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Monday, 10 June 2013

The Clock Lady

The Clock Lady
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Hi there, see you thought I had got lost didn't you.  I have been completely neglecting my Blogs lately, this is the one I use the most, there is my Crafters  blog and what used to be my main blog  you know the one that gets used the least, that gets the least comments because people have to fill in the form (that is because it has a neglected shop on it) and of course it is the ONLY blog I actually pay a monthly subscription for???  The trouble is, vista print, as good as it is, is not as user friendly, compatible and easily accessible by followers as the GBlogs are!  So why am I still paying for it?  Because I have too much work on there to lose, all those photos, all those write ups about my "TV" work where will it all go? 

Well anyway (side tracked a bit there) back to THIS blog, my lovely, easy to post, easily accessible Gblog! 

A few weeks ago when I was at the Clarity Retreat - a rare and beautiful experience I don't want to talk about too much because you had to be there to understand what a great experience it is.  Whilst I was there I met up with a lot of lovely ladies who I have daily contact with, some of which I am becoming very close to and all of which I felt very comfortable with.  Of course I also loved the fact that they led me astray a little, that probably wasn't too difficult though.

Well amongst these lovely ladies there was one in particular who absolutely made my day when she decided I could buy one of her display pieces, I had been stroking it for about two hours when she finally gave in.  She is know as The Clock Lady on Create and Craft with Clarity,  Or Karen.  I am posting this photo for you to see how gorgeous this clock is.  It has pride of place in my Front Room (my hubbie was quite glad when I took down my canvass for it, but not so pleased when I hung my canvass up on the other wall)? 
See isn't this just Gorgeous. 
Thank you Karen for letting me pinch it off you.
 Karen paints clocks for all tastes and it is definitely worth taking a look.  I am not trying to sell these clocks for Karen, they are so lovely they sell themselves, I just thought you might like a look.  She also sells lots of shaped MDF for you to decorate yourself!! See now you are interested aren't you.  Karen brought a special one along for me to decorate and I will post on here when I have done it, of course Karen I am still waiting for that other item to hang underneath it???

To see Karen's clocks you can go to her Blog                        and her Pinterest
I will be back soon, Carry On Crafting. Sam xx


  1. How did you manage to get that beautiful creation from her. Great blog, well done Sam.

  2. I can see why you wanted this clock, it is gorgeous. Good to hear you had a terrific time at your retreat.

  3. It's a pleasure Sam, I'm pleased you like it so much and that you wanted it to have a place in your home, I hope it continues to bring you much pleasure. Thank you for all the credit I really do appreciate

    1. You are welcome Karen it is well deserved. Do you know what I realised last night? You know what I realised last night? I was so happy to put the clock on my wall I didn't even notice I hadn't put a battery in it???? Der!!! Sam

  4. No wonder you wanted the clock, its amazing! I am glad you enjoyed the Retreat xx

  5. Karen's clock is stunning, not at all surprised that you wanted it (and well done for getting it!). Love it. Hugs, Anne x

  6. How lovely of Karen to give you the gorgeous clock! xx


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