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Sunday, 2 June 2013

SplodgeAway Cards on Create & Craft

Oops!I wrote this post last week but didn't get it finished due to an increasingly busy social life???
Not sure what anyone would make
of this one but I really like it???
Not even sure why?
Hi there I have just nipped in to say that I currently have a showcase of my C&C cards for SplodgeAway that were on TV last week.  Well not all of them were but I had a few shown.  Tom was a little disappointed because he couldn't get as many cards shown as he would have liked.  Its a shame especially as the new members of the DT did a fabulous job. You can check out their work on the SplodgeAway Blog   I have been a busy bee lately and not had as much time as I normally seem to have on my hands.  
I have had a great couple of weeks with classes at Cowden and meeting a lot of my crafting buddies from FB and NEC, I have also had a family holiday in Sunny Scarborough - and it was sunny really!!!  
This is the original card
which I photocopied.
This is the Photocopy of the original
colour version which I then just added
lipstick and eye shadow to  make it look

 Pop Arty!
The other part of the verse is:-
A Free Spirit when contained is not a joy to know
for they need to meet the people that will help their spirit grow.
 Anyway I didn't get as many samples done as I normally would but will show you the ones I did do.  Well some of them because there are some that  are upside down when I transfer them and I can't get them to turn around?  The Face Masks seemed to be the most popular and were a very quick sell out, I must admit I did love them and they are one of my favourites.  I believe you can now buy them on the SplodgeAway Website.

I was inspired to use the Felt by a
card that Lynne Hammond did.

This Ditty of mine says:-
Fill your house with pretty things
and Joy and Happiness
Its not the house that makes it home
But the love that you invest.
I have been writing a lot of ditties to go with my cards lately, I feel like it kind of finishes the story off.
 So I will quickly nip my pics on here and will be off, I have just found my mojo and don't want to loose it again.  See you later and thanks for visiting.
Please do remember this WAS written a week ago for the last C&C Gig!!
Carry on Crafting! Sam


  1. lots of wonderful creations Sam - fab work.

  2. Like them all but I love the face's Sam really cool xxxx

  3. Fabulous work! they are all fab! I hope you had a lovely holiday xx

  4. All really fab samples Sam, I love them all, the faces are so cool xx

  5. Fab projects Sam and the faces are brilliant....I like the idea of adding your own words on the cards ....a type of journaling may take me a while to think something up glad your MoJo is home...Happy Crafting...Jo. X


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