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Sunday, 30 December 2012

11th Day of Xmas Tag Techniques

Tag made using Gesso
Splodge Mask and
Paper Artsy Paints
Well I bet you thought I had forgotton about my 12 Tags of Xmas Techniques - Sorry I haven't - I just thought I would save a little for the aftermath of Xmas Day and Boxing Day - it talkes a few days to get over that doesn't it?  For me Xmas Doesn't end until New Years Ever - Midnight.  So we have that inbetweenie stage where your think, the kids are playing their games, watching their new films, generally flopping around enjoying their freedom so they won't notice that I have sneaked off to my craft room.
Last night I gave my craft room a good old tidy out - thats what I do when I get a bit stuck for ideas.  Sometimes I have certain craft items in front of me that I really want to play with, but they aren't necessarily the right items for the project I am working on, so if  things aren't really "happening" I put everthing away, completely clear my desk and change things around a little - then the fresh ideas start to come to me - I will see a paint I love and had forgotten about, or a favorite batch of stamps (never just one) or an old Splodge Mask I haven't used in a while and I will find items I have played with for projects but decided not to use.

Part of an "Art" piece from college
I did have one to show but realised that the Mask I used for it hadn't been on TV yet, the Tag wouldn't have shown up on the cameras I don't think - Tom is on Create & Craft with on 4th January 2013 he has some great new Masks to sell. 
Used Gesso through a
Splodge Mat
So this is the Tag that I found during my clear out which I did a while ago - at the time it was made for TV but I didn't think it would be good enough and so didn't hand it in, but now I really like it.  My taste in crafting has changed a lot lately, actually I think it has been more "revivived" than changed because I also found an old A3 piece of "Art" - I use this term loosely - I did whilst on my Interior Design Course a fair few years back and it is very grungy - but with emulsion paints and a wood grainer.  So yes I think I have always liked things a bit messed up.  I do feel this Tag needs a centre piece but I am going to leave it for now.

I would appreciate it if you would nip along to say Hi or (Merry Xmas) to Helen on her blog which is as she joined my Blog Hop on Tag no 10, thank you Helen.

So whats this all about? its a 12 Tags of XMAS BLOG HOP here is what you do to join in:
If you have never done a blog hop before all you need to do is put a comment below saying "I have a Xmas Techniques Tag" along with a link to your Blog entry with a Techniques Tag. Then myself and other Blog Hoppers will visit your Blog and leave a comment saying "Merry Xmas". Then you in turn visit the other bloggers and do the same.
I know you are all busy at the moment but if you want a break from sorting out Xmas this will sort you out!!


  1. Sam, sorry to be a wet blanket but my blog address is I'm not sure that will find me. Thanks though for directing anyone to have a look, much appreciated. Hope you have a terrific New Year and look forward to lots more inspiration. Helen

    1. Sorry Helen, not at all, no point in us blog hopping if we don't put the Blog address correctly. I hope people do come to see you at the the blog and say Hi. Will keep in touch in 2013 and I hope you have a great 2013.


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