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Monday, 19 November 2012

I Want a Blogging Holiday

Hi there,  can I firstly say welcome to my newbies, I know I talk to some of you on Face Book but you are quite new to my blog, so welcome and thank you for following me.  I always follow back so bear with me.

I am a bit blogged out at the moment, I normally have so much to say but this last week? Nothing!!??

Don't get me wrong, its not that nothing is going on, I have a lot of projects to do, and craft wise I am quite busy and "My" Craft world is quite exciting at the moment.   I am really enjoying being involved with SplodgeAway, I am loving seeing what all my new found FB / NEC friends are doing, even if I have been doing a lot of (like's) lately, sometimes you have to do that or you would never get anything else done! I am looking forward to new things coming up in the future.  But sometimes to craft and blog  and keep up with FB just seems too much.  Well to put it blundtly, the computer stuff is addictive and the crafting gets rushed because you are on the computer instead of at the end of an Ink Sponge!!!  There I have admitted it. But all that is about to change, I am going to close my computer lid for a few days and get some real crafting work done.

Went along to the craft fair that Tom (Mr Splodge Away) did at the weekend.  He was so popular you could only see his head, he had loads of people round him every time he sat down to demo.  People were walking past and saying I saw him on TV last week!  There was lots of interest in the mats and masks and the stall looked good.  Loads of people asked Tom if he would be doing the next one too.  So thats all good news for Tom.  Yeou should check out the new Splodge Away too, its looking good.

I have another two blogs to do so I will keep it short - ish for now (not bad for someone who has nothing to say eh!!!).

I will leave you with one card that I did lately for a project, but the project ended up looking completely different.  I think I will use this template as my Family xmas card for the younger members.  Don't look Sarah!!

Well I'm off I will see some of you on my Crafting Blog and some of you on the SplodgeAway Blog which also links to my Website blog??  See what I mean, I can't decide which one to get rid of though.  I am going to completely clear out my shop and put all new products in, plus copies of my TV cards for sale - no-one buys any off me but it makes me look official! But I am considering of getting rid of it altogether.

Anyway now I am just thinking out loud.  Bye for now.


  1. You aren't alone Sam. I've let my 'close' fb friends know that I will be back but at the moment I need to get other stuff done. I find i end up spending all my time chatting and not crafting and i end up not making anything - so fb is taking a back seat right now. i'm sure peeps will understand hun, don't beat yourself up about it either hugs karen x

    1. Thanks Karen, we should just all have a dedicated catch up night or something, hope you enjoy your FB Holiday.

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for popping by my blog and becoming a follower! I've just followed you back :) I had such a great day yesterday too. I've looked into my challenge card 'issue' and it turns out I entered that card in the 1st challenge not the current one! Lol! Never mind - I've entered a new one for the blue and silver theme just now so hopefully you'll be coming back to visit me again soon! Claire x


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