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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Technique - Gelli & Ink

So if someone said to me what is your Art mostly about (why does it feel so embarrassing calling your own work Art???) well other people do so I will, with Barbara I noticed I went from "the Gelli Queen" to the Gelli Lady
 and then at the NEC to "the Arty Farty one"!!! Thanks Luv! xxx
 So I will start again:-

If someone said to me what is your Arty Farty Stuff mostly about and what floats your boat? I would probably say, well I would ALWAYS say Colour first - what floats my boat - Pattern. I started to play the other day with the intention of taking Inks to another level on the Gelli Plate.  Well I am not saying I have done that, but I do think that I have found another way to play with them on the Gelli?.

This is a second print and makes a perfect backing paper
because even though it is full of pattern it is really subtle in
 the depth of colour
So the Gelli Plate is non-porous which makes the ink on a Gelli Plate Slippery. So I thought lets go for a little slide!!!  So after hours of fun, lots of colour mixes tried out, a stack of useable double sided prints and one finished article I feel well and truly satisfied!!!
Wow I enjoyed that and could have gone on and on. 

So here it is "the Slide"
Or should I call it the Gelli Wobble?
Don't you think that's great?  I literally slid the stamp across the INK!!!
 This time I forced myself not to go off on a tangent. I wanted to see how many effects I could get with the slip/Slide/ Gelli Wobble?  with one  stamp  before I tried any others.  If you don't do this you don't get a proper progression of the effects you are seeking and cold miss something!  Now I have got this Stamp as far as I thought I could take it for now so I will try other stamps.

This is the "Slide" just using one colour.
   See I do actually do work/play/Study?/work/play?? whatever?! 
 Well I did quickly try this technique with one other stamp right at the end,
you can check it out in my Tutorial Blog due in a few days.

The "Slide" with one colour base and flicks of
Red added for interest before I slid the stamp.
So now I have teased you with all of this I am afraid I will have to say that I am not going to show you the prints with my BEST results because some of them are good enough to be used for some
up-coming  DT work - well I think so anyway I may be wrong???

This one was slipping and sliding all over. just wanted to
see it with a checkered background pattern and see what
the colours would do together.
So can this be done with paint too, Oh absolutely, I would add Gel Medium to the paint though. 
A second print again which gives a good backing paper
because it is subtle in the depth of colour.
If you do these on Paper they are great for De-Coupatch.
Well I know I am really excited about these backing papers, and my new Technique and I have a lot more to show you yet, but I am not sure if anyone else will be as excited.  Like I say its whatever floats your boat? I think my final Photo - the Tag shows you a good way of putting these backgrounds to use. I can honestly say this took me all of 3/4 minutes. All done with the
 one of my "Tag Your It" Cards
 Clarity Stamps - Letterbox Shapes
 Clarity Stamps - Patterns
Clarity Stamp   - Sentiment

 and that is it?  For me this is the breakthrough bit. Some people, including me have built up a catalogue of techniques, using mediums, dry brushing, crackling, gels, pasts etc all slapped on, taken back, rubbed in, sanded down on a tag or wooden arty piece to build up deep backgrounds with lots of interest. Some people feel they can't or just don't want to do these backgrounds because they haven't got the time, or the experience or the inclination?  Well I feel that this Tag which was done in about 3 or 4 minutes  gives the same/similar effect good enough to be used for when you want a quick interesting background.
Or is it just me??

  The Tag on the left took me about 2 hours.
 The Tag on the Right is the tag I will be doing my Photo Tutorial on which only took about 4 minutes. 
So lets see what you think?  I hope you like it, and I hope you will give it a go when I put up my Tutorial, hopefully tomorrow or the day after, as I have caught my Daughter's cold and am rather busy this week too. 
So by the end of the week?
Thank you for checking in, please leave a comment before you go?
Carry On Cradting
Luv Sam x
I would just like to thank you all for your lovely  Comments on my last Blog , I was "having a moment" and it was lovely to see that you were all OK with that,  and you all left lovely comments, I really appreciate it. xxx


  1. fabby technique Sam - oh how I wish I could have a lesson with you on the gelli plate. looking forward to the tut. I saw this on my phone on fb last night so came on lappy so I could see properly. however I have you on my reading list but this post didn;t come up ? the last post was the one with the bench so I am confused - mind it doesn't take a lot lol xx

    1. Hi Linda, I fear I might be partly responsible for your confusion?? Every now and again I try to put my Blog on the timer so that I can Blog ahead of time. It never seems to happen I always end up going back and posting manually? I think last night I had set up the links so you might have seen them, but it hadn't actually posted. Sam as my timeline it keeps putting things on private as a default? We will get there in the end won't we? xx Thanks you for all the lovely comments you give me Linda I really appreciate them. x

  2. Brilliant post Sam and such a good read, I love your ideas and your enthusiasm....
    Mostly I love the thought of a Gelli slide.....and what fantastic results...must find time to have a play....hope your cold gets better soon...hugs...Jo. X

  3. I love your Arty Fartiness! and admire your Gelli Plate art immensely you really have got the most wonderful Ideas ....and the results you achieve are pretty amazing.
    Yes you are our Gelli Plate Queen when I want a bit of inspiration or confidence yours is the blog I turn to.
    Fantastic Sam. XXX Wish you better XXX

  4. Great enthusiastic blog Sam, another new idea, just great. Love the tag.

  5. The Gelli Plate is fairly new here and as yet I haven't seen anyone use it, so I am quite fascinated by your samples and your finished tags. I look forward to more inspirational samples! Helen

  6. I love the effects you have got with this technique and am going to have to find some time to try it,

    1. Definitely Julie, but not this saturday lol. fab technique Sam, can't wait to slip and slide :-)

  7. i love your enthusiasm when you discover something new. you see i had realized that stamps slid on gelli plate but never thought of using it as a technique! and that my frien is why you are the gelli queen and maybe i could be an apprentice? wishing you well and crafty hugs xx

  8. Love these two tags you've made with your background prints, fabulous!! I'm following your blog now! :) xx

    1. Thank you Wendy for your lovely comment and the follow! x looking at your work I can see why you would love the Gelli Plate Prints - I love your Clarity Tiger print shoe!

  9. Great technique Sam. It looks 3D. x


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