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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Clarity Stamp DVD Launch Weekend.

Something about this card,
I was quite surprised when I did it, it was a
last minute extra and it took me less time
than all the others (I work best to a tight deadline)
but it ended up being my own personal favourite!
Barbara's Tree Stamps are beautiful and sometimes need no colour!

Well what a weekend its been on Create and Craft TV for ClarityStamp and Barbara Gray.  I am quite worn out, I bet Barbara is a little tired too!! Hope you enjoyed your day with your Mam Barbara. It all went so quickly and in-between it all somewhere I did a Workshop with Annette Lee and met all my old Crafting Buddies, but for the most part I quite literally spent the weekend with Barbara and most of the Clarity Design Team and friends of Clarity chatting away online.

I am so glad that Dean liked this card and my sentiment,
 just simply because he is Gorgeous and said he liked it!!!!
Mmmmm this one!? I made a beautiful card similar to this on coated paper took me an hour! Then I found a black blob on it,
so I did another one and polished it too early, then I did another one which just didn't look as good because I altered the design to hide all my finger marks! Then I quickly did this one on Theover Card.  A lot of masking etc in this one but I will do it again!! But I just wanted to show that the new shapes stamps look good as cartoon type flowers and would look
great as pop art too, or with Zentangle.  Eventually I might use them for what they were originally intended, the Letterbox Kits - what a great idea, Your letters can look different every time.

This is the Last reject I did before using Theover Card Its not the coated card that was the problem it was the fact I tried to do the shadowing with cotton wool as I didn't have a make-up sponge! It doesn't work you need the sponges.
I saw a card a long time ago,  it had a tree coming out of the left of the card and a bench up on a hill  with its back to us in the middle of the card and a path leading from the tree to the bench there were no words on it but you immediately got the sense of someone sitting and thinking of a loved one who has passed away, it was brilliant and it had a big impact on me because it was so clever.
 I place a Bench I plant a Tree so you can come to remember me!
I cry on your Bench, but still I can see
Your Life and your Spirit in the beauty of the Tree!
 When I did this background and stamped the tree I thought about that card and so decided to do  my version of the concept.   But mine wasn't as obvious as the one I had seen it needed a poem to go with it. When I make cards everything on there has to have a reason to be there, 90% of the time I have a little story in my head of what the card is about, so if I need to write a little verse to go with it I normally write it in about 2 or 3 minutes! Like the card with the leaning trees I had stamped them just to see how they looked, I liked them on a slant but they had to have a reason to be on a slant - then I thought well if you fell into a tree from the sky it would break your fall, and when friends are there for each other in times of need that's what they are doing, breaking their fall. So hence,
"Lean on me and I will break your fall"!  
I have more cards that were on C&C this weekend but I might show them at a later date maybe with a few tutorials?  You can see a lot of the DT cards from this weekends TV on the Clarity Challenge Blog  you could have a go at our challenge while you are there too?
Right well I am off to show a couple of my old mates from Hobby Craft what a Gelli Plate looks like - not mates exactly but I used to hang around there before I know any other crafty people with the same passion as me, we used to love chatting about crafting and new products etc so I was really surprised when they said last night that they had never heard of a Gelli Plate, they were so excited when I was explaining it to them.! Maybe I should get a mini handbag Gelli| to show people because I am always talking about it?
So bye for now
and Carry On Crafting.



  1. Morning Sam - here I am for a mooch !!!!

    Love these - the top one has got to be my fave as I love the colours on that gelli background - the yellowy green one is my next fave. I like all the others too xx

  2. It was a fab weekend Sam. Great cards, the third one is my fave. I love the colours you've used and the funky flowers. x

  3. What a weekend ! Great chatting with everyone. Love these cards and especially your little poems and verses x

  4. Oh was a Fantastic weekend and so good to chat whilst we watched....I love all of your samples but the verse and the bench have to be my favourite....well out of these I know you have more up your sleeve.....hope your Gelli time went well today...Crafty hugs...Jo. X

  5. Hi Sam, Your cards are all lovely can't pick a favourite :)

  6. Hi Sam, it was great catching up with you at Annette's again on Saturday. Great card samples - I haven't watched all the shows yet but I have them recorded! Love all your samples - the third one is deffo my fav! See you again soon hopefully!! Claire xx

  7. Nice bunch of cards, Sam If I had to choose, the top one would be my fave. It is nice to hear the workings out behind the cards too xx

  8. lovely set of cards Sam! so the sayings are yours too!! what a multi-talented lady you are! xx

  9. hi could I use the verse about tree and bench it is so fitting for my daughter we lost in september hope you don't mind thanks joy


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