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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Clarity, Me and a Gelli Plate

Stamping and the Gelli Plate
Captions Anyone?

Well actually the title should read Clarity, Me and two Gelli Plates.  I have the 6"by6" and the 8"by10" Gelli Plate and I use them both equally and sometimes at the same time!!  Barbara Gray has just written a post on her Face Book page to let people know about the Gelli Plate Projects Gallery that I have been working on.  I am really proud and excited to be part of the the Claritystamp Team and actually can't believe my luck.  If someone had said to me do you want to just sit and play with your Gelli Plate I would have been the happiest girl in the world, but attach, and then give Samples for Clarity to put on a Projects Gallery? WOW!  Cake, icing the on, string that sentence together and there is your answer!!!
This Trellis stencil comes out
beautiful every time! Its like
wall paper.
The Gelli Plate and Leafy Swirl Mask
When I first heard of the Gelli Plate I was really excited, I knew I had to have one and I hadn't even seen one in the flesh or at all actually?  But I had always loved to make my own backing papers and when I heard a description of it well they had me at "unique printing plate"!!! The description is so true,  I keep trying to clean my Gelli Plate for the next project but the bit I clean off it becomes my next project!  I was so excited about it I had almost enough people on a waiting list to run a full class, I honestly had people asking if I will do a Gelli Plate class and I still didn't own one! I just talked incessantly about it.
When I finally did get my hands on one I was not disappointed, I watched a lot of videos, I didn't want to damage it, I tried a lot of paints, I pulled off copy after copy of paper, card, fabric, you name it, it sat in a pile on my craft room floor.  I even took it camping with me and had a play session for all the kids and when their parents said it was time to go to the beach they didn't want to go, but when they eventually went to wash their hands, some of the parents jumped straight in there and had a go!

So how would I describe the Gelli Plate?  Addictive, lots of fun, productive, for everyone.

I designed a "Tag You're It" card to use
Just because I needed to make a card but wanted to make a Tag
When you have a gorgeous print like this waiting to come off
your Gelli Plate it just has to be the main feature of the Card/Tag
and the Lily stamp with the lovely matching dress gives it a purpose. 

 When I saw Barbara on the Gelli Plate I could see she felt the same excitement and so did everyone in the room, "almost". When I saw Barbara working on the Gelli Plate I was in awe of what she was producing, and then mixing it with the inks was just brilliant.  Really quick stunning results that were repeatable and yet still unique. The "almost" people, well try getting them off it once they started.

My Max loved the prints so much he made
a bed out of them. 

 The best invention since the Gelli Plate? The Clarity Gelli Plate specific card!  Brilliant!!! Its perfect for making instant cards. You make your art on the Gelli Plate, you put the aperture in the middle and take your print. You have art on the outside with lovely natural edges, you have the white edge of the card because it is slightly bigger than the Gelli Plate so no matting and layering needed, unless you want to, and then you have the lovely white space in the middle to do with what you want, with your stamps, brayer work, anything, and you still have the print on the aperture that you can also play with. 

The lovely Kids who would rather play
with the Gelli Plate than go to the beach! Can you spot which one is mine?

OK enough I know, I could say so much more but will leave it for another time.  I think you might have guessed how much I love the Gelli Plate, and weather I was on the Clarity team or not I would be writing this exact same blog. But I am so thankful that Barbara / ClarityStamp have given me the opportunity to work on their team  -- and don't even get me started with that Wall mask!!!

So I have some of my results on the Claritystamp Gelli Projects which have write-ups telling you how I made the cards and a lovely lady called Pat has already tried some of them out, I was really impressed with the result, thank you Pat.  You can also see Barbara's own artwork on the
Gelli Gallery For a demonstration on the Gelli Plate you can watch Barbara Gray in the Classroom on Create & Craft TV on Saturday 3rd Aug 11-1pm and she
will be on again on Sunday 4th 9-11

sorry I had to do that one didn't I? Thanks for visiting feel free to leave a comment or not. Sam



  1. Congratulations Sam and soooooo well deserved too! I can't believe no one has commented so far :-(

    Your gelli art is fantastic and the gallery is true inspiration to all of us, especially with the tutorials :-)

    xx Sazzle xx

  2. Well done Sam...and your Gelli plate art is just top! I had a look and keep going back for another viewing. I also keep changing my mind as to which is my favourite!
    I so agree with you about the need to have 2! They really are so brilliant.
    Also fab news you're on the Claritystamp team! So well deserved! Enjoy! Xxx

  3. Many congrats Sam. Amazing art work, loved reading your blog. I am definitely one of those "almost" people xx

  4. Well done Sam. Loving your work - you've certainly mastered the Gelli plate! I've already picked up some tips from you and look forward to seeing more of your work and learning some more. x

  5. Congratulations Sam - love the new blog, it's fantastic.
    I'm so pleased to hear you're on the Clarity Team, very well deserved as I know how much you love your Gelli!
    Will be tuning in tomorrow and hopefully crafting along with the Classroom. (Don't tell anyone but I've never done that before!)

  6. Sam, your gelli art is amazing, I hate to say this but.....I am a 'Almost', I, have a 6"x 6" gelli plate which I bought from the lovely Barbara at the NEC in March. I have only played with it once !!!!! I could do with you at my house to kick me into submission lol. Hugs P xxxx

  7. Congratulations Sam . Your work is an inspiration Love your gelli prints and I can't think of anyone better to host the Gelli Gallery. XXXX I Look forward to seeing a LOT more of your work. :)

  8. Well Sam where do I begin?.....your work with the Gelli Plate is fantastic and I am so chuffed that you can tell the world about your work with Barbara and the Clarity Team........also you are a lovely lady and I am so pleased to call you my friend...x

  9. Hi Sam, wow well done on joining the Clarity Team!! You must be thrilled! Your gelli samples are fab - and yes you can tell how much you love gelli from this post!! Love the new look blog too, love Claire x

  10. Hi Sam,

    thanks for that lovely post and stunning pictures of your art. Am leaving in France, so when do you come for holidays and give me a "private" lesson on how to use it????Lol!!!
    Will ask Mr to record Barbara tomorrow.....
    Great work, really like it.



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