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Monday, 29 October 2012

Just a Quickie

Splodgeaway blog card with Indigo Blu Stamp
This is a blog that I wrote last week, that took ages because my keyboard was playing its usual trick of deleting everything, and then when I finally got it finished we lost all internet connection for about three days so - as I am in need of updating my blogs (all three of them) I will use this one that I wrote last week For Now!!  SSSOOOO Grab a Cappuccino, Shiraz or Bottle of  Bud and enjoy a few minutes of utter mindless waffle while you drink it!! 
This Blog is usually the one I update the most but I am afraid I have been neglecting it a little.  I still am really because I am busy at the moment with SplodgeAway work and am really enjoying it. As I type my fingers are covered in Gesso and I have products upstairs waiting to dry.  ( I know I can use my heat gun) but this way I had an excuse to come downstairs for a cappuccine and a piece of chockolate!!

I have met few crafty friends through Facebook who I chat to, (or butt in on) however you want to look at it, on a regular basis and a few of us are actually going to meet up at the NEC craft show, I can't wait.  My hubbie and kids will be out and about elsewhere in Birmingham on that day so I will have the freedom to just watch people crafting all day, wander around the stalls at my leisure, and have lunch with the crafty girls - life doesn't get much better than that!! Oh except I will be able to watch Dean at the Create&Craft stall!! He is so funny. On our second day I will be ready to show the kids to their seats for a good old painting session and just watch them enjoying themselves - so I am really looking forward to it.  I hope there is a pint of beer somewhere to keep my Geordie boy happy, poor thing he does put up with a lot to make me happy.  I think he secretly enjoys it really because it was his suggestion to go again this year!
SplodgeAway Blog Card
"Plum Duff"
But anyway there is a lot happening before that comes around, my Hubby will actually be coming home from Africa for the first time in two months!  My kids will be off school for a week and I will be fitting in all the crafting I can to try to come up with new ideas.  Thats what I like to do the most, I suppose thats what we ALL like to do the most, make something different to everyone else!!  I sometimes produce a card and wonder where it came from?  I think sometimes I produce a card and people think "what the hell is that" but you know what, that doesn't matter as long as the work is unique and noticeable.  I don't own my cards like I used to, I used to get so attached to them, but now I make it with TLC, pass it on and wonder if I will have any good ideas for the next one, and the great thing about it all is?? I feel like I am back on the map. 

SplodgeAway Blog Card
Useing Poinsetta Mask
About that "Just a Quickie" title at the top, I always say that, but it never is.  So if you actually read all the way to the end, good for you, you have a lot of stamina and thank you for listening.  I will show you my lastest three cards that have been on the blog but why don't you nip along and have a look at the SplodgeeAway blog for yourself.

Bye for now, Sam

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