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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

NEC The Aftermath!

OK I have been doing a few long FB posts since I got back from the NEC avoiding my Blog a little bit, why, because I just wanted to craft!!  Since I have been on the Clarity Design Team (yes I still pinch myself sometimes when I say that) I like to stay focused and true to the Clarity Products.  So I have plenty of lovely stamps to play with and all the Stencils I need, until a new one is brought out that is. So every purchase that I make these days is all about techniques. So much work goes into the Clarity Products as shown in Barbara Gray's Blog yesterday and today, WOW I thought I was reading a book I was so engrossed in it. I would definitely recommend you nip over there and take a look. If nothing else this will show you why Clarity Stamp Products are so professionally made.


So what about little old me then, I did promise the full on gossip about the NEC when I got back - But that will have to wait, sorry, because I also promised a few people a couple of weeks ago that I would do a little picture tutorial using Inks and the Gelli Plate.  I am quite glad that I didn't do the tutorial at the time because now I have moved it a little closer to where I want to end up with it.


Now I have just deleted a whole paragraph telling you about colour and porous and non-porous serfices and how many ways you can make Brown etc, but I thought I would save that very exciting conversation for when I have


 So if I am not going to tell you about Secondary and Tertiary Colours and I am not going tell you about us nearly being thrown off the Train Station because one of us was SMOKING, and I won't be telling you about the time we were offered a lift but had to play Hide and Seek to get it, hey Amanda Branston? or about the meet up for coffee on the wrong Train Station incident with Jo Rice , that was a bit like the I will drop you at Scotch Corner Incident with Maria Simms! or the "FLASHING" incident with Yvonne Froehlich (thank goodness I had my eyes closed -- she was very close)  Or the woman diving at me in the middle of the night incident -- again Yvonne Froehlich = what am I going to tell you about??? Well not a lot because I have tears streaming down my face whilst laughing hysterically!!  And they all thought my door opening whilst on the toilet on the Train Incident a few years ago was funny, that was nothing compared to this little lot. !!! So one day I will tell you about all of it. But as Paelo  Nutini would sing "Not today no nooo"

I will tell you one thing though, Barbara Gray and Dave and their Band of Workers are all absolutely lovely and it was great to get chance to have a meal with them. Me and Jo became quite the little waitresses at the NEC, you see when you work on a Stand like Clarity you don't really get chance to go and cue up for a lovely hot cup of tea or coffee so we took the task on.  So, by the way most of the people on the stands were trying to grab at the coffee or calling out their orders because they couldn't get away either, we decided there is quite a lucrative business to be had there.  So next year me and Jo are going to set up a waitress business at the NEC attached to the nearest Coffee Bar with lots of commission and tips hopefully!!!
Second Print
This is the Second Print

This is the 1st Print
I am not really showing you a finished card here, just how I played with
the Gelli Plate on the card that over 63 of your liked and commented on
thank you. x
So next time I will talk about the science of "Paint Gelli Prints" as opposed to "Ink Gelli Prints" - sounds intelligent doesn't it??  Well basically I mean what they will stick to, and what they won't stick to it?!!! Like Wood that is treated, or undercoated, what paint you would have to undercoat with for the Ink to stick to it,  Oh I could go on and on and on!!!! Wow another one I bet you can't wait to read!!!! I always give you Eye Candy with it though!  So I am off, hope you understand the Photo Demo, not a lot of verbal needed I don't thing, so why is she still talking I hear you say!!!
Good Night
and Carry On Crafting, Comments are very welcome.
Sam x


  1. Brilliant picture Tutorial Sam and I'm loving the projects you produced.
    I can see I'm going to have to save up some "Hush Money" to stop some of those stories from being told!

  2. Great tut Sam and I am loving the technique . am off to craft club this afternoon, so guess what I am going to pack to play with lol xx

  3. Morning Sam.....what a lovely read and yes I was laughing so much as you mentioned each incident!!!!!
    A fabulous tutorial and the inks play so well with the Gelli plate....
    I too still pinch myself every time I think of belonging to the fabulous Clarity Design Team.....we are so blessed to be able to be part of such a wonderful brand......Claritystamps......
    Have a good day...catch you later....Jo. X

  4. Good Morning Sam Inks and Gelli plate work so well together don't they my new favourite thing to do in fact and a lot less messy than paint!!!!
    Oh Yes the memory as we stood at the bottom of the stairs on Platform 3b!!! And Jo in the car as we were franticly looking for you in the dark chatting about axe murderer's! Oh My days it was a lark!Here to the next time......

  5. Great tutorial Sam, I think we will have to blindfold you next time.

  6. Great tut Sam! Love it!! Oh my... I'm taking a lead next time we're out together, or a homing beacon... all that talk of a mad axe murder out on the loose; I did feel for him, he wouldn't have stood a chance!

  7. Sounds like you had fun at the NEC. It's a shame we didn't get to meet up but hopefully we will again soon.

    Great prints Sam. I've not yet tried inks on my Gelli so it's interesting to read about it. I've added it to my list of things that I must try. lol x

    1. Thanks for your comment Lynne I actually think that Ink on the Gelli would be right up your street!! Sam x


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