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Friday, 22 March 2013

DT work Fussy & Fancy Challenge Blog

 Hello there all you Crafty people hope you are well. For once I am not going to say much because I am going to show you the project in pictures.  You see the Fussy and Fancy Challenge Blog launched the new Challenge today and the DT item I made for this is a "Music Box" the theme is spring and so I thought of an old music box my Mam had when I was a child with a dancing Balerina inside the lid, I used to wind it up over and over again and loved it, it always made me feel "Full of the Joys of Spring"
I have decorated it in a beautiful flower 12 by 12 cardstock (sorry I can't remember the make) and inside I have decorated it with Mirror Board from SuzieCraft.  I have dressed the Clarity lady with lots of dresses fit for spring using backing papers made with SplodgeAway Mat and SplodgeAway Masks and Ink, and some made with a Gelli Plate and Clarity Stamps.  So, this was a major project and I decided to give you a picture tutorial just in case you are interested in how it was made. 

 By for now please join in the challenge on our Fussy and Fancy Challenge Blog
I am sure you will enjoy it,
and Carry on Crafting, Sam xx

The base where the Music Mechanics
would be.
The finished Base

Don't use Archival Ink on your Brayer????

The Ladies when stamped, I made them double sided
by Brayering off the Stamp to reverse them on the back.
I stamped them in a row attached
then cut the whole row out.

Some of the backing papers from the
SplodgeAway Mat & Masks
and with the  Gelli Plate

This is from the Gelli Plate

This is from the Gelli Plate
A mix of SplodgeAway Masks with  Dylusions Inks

I actually pre-planned my project for a change.

Fit for any Springtime Party don't you think?

This is the base with the Mirror Board
attached, thats a whole other lesson!!!!
My Mam's Music Box had a mirror
on the lid next to the Bellet Dancer.
The lid and outside
"that is a whole lesson in itself"!!
all  BY  EYE  TOOO!!!
I had cut into panels once I had
checked the circumfrance and then
attached it to the base
and decorated each panel.
I love this view
Its like Gate Crashing a Pary


  1. WOW - what an amazing project Sam

  2. Wow - this is amazing!!!
    Dread to think how long it took to make. Must acquire a Gelli plate.xx

  3. Sam this is AMAZING!!! I love it and the pictures tell the story of its creation!!1 You have really worked wonders here and usewd so many different techniques and products!! Wish i could think ahead like this sometimes instead of just letting everything evolve!!!! N.B. to self i must remember to mention products I use more!!! Thanks for the inspiration here and so pleased that it brought back happy childhood memories for you! Off to see the challenge now, have a good day. my crafty moments are a little sporadic at the mo, but did manage to make and up load my first ever twinchies...have entered these for a challenge
    Carol xxxx

  4. A really beautiful creation Sam, so well thought out and I love how you created all those beautiful dresses too. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Must have taken hours Sam! Lot of work gone into this xx

  6. Very clever idea Sam, what a lot of work, very pretty.

  7. Loved this as soon as I saw it , Sam my first thought after all the 'Wows' was 'How has she done that? Then this morning of course you have answered all my quesions in your brill tutorial ... pics work better than words for me!! Thanks for allowing us to gatecrash your Clarity Ladies party, and for being so welcoming to me xxxx Annie

  8. OMG Sam this is a work of art and I love the insight into how it's made too, thanks for bringing us a fab tutorial (which I'll add to the photo of your project). Hopefully you'll be flooded with people wanting to make them as I know I used to play with my Nan's music box and watch the ballerina dance for hours :-) Happy memories!

    xx Sazzle xx

    1. Thank you Sazzle thats really nice of you. Sam

  9. OMG this must have taken HOURS Fantastic x

  10. Wow, this is fabulous! It must have taken you ages to put together. Thanks for all the "how to" pictures.

  11. Amazing Music Box. This must have taken you ages and looks like it was well thought out. It is a very clever idea and the design is very pretty.


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