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Monday, 4 November 2013

Clarity Stamp DT Cards & My Trip To The NEC!!

I am just doing a quick blog to keep you going while I am away, from Wednesday to Saturday!
  I am doing a serious stock up shopping trip  /    
an educational trip to watch demonstrators ////
  a meet and greet to be introduced to fellow crafters  //


 to have lots of fun, wine, shopping, chatting, coffee, lack of sleep
 - yep that sums it up I think! at the NEC 
 I think some of us will be meeting up at the Clarity Stand at some point for some reason???
Boy Oh Boy am I looking forward to this. I don't get out much these days but that's fine because I would rather save it all up for these trips to the craft shows, especially the NEC. The girls I am hooking up with I first met at the NEC and then at the Clarity Retreat. What a lovely bunch of ladies they are too, they make me smile all the time.
Someone once said your FB friends are not your real friends, well that is rubbish, we are all in constant chat and yes we have met a few times but its FB that has held us together. 

I think when I go to the NEC I will bump into and know more people there than I would if I went anywhere locally?  Crafting has opened up a completely new world to me over the last few years and boy was I ready for it!  Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and family here every one of them is special to me.  But my Crafting friends know me, how I tick, what I want to buy, what my Onsie looks like "eh Yvonne"!  Well I suppose I am trying to say we have friends from different areas of our lives and my crafting friends hold a major part in my life/heart - you know who you are!and I don't know what I would do without you.
Gelli Plate  -  this was from the last month but I love what
the Gelli Plate and stencil did together, I didn't have that much
to do with it except to place the colours on.
So Barbara, who is one of the above mentioned!xx  was on TV this last weekend with Barbara in the Classroom and her regular Sunday shows. As usual she did some brilliant demonstrations.  I am always inspired by Barbara's work the way she approaches crafting and how she makes things look so easy that you always wonder why you didn't think of that!  She is always so considerate of her DT too, and genuinely respects and looks after all of her team and their work, I saw how precious it was to her when I helped out at the Harrogate show.
I love the depth of colour you can get with Paint.

So I will give you some Eye Candy -  cards I made for the Create & Craft Shows, from this weekend gone and a few from the time before.  Most  of them can be found on the Clarity Web Site along with a list of items I used to make them, click on these pictures and it will take you straight there.
 You can also find Barbara's work and the work of the rest of the Design Team all over the web site to give you inspiration on the stamps and classroom lessons, Gelli Plate etc.
This is an MDF Man tag - this is the back, the front got too messy for me I prefer this side.
So I will be signing off very soon for a few days but can I just say that the "Taster Class" I was holding on 14th November has now been moved to 30the January - for a fresh start on crafting in the New Year.
I will be honest I got a bit carried away with my Splodge Mat with this one
I am not sure if its what I really intended but I am quietly quite proud of this,
I nearly ditched it altogether!
So bye for now, please leave a comment if you have time I always appreciate them..
So Carry On Crafting till I get back, but if you are going to the NEC I hope to see you there.
Sam xxx


  1. Great cards Sam - so colourful! The last one has to be my fave. I love how you've used the stencil.

    Have fun at the NEC. x

  2. Sam Love love love these I Oohhed and Ahhhed over every single one. XXXXXXXX

  3. First of all Mrs...I totally agree with you over the fb friends bit....I too love my family and friends but when I have had tough times recently it is my fb pals that have got me through.....and given me lots of reasons to all of your samples ...and your use of looking forward to Tomorrow......yeh......hugs....Jo. X

  4. Wow Sam how super. Great projects, love the colours. Striking. So looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Sam what fabulous words. didnt know you were so eloquent. You brought tears to my eyes and you are right I have made fabulous friends through the crafty world and face book and I think its because we understand each other in our own little crafty world. Oh by the way you work isnt half bad neither.lolx

    1. Eh well your not half bad either Kay. I do have my moments of eloquence by the way. Thanks for dropping in, will see you sometime soon maybe?

  6. Wonderful artwork Sam, you are such an inspiration to me. As for FB, my new crafty friends including yourself have opened up a whole new crafty world to me and I love it. It was wonderful to meet you at Harrogate xx

    1. Hi Lisa it was lovely to meet you too, you were just as I imaged you to be too. Lovely of course! Thank you for your lovely words Lisa. xx

  7. Fabulous cards and samples and bits and bobs! And have a great time at the NEC...bit jealous cos when you are there having fun I'll be at work! Spare a thought for me please!!! Hugs xx

    1. Jane I will send you embarrassing pictures whenever I get the chance!! Not of me of course!

  8. love the colours you have created on these samples. wish i could observe you at work. bet i would learn so much xx

    1. Well Teresa maybe we could have Gelli for pudding tomorrow? Its so lovely of you to invite us over. Will see you there! xxx

  9. Wow amazing stuff here xx

  10. have a fantastic time Sam.... I KNOW you will lol. these are all fantastic but Edinburgh castle has got to be my fave ...are you going to bring me something nice back? xx

  11. All I can say is WOW, what an amazing selection of your cards - you are very talented indeed! I am glad you have made so many lovely friends! xx


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