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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sneak Peak at Wedding Card

I enjoyed making this background
but would be more symmetrical
if I did it again.
Hi there had a very busy time with my family lately, its been lovely to just give them my full concentration for a while, we have had Hen Parties, Sisters Gatherings, My Sister and Neice are over from California and we have all been out buying outfits, some of us more than one, for our Pamela and Dave's wedding this coming Sunday.  Its been a long time since we have had big family gatherings like this.  Well apart from my 50th Fancy Dress a Few hmmm yrs/months ago??? Our Pam's Fancy Dress for her 60th (you wouldn't know it) Xmas, a Hen Party etc, etc. Today is mine and Paul's Anniversary, (well its after midnight so yesterday really) and Paul's Birthday is next week the day before he goes back to work.  Soooo although I have intended to do a lot of crafting it hasn't really happened.  Still I think sometimes when you really miss it you do some of your best work (why did I say that) under pressure now.

Winter Warmers Project for SplodgeAway
I have two major projects to do at the moment but have been playing around with our Pam & Dave's Wedding card/exploding box. I have used a lot of the materials we used to make her Invites and table planners etc, she likes things plain and simple, we both picked the same colours and didn't know it till we got together to do the designs, wording etc. Our Pam doesn't craft but she is great at colours and has a good sense of style.  Anyway I was going to give you a quick peek but although I don't think she checks our my Blog I am not completely sure so you will have to wait till next week.
I will give you some Eye Candy as you know I never Blog without it.  This is a Tag I made for SplodgeAway it was on their Blog a few days ago.  They are doing catch up on the blog with work that was given in before Holly was born. Hope you like it and I will see you next week when I will be back to annoying you on a regular basis - you know you love it!!!!

So thank you for reading my waffle and Carry On Crafting! 
            Oh OK just a tiny peek then!


  1. You are so busy!!!! Love the card - the background is fabulous xx

  2. Hi Sam, love the card and so glad that you are having a lovely family time. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow...hugs. Jo. X

  3. Ohhh, I just had to pop over and say hi, I didn't realise you were the same Sam as over on Docrafts...... lol
    I look forward to working with you over at Fussy and Fancy:)
    By the way I use my Splodgeaway all of the time :)wouldn't be without it!
    Hope you have enjoyed your family time x
    Nikki x


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