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Friday, 4 October 2013

New Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge

Make a card they said "One for the Men" they said.  Doesn't that just fill you with dread or BOREDOM straight away!!!  Well you know what, it shouldn't should it?  We are crafters, we can craft anything can't we?  So I thought lets get rid of the boredom in men's cards, what  makes Men happy I thought???  OK apart from that!! now now!? What REALLY makes a Man happy - a Pint and a bit of banter with his mates!!  So what card do I need to make for this Challenge?
a Guinness Card with a Subtle Insult thrown in and there you have it.  If I could have fitted a pie and some mushy peas on there somewhere it probably would have been perfect.

I can't take all of the credit for this card though, there was a bit of a joint effort going on, on Face Book, to get me a Shamrock that I could trace - seriously I can't draw anything!!!! So thanks Kathleen Turner, Naomi Mahon and Linda Page we got there in the end didn't we, and thanks for your efforts Donna but you were a little late for the party, bless. I was so chuffed with myself I was thinking of sending it off to M&S - they buy hand made cards you know, of course you would have to make more than one!!!  OK a bit adventurous! Bit big headed too Eh.
Well the instructions for the Shamrock will take me longer to describe than the rest of the card so I will do that first:

Items Used :
Naomi's post upload to FB on Shamrocks,
Linda's helpful mind,
Kathleen's brilliant suggestion of tracing paper
 and my IPhone screen!
I looked at the FB image from my IPhone, enlarged it on my screen, placed some tracing paper over my screen and traced it.  I then transferred it to the card and went over the tracing with a Black and White pen!!
 I do love Face Book!
So for the main card I used :
 My Large Gelli Plate
Black Paint
Buff Paint
Clarity Letterbox Stamps
Brilliance - Moonlight White Ink
Method :
Put buff paint on Gelli plate and roll - have in mind how much of the "Froth" for the Guinness look you want on the top of your card, I would say a fifth of the Buff to 4/5th Black.
Place your card on and take print. 
Put black paint on (you will still see where the buff paint was so don't go over this)
brayer your black paint up to the Buff line and just seep over it - this way you will get a
blended meet up of the two colours when you place your card back on to take the black print.
That's it basically, let the black paint dry and with white ink stamp your letter boxes and letters. 
A very simple card but I was quite chuffed.  I am not always sure if people get my humour but I think most of you at least must get that its saying he is the oldest swinger in town basically! So there you have it, the Guinness and the Banter!  I did want to put Guinness Book of Birthdays  - you have had the most!!!  But there is only so much text you can fit on an 8" by 8" card!!! So anyway I hope you like the concept if not the card!  All comments would be gratefully appreciated, well I say all, I really mean only the nice one's!  Thank you.
So Fussy and Fancy Challenges you to come up with your own card
for the theme "One For The Men". If you nip along to the blog you will see all the details you need and you will also see the lovely cards that the rest of the DT have made to inspire you.
Bye for now and Carry On Crafting
Sam xxx 


  1. What a lot of hard work went into this card.....I think it's great Sam and yes I do get your Humour! ! !

  2. Great Man's card, Sam very original as always... I have to admit I was struggling with this challenge. XXX

  3. Oh Lol Sam this is great but only you would go the old fashioned way and trace it !!! fabby card though xx

  4. i really like this idea of the beer Sam. might 'nick' it at some point if that's ok? xx

    1. I would love you to give it a go Theresa xxx

  5. Fantastic and original as always Sam....and yes I too get your sense of humour!!!! Not sure if that is a good thing though!!!! Omg....just wait till the really will be Such Fun....have a fantastic weekend....Jo. X

  6. You are too kind, all your own inspiration. I think you could sell this to the owners of Guinness. So clever Sam well done and tanks for the mention but as I said all your idea, just a small helping hand from your friends, thats what we are there for.

  7. Brilliant! It brought a smile to my face! A fab 'man' card xx

  8. Hi Sam! I can't tell you how very much I enjoyed reading your fun post! Yay for FB friends! LOL!
    I love your card and your wonderful sense of humor! Brilliant Man card and I think that your tutorial is the best!
    I hope that your enjoying your weekend!
    Hugs, Sheryl

  9. Thank you Sheryl for such lovely comments and for taking the time out to visit, I do feel I have been neglecting my Team Mates a little lately but I have been very busy. I will make it up to you I promise. Sam xx


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