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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

PaperArtsy Competition

If anyone is interested in how I made this
I have lots of pictures of Ferro and
Fresco Paints being applied so I will
Make that my next blog entry.
So this is the Tag I am entering for
the PaperArtsy Competition.
This is my Second only entry for a competition.  The reason I am putting in this entry is because I have admired PaperArtsy for a while from afar, ever since and actually just before I saw Leandra Franich at the NEC I could stand and watch her for hours doing her paint demoes.  I love paints, always have and she reminded me of this.  The Fresco paints are some of the best I have ever used, they are easy to manipulate, dry very quickly and the irridescent paints are just a joy to work with.  Being on the SplodgeAway Design team I have been mixing up my Inks and the SplodgeAway masks with the paints and they work really well together. That is the combination of products I used on the Tag I did at Michelle's house.

This was going to be my entry
but it doesn't photograph very well
it looks too crowded.
So that brings me to the reason I am entering this competition - there is a question that goes along with the compeitition "How has Michelle Webb influenced you" - Well I became a fan of Michelles a while ago, I used to envy her the skills she had with her paints  - Altered Art isn't a new thing it is revived and modernised and I have always felt it was just slightly out of my skill level. Than I did a show with Tom from SplodgeAway and Michelle came up to say Hi - I was so excited and that is when I discovered she lives exactly 5.5 minutes drive away from me in slow traffic!!!  Even more exciting she invited me round to have a play!!

This is the Tag I made
at Michelle's House
Well I was just in heaven, not for the lovely long worktop she has or the shelves that seem to house everything she needs them to, or for the lovely lovely products, paints, stamps, etc that she has hung up or has sitting on the shelfving in front of her, but for the walls - you look around and there is her work, the work that has been on the blogs, some of her DT work and her personal work.  I felt slightly out of my league.  But Michelle is lovely and made me feel very welcome.  We had a play and she taught me to push my boundaries a little on the amount of layers I played with, taught me to go in a different direction than just "down" a tag, and taught me how to do those little finishing touches that you notice the least but that make the biggest difference.  So thank you Michelle and I hope we can get together again!!! 

I made two tags for this competition but am not sure if I am completely taken with either of them, however I really enjoyed working on them and thrive to get them to the standard of the Tag I did at Michelles house.  That is one thing I absolutely cannot do without is my large PaperArtsy Tags.  So I made my little sayings up and then decided which one to enter and my entry is "You Looking Down On Me!".  It would be great to win this cometition because the prize is a set of PaperArtsy Stamps!!!


  1. Oh Sam these are stunning!!!! You are clearly pushing your boundaries and loving it. It seems you are an inky messy crafter at heart and I can hear the joy and excitement in your voice at your latest creations. How wonderful to have been to Michelle's she has obviously had a great impact on you and living sooooo close!!!! Love both. Carol will be in touch later!!
    Carol xxx

    1. Thank you Carol I appreciate your comment. What a lovely thing to say.

  2. Oh Sam, you've done a wonderful job on these tags here, thank you so much for your kind words. You've certainly been getting inky and messy at your crafty desk. Looking forward to seeing what you make next. Have inky fun Sam. Michelle x

  3. Hi Sam, I think you have done a brilliant job on all the tags - really love the one you have entered and also the one you did at Michelles. Not only is she talented but kind too! I have a little tiny piece of her art in my craft room and I love it too. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Hi Sam, so good to see you join in with the fun over at the PaperArtsy Blog. I think both these tags look amazing, the level of depth/dimension is fantastic and the colours on the 2nd one is simply beautiful. How lucky are you to have a personal play day with Michelle.

  5. Hi Sam, thanks for stopping by - had to come back and see what you've done too. I love these tags!!

  6. All your three tags are fab. Good luck with the competition, the tag you have chosen to enter is awesome! It sounds like your day with Michelle was amazing! xx

  7. Great work Sam, all of them! Lucky you to have a day with Michelle, that must have been amazing.

    1. Hi Trish, yes it was a real treat crafting with Michelle. I have just been looking at your blog you have some amazing backgrounds to your work I love it, think I will be following you. Sam


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