would just be talking to myself. While I am here can I just say thanks to Gelli Arts-Gel Printing for posting my Blog Entry on their FB Page.

So I promised a Photo Tutorial on my Gelli Slide Tag and here it is, I hope it inspires you to get playing with your Gelli, or treat yourself to one they are so much fun! I have other cards on the Clarity Stamp Website too which I hope will show you a way to turn prints into cards, it is under Projects. You can also see Barbara's Gelli prints in the Gelli Gallery.

So here it is at last The "Gelli Slide" in action!  Long Awaited! (I had a bad cold) Over Stated!! Maybe? but its HERE!!!
Items used : - Adirondack Stream & Red Pepper Ink
Clarity Remontable Shapes 
Gelli Plate
 I used one of my "Tag Your It" Tag Cards, but you can use a normal tag or card.

So on your Gelli Plate drag the stream Adirondak ink pad across from one side to the other
keep going until you have mostly blue ink but do remember to leave areas where you would like the red to be.  You can get an idea of this by the picture of my Tag. I would specifically put it on two or three corners, depending what size Gelli plate and what size tag you use.
You can brayer to smooth out the lines but this will also take some of the ink back off, so if you want deep colours don't bother to do this.
 So tap the Red Pepper ink pad onto the Gelli plate.  You will get a temporary contamination of the inks, but you can tap this off onto your Splodge Mat or copy paper

Like This

And this.

This is all the red you need. I  used the 8"by10 Gelli Plate and a large Tag.
If you have the small Gelli and a large Tag you just need to leave space to "Double Dip" your Tag to fill the spaces.  
With a Rubber Comb or something similar, a Stencil brush would do it.  Gently drag through the red onto the Blue, across and down and across and down again Remember we are not looking to blend the colours just to drag them into each other. When you go across you get the checkered effect, but you want to finish on a downward stoke to get the dragged look. Don't overdo this or you will lose the whole effect, of course this is a Gelli Plate so it would be no hassle to just start again!
This is what we are looking for.
So with the Clarity Shape stamp or something similar slip your stamp across the Gelli Plate. Don't let one side of the stamp meet the other or you won't get the hole in the middle which adds to the 3D'ish look. But other than that do what you want! Up, Down, Sideways.
You can do the Slip without ink on your stamp or with Ranger Archival Black - both ways look good and both give different effects.
You can see on this one that I DID add the ink to the stamp. I went as far as I possibly could with my "Slide" too.
So this is what the Gelli Plate looked like!! Don't forget if you want most the pattern on the left of your card put
most of the pattern on the Right of the Gelli and Visa-Versa!
This is the "Slide" without the Ink on the Stamp and with less of a Slide.
This is the Long Slide on the Tag with the Ink on the Stamp, the picture next to it shows what great effects you can get with the drag onto clear areas too.
So this is the Gelli View again with the results of the Dragging and the Long Slide which I did used for my Tag.
 You can get  hundreds of different effects with this if you think of all the different colour combinations you can use, and patterns with the comb and Stencils and Stamps.  
this is the long slide with the Black Archival ink added to the stamp
this is why you get the long grey streak which makes it look really deep.
So here it is the FINISHED TAG straight off the Gelli Plate and
before I did any stamping on top of it. The dark area is where I double dipped it because I like the look of a particular part of the Gelli Pattern.
You wouldn't think that is what you would get from this would you?
I don't think this will work with just any old stamp,  you need a good quality Stamp like the Clarity Stamps because they are firm and have plenty of depth for it to push the ink aside. Also you need A stamp with quite a wide pattern break.
You can see here on this practise piece that I added the Clarity Rose Stamp in the background
I just moved it slightly to get a good width of white in the background, But believe me
when you give this one a good drag with lots of reds and yellows on the Gelli Plate it will look great.
and Finally I know you have probably seen it by now but this is the completed tag with the extra stamping on, it didn't need much and this clarity curved pattern stamp was ideal.

I then added some Text  - some deep some pale, the worse your stamping
techniques on this bit the better, you want it to look all faded and rough at the edges.
I also used blue rather than black so it would blend with the background. The curved pattern
stamp was stamped in the Red Pepper too, but I did that one with full colour, and to give a sense
 of direction and movement across the Tag. Then of course you can embellish it with anything you fancy.

I HOPE you like it, I HOPE you understand my tutorial and I HOPE you  give it a go.
 I have one more HOPE left for now
Please remember when I get to 100 followers someone will receive one of my Tags!!
 Unless the person I pick doesn't want one that is, then I will promise NOT to send you
one of my Tags!!!!
Bye for now and Carry On Crafting.
Sam xxx


  1. Fab tutorial Sam x love your tag and the colours are beautiful xxx

  2. Brilliant tutorial Sam and brilliant discovery with sliding the stamps.
    YES I'm going to give it a go!!!!

  3. Wonderful blog Sam, great tips. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. thanks for step by step sam. will give it a go xx

  5. I feel a gelli session is in order, thanks for the tutorial xx

  6. Brilliant Sam, love the technique will give it a go
    Love the colours and the finished effect


    Jools x

    1. I would love to see what you come up with Jools, copy me in on it if you post please.

  7. Brill Sam - great idea smashing tut xx

  8. Clever! Thanks for another gelli idea.

  9. That does look like a fun technique, Sam. I love the effect on the diamonds. x

  10. Replies
    1. Oh great I would love to see the result. You could always slip it on my FB Timeline. Xx

  11. Beautiful effects, Sam, and I will definitely have a go at that technique, but not till next week. I have DT commitments to deal with first, which, this month, will be using the brayer and all the things needed to create a scene with the minimum number of stamps and equipment. This is to prove that you don't need a huge stash to create real scenes (even if most of us have that huge stash). xx Maggie


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