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Sunday, 20 January 2013

A quick update as I haven't posted for a few days.  I have finally worked out how to put the "I'm on the Fussy and Fancy" Friday Challenge DT badge onto my blog, I have
re-vamped my SplodgeAway DT badge too - I am secretly very proud of my two badges, well not so secretly now!! It seems like lately - over the last 18months, everything I wish for is happening - well not everything, I was hoping to be earning a descent living through my crafts by now but hey you can't have everything.  However, I am on two design teams one of which will launch my very first piece of work for them on Friday 25th January 2013 - and the other which will be launching even more new products and hopefully showing off some DT cards on Create & Craft on Thursday 24th January.  So a bit of an exciting week for me, thats if I get over this feeling that my work is a little too "way out" for some people lately, or if I finally find the confidence to just do exactly what I like to do with the products instead of worrying about what people think of my work, although as a DT we are supposed to inspire so people need to like your work!!  I must admit on FB lately I have been quite pleasantly shocked at some of the people who have showed interest in some of my work. 

So, who do you please, do you just go for the enjoyment of making the product and hope its OK or do you use your favorite mediums and have a play to try to inspire others to do the same or do you only try to show the products that you are meant to be designing for.
 Well there you see is where it is all good in the world of craft for me - I made a project for my new DT at Fussy and Fancy, and I decided I was just going to enjoy myself as the blog is all about the love of craft, when I finished the project I realised that I had used three of the products from my original DT products at SplodgeAway which were the main focus of the whole project.  So there you have it, stick to being on a DT where you love the products and you can't really go wrong!!  Of course I can't show you this project yet you will have to visit on 'Friday to see it and why don't you enter the Challenge its a great prize for people who would love to show their work off (thats all of us then)!
And if you want to see the DT work I am currently working on for SplodgeAway why don't you tune in to Create & Craft on Thursday - check out the SplodgeAway blog for timings  at  OK I can hear you saying "why don't you just tell us the time"?  Well twice now I have put it on the FB wrong!! the second time Maria Simms got up an hour early and arrived at the Studio an hour early becaue I got it wrong.  Apparently she has forgiven me but I promised her I would never put the time of the show again, especially late at night, on the night before the show!!!!So, I leave you with some eye candy as always - sweet or sour its up to you, items from the last C&C show.
All comments are welcome and greatefully received!!


  1. Fabulous work Sam .. you are really 'flying' with your designs... I love the colours in your projects and can't wait to see the TV show.
    Eileen xxx

  2. Congratulations on being on two design teams, well done!!! Love seeing the colours and layers you add to your designs.

  3. it sounds like you are doing really well and are happy! Excellent! Your stuff is all cool and will be watching the show on Thursday xx

  4. Hi Sam. I am soooo excited for you!!!! You sound like you're loving what you're doing.How cool is that!!1 Will be watching the show too. Stick with what you love use the products you enjoy and play with every medium to get the most out of everything. People get so inspired when they see what other things can be achieved with a product they own!!!!!!!! I still am learning new ways with jst stamps.....after15years, so go with it and keep up the inspiration. Have left you a long mail on one of you're blogs and dc as a pm. Would love to hear what you have to say!! Project x!!!
    Much love
    Carol xxx

    1. Hi Carol, finally found your mail, have been only doing light duties on computer last few days. Anyway have answered you - get a cuppa its a long one. Keep doing what your doing!!!!

  5. Well done hun, and for heaven's sake keep doing what you want to do/love to do. I would love for everyone to think my craft work is outstanding every time but it isn't going to happen. So I'm working very hard at 'having fun and finding my style' but it's really hard when what I consider to be 'run of the mill creations' get good comments and the really inky messy stuff I love to do doesn't. So I'm just sticking to my guns and doing what I love - if other's don't like it well they don't have to comment on it. Enjoy yourself, that's the most important thing Karen x

  6. Hi Sam, love your work and I believe you should craft the way you do and never change to please others. Great samples on the show today and looking forward to your blog post tomorrow. Hugs. X


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