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Monday, 9 September 2013

Catch Up - and DT Samples

Hi there, right I am back to normal sleep pattern (ish, I don't think MY sleep pattern has ever been NORMAL:?) I should be a night shift worker.  Anyway, I have caught up with all the Classroom programmes with Barbara Gray from last weekend and with
Maria Simms' Clarity Take 2 the week before. Maria's samples and demoes were great and I felt proud to make DT samples for the show. I won't normally post about a lot of the samples that are shown because you can see them all on ClarityStamp website either when you click a stamp to look at the samples or on the
Gelli Plate Projects page, or under the As Seen on T.V. tag, you can see all of the DT work on there.  But on this occasion I will show just a few to let people know I haven't gone forever, I was just on holiday. 
I thought this would make a fun Jigsaw with all the
Snowmen peeping out over the snowy hills.
Disneyland is a great place but exhausting at times.  We all agree that seeing the whale and Dolphin Shows and then swimming with Dolphins were the best bits, Oh except my Daughter was so excited about having her photo taken with the princesses' and Micky.  Arial (princess) grabbed hold of my Son too for a photo, he was not impressed
(so he led us to believe but there was a slight grin on his face).
This is one of my "Tag You're It" Cards -
It took a lot longer than you would think to make,
 I painstakingly stuck tape about 2mm thick to my card
before I put it on the Gelli Plate to take the 3 separate prints.
 So the kids are back at school I have been playing with my new Clarity Stamps and building some ideas for my Clarity DT work (I still smile when I say that) and I have lots of new stencils and some new techniques to try with my Gelli Plate (I have missed my Gelli Plate). 
These were my first -  "Tag You're It" cards -
 that I designed for use with the Gelli Plate
The one 2nd from the left has been sat waiting for the right stamp.
 So I watched a few of Barbara Gray's in the Classroom shows yesterday, its un-believable how many techniques Barbara shows us in her classroom shows and the Sunday shows. So I am all fired up again and ready to go. So just a little Eye Candy (I never blog without it) and I will be off to have a little play.  So don't forget if you need a little inspiration just visit the ClarityStamp Website and there is loads on their, from the DT, from viewers homework and from Barbara and Maria themselves. Oh and how proud did I feel when Barbara called me the "Gelli Plate Queen"!! what a title to live up to!!! So I had best be off and get playing with my Gelli -- it's a hard life but someone's got to do it!!! 
I loved the paint effect off my Gelli Plate
and knew at some point I would know how to finish it of,
so after about two months I found the right stamp.
When I saw the Drake Stamp I knew that the white area of the stamp would pick up some of the pattern off the Gelli Print to makie it look really arty - I finished off with Distress Markers to me, the background looked a bit like a snowy lake.
I personally love the finished effect but wasn't sure if it would stand out on TV,
but Martyn Parker seemed to like it so I think he has to be my Presenter of the Month now!!
Fickle Eh??
So I hope you like my samples -
the rest of mine and the other Clarity DT's can been seen on the ClarityStamp Blog
Please feel free to leave a comment - I always appreciate them.
I will be doing a bit of Blog Hopping myself this week to catch up with all the Blogs I follow.
By for now and Carry On Crafting!! Sam xx


  1. Your Gelli Plate designs look like lots of fun,(as does your Disneyland experience)!

  2. Nice to see you back in the swing of things Sam we missed you xx BTW goes without saying Cards Are Fab! xxxx

  3. Great DT work Sam and as always very inspirational...really enjoy seeing your Gelli plate work....and love your new name....the Gelli Queen....look forward to seeing more...Jo. X

  4. great work Sam. wonder why you keep doubting that? all your samples are beutiful xx

    1. Thank you Theresa for you lovely comment, I didn't realise I did (publicly) doubt myself!! I think partly because I can see for myself how much my work has improved over the years and feel there is always room for more improvement. That's what drives me want to constantly look for new ideas and methods. Sam xxx

  5. Great cards Sam. The snowman one is my fave. They do look like they're having fun. X

  6. Hi Sam am loving the work you are producing . You seem to have found this wonderfull place that combines your love of mess and combined it with the clean cut of Clarity. ( You will know what I mean) Looking forward to seeing lots more. by the way the card you made for the Fussy Fancy challenge is great. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to know you havent forgotten your old mate. Hope you have recovered from the holiday. Sounds like you all had a ball.x Take care.x

    1. Hi Kay thank you for your lovely comment I really appreciate it. Yes I do know what you mean and I do feel very at home with my Gelli Plate and Clarity Stamps what more could a girl ask for? xx

  7. These are all bloomin fabulous Sam, I love the background you created with the Gelli Plate.

    Linda xxx

  8. Hi Sam I am so loving your fab pieces of art work they are all stunning xx


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