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Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter Time

This is a Card I did for last time Tom was on
C&C with a SplodgeAway Mat and a Gelli
Hi there I thought I would just squeeze in a quick Blog post before I go off to a sun blazed beach in the Med, Oh no wrong holiday, I mean a storm ridden lake in Keswick!!! In a Caravan!!!  Apparently they aren't 100% sure that we are going to get really bad thunder and lightening storms?  If we do we will have to retreat to the pub because it will be much safer than the Caravan!!

I decided a few hours ago that for once I am going to have a completely craft free Caravan Holiday, but I am just going to take some stamps because I have an ATC to get out this week, and my Fussy and Fancy project is due fairly soon so I need to take that with me to do, no Music Boxes this time I'm afraid! As I have just done my Journaling class with Dyan I thought I would get a few pages inked up and ready just in case I get bored, so of course I had to take some of my Splodge Masks to do a bit of shadowing with, still apart from all that I won't be doing any crafting!!  I have inked up my Hannah's Journal book for her too so we can have some Mammy Daughter time while the lads catch up on a few movies.  I suppose we will leave the Caravan at some point??  Ah yes we will have to walk Max a few times a day. 

This is quite appropriate as it is a Stenscape I did with
the SplodgeAway Fishing Stenscape, I had Keswick
in mind when I made it.
So just thought I would let you know I am still around, but I won't be for the next week.  Try to miss me a little if you can!!! 

I will try to leave the usual eye candy but not sure if I have anything new to show you because I have been doing splodgeAway DT work for the last few weeks on and off.  Don't forget to watch Tom on Create & Craft on Friday 12th at 10am, yet again he has some great Masks for you to play with. 

So were off, were off , were off in a Caravan.......

Oh and did I mention that Keswick is home the "THE Pencil Factory" who make the Derwent Watercolour pencils and Inktense  and Aqua Pencils etc and they have a lovely cafĂ© there where you can sit and colour in, sometimes the kids stand behind you trying to pinch your seat so they can have a go too, if you take a kid with you it looks better!!!  They often have a visiting Artist in too.

So thanks for reading and if you didn't its OK I will never know, of course if you didn't read till the end you won't know I have written this anyway????  Oh for goodness sake woman get to bed!
Good Night and Carry On Crafting xx Sam (Welcome to FB Annette).


  1. Yes I did read....Love your humour. Enjoy your break and hope the caravan is not not to weather beaten....Oh And Miss you already xxx

  2. Yep,you do waffle girl! Have a nice holiday, I wouldn't mind going there myself one day. Michelle x

  3. wgat a load of.........waffle had a titter enjoy your break hope it stays fine. though not looking too good so far for the weekend :-( xx

  4. Missed you before you went Sam. Have a great time. Such fun in a caravan!!!!!! Catch up with you hopefully when you get backx PS I just love to read your blogs as you are so funny.x

  5. Hi Sam ...Yes I know you are away but hey I hope you read this at some point!!!
    If you get a chance to hop over to my blog...I have nominated you for an award and the details are on my blog of how to get it! xx

    Hope you had a good Holiday!
    Jane xx

  6. Have a great time Sam and I look forward to getting my ATC.....will be watching Tom tomorrow and look forward to seeing all the samples....catch up soon, hugs. X

  7. Hope you've ha a great time and managed to get a bit of crafting in.
    It's been a bit warmer so hopefully you've been able to leave your jacket off for a bit.
    Catch up when you're back x


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