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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

And it all goes Pearshaped!

I love to blend colours on my
 Splodge Mat and my Gelli Plate
The tag below took about 3 hours, the blend above
on the Glli Plate took about 2 minutes.

Just a bit of Eye Candy
What a day?  Grab a cuppa put your feet up and read about someone else's mishaps!!! Compared to some, not a bad day just not a good one?. With a weird twist!!!  Every time I sat down I fell to sleep, every time I stood up I wanted to sit down (and fall to sleep) so finally early evening I find some energy.  I go to my craft room with the intention of doing a little blogging, finish off some DT cards and make a few more.  Alas it wasn't meant to be, my computer Crashed Dumped twice!! My old one. My new one that I never use unless I absolutely have to, because it has this horrendous new windows package on - which actually I am starting to get used to - had its CAPS lock on which took me a while to notice while trying to sign in - so I went onto my phone to check FB but of course that won't let me comment on blogs and I absolutely can't type on it because it just changes my words to anything it fancies, so
 no-one understands what I am saying to them anyway. But it doesn't matter because I got totally distracted from FB because I found this neat  app that lets me record programmes on my sky box from the phone, so that saved me a trip all the way downstairs!! BONUS.  or was it???

Maybe if I had gone downstairs to set record "MANUALLY" I would have noticed that my lovely cute little Lab/Collie cross 13 year old, demanding, thinks he is a human, DOG! - had all of his paws crossed AND I might have pre-empted that around about 11.55 he would bark at me to go out and that if I didn't attend to him straight away he would pooh TWICE at my back door and then because he was feeling so guilty about doing that he would get hold of the posh kitchen bin I had on the door handle (M&S Bag) and rip it to shreds and not only would he spread the food and packaging around the Kitchen floor but he would drag a load of it around my front room floor too!!  Still its great being able to record things on my TV from my phone!!!

This was made  using the Clarity Bubble Mask I am glad I took
a photo just before I decided to try to over stamp the image!!? 
OK this is just the norm you might think, yes (well, he doesn't normally pooh in the house!!) but the weird thing, some of you may want to look away, and the reason I was so tired today is because a funny thing happened in bed last night!!!!  I had been playing with Flitter Flakes, not in the usual controlled way though but in an Arty throw it around the project way,  so they were starting to take over my craft room a little and it was getting late so I was rushing and the dust was getting everywhere.  SO I get into bed fall straight to sleep, but about 10 minutes later I start to choke,  my throat feels full of  heavy grit, I can't swallow but my mouth is producing loads of water which starts to just pour out of my mouth??? I get up and try to sort myself out but no matter how much I try to swallow I can't all this grit in my throat is completely drying it out?  I have to (oh I hate to say it) spit all this water out 3 or 4 times, its like I have gulped a mouthful from a cup each time and it was happening so quick that it was just running down my face???.  I didn't solve the problem but remember falling to sleep with a towel on my pillow still choking and water still pouring out of my mouth??  This morning - its as if nothing had happened??? Did I dream it? 

This was one of my very early Gelli Prints I liked the
Retro Look to it so did the lettering to match.
Anyway enough about me??  I can't show you any work because it is all Clarity DT work.  But I can show you a picture of that Human Dog who knows how to boss me around and drives me mad at times but I love him so much!!! Oh well computer wouldn't up-load that!! so just for eye candy here is a few pictures of some of my older work, one of my very early Gelli Plate prints made into a Retro Card. Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of a crafter!! Sam


  1. Sounds you had a great day Sam! lol. I hope today is more peaceful. x

  2. Sounds like a day and a half there Sam better luck today xx

  3. Glad I had my cuppa , what a great read and so funny....well not for you or your dog....
    Oh the life of a crafter....what tales we can tell...
    Great Gelli work.....hugs....x

  4. Just another normal day then Sam.....Glad your Ok I had a similar thing happen with sellotape quiet worrying . What are we like not safe to be left. xxxx

  5. Life is never dull, is it? Bit odd about the choking etc and you can't help but wonder if you dreamed it, although if you had a towel on your pillow then probably not. Hope that doesn't happen again. Have a crafty day :-)

    1. Hi Helen, Yep the towel was there. I was exhausted though so it all seemed a bit weird. I think I must have breathed in the dust off the flakes and it must have shifted to my throat when I laid down. ? Thank you for all the support you give me on here Helen, I do appreciate it. Sam


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