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Friday, 29 November 2013

Fussy & Fancy Friday Challenge.

Well its that time again - the new Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge launches today and the theme is "Hearts"  I have noticed lately that when I do a challenge theme or an ATC I do tend to take the theme title quite literally!!! This Design I made for the challenge is definitely no exception -
So I give you A HEART!!! 

Not just any old heart, it is a wooden Heart that has been painted and sanded and decorated in home made decorated tissue and it has been embellished and de-coupaged and beaded and sprinkled with Glossy accents and all the bits and pieces were made from original stamping with Clarity Stamps.  So I suppose you could say I put a lot of love into this Heart!!!
And I didn't even do that pun intentionally it just happened!!!!
I painted the Heart back to white using a sponge and System 3 Acrylic Paint

I Stamped onto 1 layer of Tissue Paper with the Clarity Stamps and Adirondack Ink Please Note : Now I remember why I wanted to invest in some coloured Archival Inks. When you come to glue the tissue onto the Heart, if it gets too wet when you put the top layer of  Glue and Seal over  the top the ink starts to move around!  There are a few different glues I use for this method all for different reasons, but I would definitely recommend Archival Ink - I knew this and still tried the Adirondack?

 So here you can see the tissue Paper which I carefully tore and cut and placed and glued onto the wooden heart with the Glue & Seal.  

What the Glue & Seal does is more or less disintegrate the tissue so everything looks like it is embedded onto the wood. The Clarity Rose is coloured with Dylusions Inks from a water pen, and dabbed with White Acrylic Pain.
So this is the result of the above - I quite liked it like this but wanted to make it a real Arty Project.  I coloured the flowers from the Clarity Stamp with Ranger Distress Markers - I LOVE  these markers the colours are gorgeous. I also used a Brand New Pen to most of us, or is it just me? which I bought at the NEC "Wink of Stella" brush Pens, more about these later but you "WILL" want one!!! They were selling like Hot Cakes at the NEC

The Leaves are a Clarity Stamp - the background was hand drawn and coloured in.
On the little loops I put Glossy Accents to make them look raised, not all of them
just randomly - you know I say Random but actually I am very rarely random at anything I do
as I am doing one I can see which is the next one that needs to be done, might be
the next row or over on the right second down???  I am a very symmetrical person.
But you just do what you want !!!!

So I am not a glitter girl myself, I try it and I rub it back off, its just not me!  But I do like a bit of Glitz and Glamour - Pure Sparkle is how I would describe the Wink of Stella Brush pens. I can't leave them alone. They come in all different colours including Clear.  I didn't think I would need any other but clear, I was so wrong. I love the White and the Black and now want to try more - the Red!!! The Green!  These pens are now on my "basic essentials" kit list.  You should try one your will love them - and no I am not on commission!!!!
and so here it is my loveingly made HEART  the big question is: -

Should I tell you my favourite bit?  See the white around the
Rose and the Leaf - love it like that with just the gritted edges coming through to the front.
I used to be really superstitious - so a long time ago in a town called Swindon where I lived in my little flat on my own and worked for a large Insurance company I was asked to nip out and buy some Cream Cakes for everyone (hey anything to get my bum off that chair)!!! So I wandered through town searching for a shop that sells cream cakes (we didn't have a greggs then)! Suddenly I realised I had HALF walked under a ladder and it was BLACK FRIDAY!!! So in a real panic I reversed back out from under the ladder and  kicked the corner on the way out, the guy painting above my head jumped and knocked his bucket to the ground (luckily it was almost empty) I tried to grab the ladder thinking I had made it wobble and MADE IT WOBBLE the guy yelled out and clung to the wall - Oh no I am sorry I said - just get away from my ladder he shouted!!!! - So I realised that day that it was superstition itself that caused the problems and I am cured!!! Apart from that Don't cross on the stairs thing!!!!!
So Be Warned!! and Happy Black Friday
Please join in our Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge, we love to see what you make.
I hope I have inspired you at least a little bit.
Bye for now and
Carry On Crafting xx


  1. Beautiful Sam, and thanks for the clear instructions.

  2. Lovely Sam gpod instructions but oh what a palaver with the ladder lolxx

  3. Beautiful heart Sam and such fab photos too.....I use coloured VersaFine ink to stamp on tissue woks really well and is waterproof....also like you I love the Wink of Stella brushes that we got at the NEC......only one problem......we should have got more.....
    Off to avoid ladders......have a good day....hugs...Jo. X

    1. Thanks Jo I think I will give the VersaFine a go I had forgotten/or did I know in the first place?? that it is waterproof because I don't normally use it? Sam xx

  4. Oh... Fantastic! I really need to play with tissue paper... I have a stash of it someplace! More basic stuff on my list of needies! I would never have thought you were superstitious... Ever! Xx

  5. Lovely heart, Sam ... tissue stamping is one of my favourite techniques, great for covering awkward shapes x

  6. Sam this is STUNNING!! So much work and GORGEOUS to boot!!!

  7. Gasp! Wow! Sam, This heart is absolutely exquisite! I LOVE IT! What a wonderful tutorial filled with suggestions and tips! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful project with us! I'm sure that somebody will be very happy indeed with this wonderful heart ornament for Christmas!
    Thank you for sharing your superstitious ladder story! LOL! I have to admit that I try to avoid ladders and broken mirrors!
    I hope that you enjoy your weekend!
    Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

  8. lovely heart sam a difference to your usual gelli art but beautiful just the same xx

  9. Beautiful, love the pattern look like art nouveau mille fleur
    Love your superstition story, bet he remembers you!


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