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Friday, 9 August 2013

Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge

Hi there, before I start I would like to say a big welcome to my new Blog Members and I must say Laurence-huber I would love to give you private lessons in France,
would that be on expenses?xx
I nearly didn't make it this month I have had a lot of excitement and  been very busy and just happened to be talking to a friend Jo Rice who  commented on how quickly our Challenges come round.  I went into mass panic as it had come round really quickly and I actually hadn't made anything!!! I hate to rush these projects because I think that would be unfair to the people who like to enter the Challenge, if the DT can't put the effort in why should they?  So I had a plan, I would make something arty on my Gelli Plate and show how it can be adapted to a specific project!  The theme for this challenge is Bingo! so you can pick any three squares off the bingo board - diagonal, vertical or horizontal (you will see what I mean when you visit the F&F Blog)

I picked Flowers, Free Choice (Gelli Plate) & Die Cut
 So I have made a mini picture tutorial to show you how I put it all together, so grab a cuppa and sit back and relax and take a scroll down the Gelli Production Line!  You will see two totally different prints - one for the bin one to use! 
 The two projects used the same methods but one was made completely on the Gelli Plate and the other was done on top of a print from the Gelli Plate, which is the one I used.
I often have both my Gelli Plates on the go at the same time, one to pick up the "Dregs" or excess paint, this way I get an extra print  FREE! 
 This is the print I took - you can see that there are lots of Dregs in the edges, they were left from the Green project below that went wrong - actually IT didn't go wrong - I was too impatient and didn't allow it to dry enough.  If you put too Much acrylic paint on the Gelli it acts like Crown or Dulux Silk paint and becomes "peelable" which is why you can peel it off the brayer - for my original project to work I needed to catch it just a little bit later than I did where it would loose a bit of that "peel" texture and  become a little more dry and brittle. This isn't easy to achieve if you have different thicknesses of paint on the go at the same time.
So with what was left from the peeled paint and the bits of indents from the Clarity Stencils I covered the Gelli Plate in the Process Magenta colour and brayed then took my print as it was.
 On my small Gelli Plate I put blobs of Sap Green, Paynes Grey and white, then
with the lids of the paints I dabbed into the paint and dabbed it onto the print randomly. You can see here that the print had already picked up some lovely random prints from the Dregs on the Gelli from the previous project.
 I then did a bit of the old Credit Card trick dragging lines of paint onto the print randomly.
 So this was the original version of the same thing, except on this one everything was done straight onto the Gelli Plate - I will master this !!!! I just need to be patient with the drying time. Or get the same amount of pattern with less paint, you can then pick it up with the Gel Medium.
So then I got out my Grand Calibur and cut the frame out.
I use this method quite a bit since I got my Gelli Plate because I think it shows the pattern off really well and is a good way to match up elements on your card, i.e. with flowers from the cut out section - or in my case for this project a Bird Cage and Bird! 
 And Decorated it!
So you have the Flowers - Gelli Plate - Die Cut
 So why don't you nip along to the Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge and check out the rest of the
Projects from our DT to see if we can inspire you to play BINGO !!!
Please feel Free to leave a comment or not! 
bye for now and thanks for stopping by, Sam xx  


  1. Hi Sam, what a fab idea to die cut the Gelli designs.....I'm sometimes at a loss to know what to do with them when I'm on a rolls! Lovely pic, and lovely cards on Create & Craft, Suz xxx

    1. Hi Suz, this is my mission in life to get people to use those Gelli Prints for something useful. They make great cards! Thank you for joining my Blog. xx

  2. Hi Sam, so glad that I am useful at your idea and your picture tutorial is brilliant as easy to follow...looks like we are all going to be cutting out using our prints.....thanks for the inspiration......have a good weekend....Jo. X

    1. Thank you for you comment Jo, yes you do come in handy!! Hope you're workshop goes well tomorrow and have a good weekend, will have to catch up next week?? Glass of wine time? xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Chris I always appreciate your comments. Sam xx

  4. fab card Sam and thanks for the tutorial

  5. You're such a genius with the Gelli Plate Mrs Crowe.

    Brilliant tutorial too - well done xx

    1. Thank you Yvonne (the cheque is in the post) I really appreciate you lovely comments. Sam xx

  6. Thanks for 'walking through' the stages of the gelli plate - love the finished frame and cage!

  7. This is great Sam, loving the Gelli work, very inspiring to those who haven't got a clue and the tutorial explains it all :-)

    Will add on the blog re the tut Hun! Xx

    1. Thanks Sazzle I usually take a lot of picture to remind myself of what I did so I thought I may as well put them to good use. x


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