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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Quick update

My DT Challenge entry for
Well this really is just a quickie (yeah right I hear you saying) but honestly I am not going to waffle on. I am off to the NEC tomorrow armed with my Hubbie, two kids, (mine) a shopping bag to put my Clarity Letters in, (I have permission to buy these, I just need to hide the Numbers that go with them) a bottle of Surgical Spirit for Tom (Mr SplodeAway himself) and a massive bag full of EXCITEMENT!!!  Excited because I am  going to meet all the lovely DT ladies I talk to on Face Book, I am going to meet faces that are quite familiar to me now, Barbara at the Clarity stall, Maria, Sue from Suzicraft (obviously SHE  is familiar to me, she can't get rid of me) Of course Tom and maybe some of the ladies I spoke to last year. I am a Northerner, we really do talk to everyone - life would be so boring otherwise.  I am also looking forward to spending hours at the PaperArtsy stall and the Indigo Blu - love their stamps etc.

But I am really looking forward to Tom doing what he does really well, showing off his SplodgeAway Mat and Masks and other products.  I don't say it often lately but I am in awe of his Stenscapes and the way he does them, I am in Awe of his authentic "does exactly what it says on the packet" SplodgeAway Mat, and I am in Awe of the imense stash of new ideas he comes up with. Lets just hope that me, the kids and the Hubbie staring at him at the Create & Craft demo stall at 4.30 pm will not put him off!

Then while I am bankrupt, tired and all crafted out and on my way home Tom will be doing another Demonstration for Create & Craft on the TV at 3pm on sunday. So make sure you tune in for that
because he has lots of new products to show, and some pretty good DT cards too, and NO, I don't just mean mine!! 

Me with The Glitter Girls at NEC
Last Year.
So I will see if I can find some eye candy to put on here, as always I don't like to blog without it.  Aha found these pictures, currently on the SplodgeAway Blog there is the monthly challenge, the theme at the moment is Silver, Blue and Christmassy, these picture are my DT entry for inspiration.  You have plenty of time to enter the Giveaway yourself and the winner will receive a good prize so please do give it a go, I have just started to enter competitions myself and its great fun because you can just let all your craftiness go wild. 

So OK I did waffle on AGAIN but hey thats me!!  Thanks for visiting and thank you to my followers I so appreciate you all.

See you when I get back from the NEC - happy crafting.  Sam


  1. I have been a bad blogger not commenting!!! Loving youcreations here. Great card and so different to the usual Christmas imagery. Hope you enjoyed the NEC!!!Blogger playing me up a bit but now starting to upload agin and craft!!!!!!! yes it's been a while. Off to see your card blog now. Thanks again for design calls....not yet quite brave enough, but WILL BE !!!!!! Carol xxx

    1. Nice to hear from you, you will know when you are ready!!

  2. what the heck is the white spirit for Sam? you really got me wondering about that now lol! have fun and meet your lovely bloggy buddies, am a tiny bit jealous as i can't make it this year, but i know how lovely it is to go there and also so inspiring! xx

    1. Hi Karen, the white spirit is to clean the mat when it gets just a little too inky or if you have used a non water based ink or just to give it a "spring clean" from time to time. The NEC was great.

  3. thank you hun, i've been worried about using my permanent inks on it because i don't want to 'bung' the surface up. glad you enjoyed the NEC hun x

  4. It wouldn't be encouraged though, but if you do use permanent, just let the spirit sit on it for a few seconds and you will see it lift up, then just wipe.


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