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Friday, 12 July 2013

Fussy and Fancy Challenge " Lemon & Lavender"

The new Fussy and Fancy Challenge has started again today why don't you nip over there and join in  the theme is Lemon & Lavender

Current F&F DT Card
"Tag Your It"
The inside of my
"Tag You're It" Card
When I am playing in my craft room with no-one or no specific object in mind the one piece of equipment I pick up the most is a TAG.  I don't know why but I love them.  I love doing ATC's I love making cards but for some reason Tags are just different.  You don't get bogged down with how you are going to fill in your square or your centre or wonder if you should put your sentiment at the top, bottom, middle.  I have known myself to make a card background  in half an hour that I love but then it can take me hours or days to finish off the rest of the card. I often end up ripping it or die cutting what I have done, to make it into something completely different, part of the reason is that often if the background is already lovely on its own I don't want to cover it, I just want to enhance it.  Of course there is real skill in filling in those Gaps but it really frustrates me but hey I'm stuck with it!!!    OR I WAS STUCK WITH IT.
Untill I decided to solve my own problem. Most people expect a card I want to make a Tag, so I decided to make
"Tag You're It"!. A Tag that thinks its a card and a Card that thinks it a Tag!  Easy. The people who prefer cards won't even notice its a tag and the people who love to make tags will be able to put up with the fact that really its a card!!!
 I love it even if I made it myself!! Last night I made 7
 "Tag you're It" cards in just a couple of hours.  The other helpful factor in this? The Gelli Plate I love mine, I have two sizes and I use them both.  Some of my favourite pieces are from the "clean up sheets" I do, when you have all the dregs of paint on and bits and bobs of the mask prints, or even just the main print if you do it straight onto the "Tag Your're It" card you can show it for all its glory as a print, or just put a sentiment on it or stamp onto it, BUT what you don't have to do is fill in spaces for the sake of it!!! The print is there on show in all its glory!  (which is why I also love the Clarity pre-cut card for the 6"by6"   Gelli Plate is does the same Job.

  I have a Blog Hop Game to go with my "Tag You're It" card too but need to fine tune it.  So watch this space.
So today is really about the :
This is a prime example
The Gelli Plate has done it all for me!
 FUSSY AND FANCY CHALLENGE which is why all this came about, I was trying to make a card with a lovely Gelli Plate print I had done and the rest is history as they say......... Please nip along and see the work of the other DT Members for Inspiration, they are all beautiful cards. 
This weeks challenge is being hosted by Jo Rice. 
So go on treat yourself and put in an entry to our Challenge,
you might win a Guest Spot on the Blog???? 
I will put instructions/measurements up for my "Tag You're It" 
card/tag on here next week, which I made on the
Hougie Board, with details of the "Tag You're It" Blog Hop Game. 
Please indicate below if you are interested in playing
"Tag You're It"
Bye for now and Carry on Crafting --
Its Good For You.    Samxx


  1. FABULOUS!!!!
    love it Sam.
    I'd be interested xxxx

  2. Wonderful design Sam Love it xxxx

  3. What a clever idea Sam. I love the colours and design of the tags too, especially the first one. x

  4. So clever and inventive Sam, ....I need to have a go at making one of these. them all but like Lynne the first one has to be my favourite....Have a good weekend. X

  5. Sam I just love your tags cards tag your it!!!!!! Colours everything beautiful a bit like Sam. ( Good at sucking up arent I.lolx) Do I detect a bit of a Clarity phase going on here at the moment?x

  6. Hi Sam - long time no see!! I really like this idea and will play along too. I wish I'd known you were going to the art from the heart open day - I wanted to go but nobody was free to come with me and I didn't want to go on my own - oh well maybe next time? See you soon hopefully, Claire xx

    1. Thank you Claire, yes I will give you a shout for the next one.

  7. I love your idea for a 'tag card', very nice!

  8. Brilliant idea Sam and love the one for the F&F challenge, really vibrant colours and great use of the gelli plate :-) xx

  9. Hi Sam, wow you've made some gorgeous stuff with your gelli plate, I've been trying to resist but i'm sooooooo tempted now lol
    Claire xx

    1. Hey Claire if you are trying to resist that means you know you are going to love it!!! I honestly love to see what print I am going to pull of mine next - its all in the play with the colours and stencils etc.Sam x


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