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Monday, 18 November 2013

A bit personal this one, started off being about New Gelli Techniques?

I think I have said before that when I do a card, Tag, Altered Box etc I have to have a reason for everything included, to be included, I usually have a story in my head, especially with the Clarity Stamps because they evoke all sorts of tales and memories because they have come from all sorts of tales and memories in Barbara's head.  I suppose its like poetry, if you write it from the heart or from deep routed feelings, the chances are that it will also touch someone else's heart.  I felt so honoured this week when a Lady who follows Clarity asked me if she could use one of my Poems, she said her Daughter had died six months ago and my Poem was perfect for her Daughter.  Wow how humbling that is to think that my little poem meant something to her with all the emotions she must be going through right now.   I had written it for a Clarity Design card which I had wanted to do for a long time and actually have always wished I could put a Bench close to where my Mam is laid to rest so that I can just sit with her for an hour or two. At least she does have a beautiful Old Oak Tree right above her.

I place a Bench, I plant a Tree
where you can come to remember me.
I cry on your Bench, but still I can see,
Your Life and Your Spirit in the beauty of the Tree.
Oh Boy I think I have just awakened a raw nerve and it doesn't seem appropriate to put anything else on this Blog, so I will come back tomorrow to show you what I was going to show you on this Blog.

Sam xxx 


  1. This is lovely and very thought provoking verse. Xx

  2. Lovely the card and the verse Sam.

  3. Beautiful Sam. X. I know the feeling, it's been 20 years since I lost my Mum... I do miss her xxx

  4. Lovely verse, Sam xx Lovely card too xx

  5. Hugs Sam. Beautiful verse and a lovely card. x

  6. Really emotive read Sam, and it just shows you the power of words...
    Big hugs to you my friend...x x x

  7. Hug's Sam. x Beautiful words for a beautiful lady. xxx

  8. Beautiful poem - I am sure it brought great comfort to the lady who used it. Stunning card too! xx

  9. lots of hugs from all the pace family. see tomorrow xx

  10. Hi Sam I think this has reached and touched a huge number of us. I too understand your meaning to this verse and am sending you and everyone else big, big hugs. Can't wait to read the rest of your blog tomorrow. Beautiful words and beautiful card xxx


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